Saturday, 6 August 2016

Review: Day Zero (The Arcana Chronicles #3.5) by Kresley Cole

Day Zero (The Arcana Chronicles #3.5)
Behind 174 Pages
Released: 1 August 2016
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Dystopian
Publisher: Valkyrie Press
Buy Me: Amazon
At the Other End:
Arcana means secrets, and these Arcana Chronicles short stories from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole are filled with them. Experience firsthand the beginning of the end and behold the apocalypse through the eyes of characters you only thought you knew. 

Ashes to ashes . . . 
Evie Greene’s story of the Flash is just one of many. All over the world, those connected in some way to the lethal Arcana game—like Death, Jack, and Fortune—must first survive a horrifying night of blood and screams. 

We all fall down. 
Some will have to grapple with new powers; all will be damned to a hellish new existence of plague, brutality, desolation, and cannibalism. Find out who they lost, why they endure, and what they sacrificed in order to live past Day Zero. . . . 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole | 3 book review!

Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series, the erotic Gamemakers Series, and five award-winning historical romances.

A master's grad and former athlete, she has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings. 

Her books have been translated into twenty foreign languages, garnered three RITA awards, and consistently appear on the bestseller lists, in the U.S. and abroad.

Find Kresley:

Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook | Arcana Chronicles Website

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

An Ember in the Ashes Twitter Party!!!!

Hi All!!
So this Sunday, July 10th, 2016 I am hosting an An Ember in the Ashes Twitter Party on my twitter account @bibliophilesbkm . I have posted a few details on both my Instagram account, and my Twitter but I figured I’d go a little more in depth about it.

***Note AEITA=An Ember in the Ashes (Some people refer to it as EMBER, but AEITA stuck with me.)

As many of you know, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir is hands-down one of my favorite books, and all I do is talk about it! AEITA this, Elias Veturius that it’s never ending. Last year, July 10, 2015 I purchased AEITA and finished it over 3 days. So to celebrate it being a 1 year anniversary (for me), I want to celebrate it publicly with you all! In An Ember in the Ashes, the Aspirants had to go through Four Trials, so that’s what we’ll be doing!

TRIAL 1 will be an AEITA discussion. I have a list of questions to ask you all, what you liked, disliked, and stuff like that. I’m also trying to get more creative with the questions! I only plan for the first trial to last about 20 minutes. It may seem like a long time but it’s really not. For me to ask questions, retweet answers, and respond it’ll take a while. If we go over the 20 minutes, I’m okay with it!

TRIAL 2 is called the Trial of Theories! We’ll be discussing our TORCH theories!  There is 54 days until TORCH releases, and I literally have a whole board of questions/ answers I need from Sabaa, and TORCH. Like where’s book 3? HEY PENGUIN WHERE IS BOOK 3??? We’ll cover expectations, wants, fears, stuff like that. Those that HAVE read TORCH, I’m asking you not to give anything away please! Not all of us were lucky to receive ARCS…EVEN THOUGH WE WOULD’VE SOLD OUR SOULS FOR IT…but hey, I can wait till August 30th, no biggie.

TRIAL 3 will be a QUIZ!! I will have 8 quiz questions about An Ember in the Ashes, and the first person to answer each question correctly gets a prize! They aren’t much, but they are something, and I hope you all enjoy them! Make sure to have your copies of AEITA next to you in case you need to jump through and look for an answer!! They will start off pretty easy, but they will get harder!

TRIAL 4 is being hosted on my Instagram page @abibliophilesbookmark !!! There is a photo posted of an AEITA basket that I will be giving away to one lucky winner! The basket includes 1 Always Victorious candle from The Melting Library, 1 Elias Veturius inspired soap, and 1 AEITA bookmark from Gina’s Etsy shop, Behind the Pages! On the photo I posted is all the details on how to win the basket!

Now that I’ve told you all about my AEITA Twitter Party, and Trial 4 Giveaway, I REALLY hope you all decide to participate! I’ve really put in a lot of time and money into this party & giveaway, and I hope you all enjoy it! I’m doing this so that we can all celebrate this incredible book by Sabaa Tahir, and fangirl/fanboy over the upcoming release of A Torch Against the Night, the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED sequel. I hope to see you all there!

Always Victorious!