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Raving Random Rantings

You can already probably tell that this post is about the rants that go on from after reading novels. Everyone has their rainting points that they can't help talking about, and going over after they've read a novel and their main ranting theme is used religiously throughout. Yet, even though we know that there's going to be something in there that we know we will rant about, the story line is still there and the other themes within it that makes us want to read the novel, despite what rantings we will have.

OK, I’m one of these people who, after reads a book and goes for the review, starts ranting about something that happened in the book or about something that the author has used that I dislike seeing in novels (that’s just one example of my rants but the image is there). But who doesn't love a good rant every once in a while!

LOVE TRIANGLES. I see so many other reader+reviewers out there, like myself, who comment on Goodreads about a novel and say that we hate love triangles yet the story was brilliant. I usually go on and on and on about how much I want to shake the female/male protagonist in the “triangle” situation. Like many things, Facebook pages basically tell us our life story and we “like” what we do and what we believe and agree on. One page that I found was a quote by the oh-so-wise Johnny Depp:

“If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.”

Yes, this is THE quote that comes into my head every time I read about a love triangle. It is brilliant and so utterly and entirely true that makes my grunge against the infamous “triangle” even more loathsome. To think that people in the “triangle” situation would be that stupid as to play with others feelings and then they wonder why everyone is so hateful towards them. They don’t realise what they’re doing when they should as it is a very obvious thing to notice!
Series/Novels include:

Chosen: House of Night: Book 3
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Blue Is For Nightmares
City of Fallen Angels
City of Bones
City of Glass
City of Ashes
White Is for Magic

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BLURB REVEAL. The blurb is NOT, I repeat NOT, a very small chapter in the novel. It is simply there do that when a reader looks at your book, the blurb is there to tell the reader what the novel is about overall. We should not get information in the blurb that will ruin the story or disregard us as the reader and the character. We should be able to learn with the character and not be left with knowing everything that is going to happen in the blurb except for the knowledge that the protagonist will have to make a life-altering decision or challenge that we are made to read until the very end of the novel, when reading the blurb first we are basically given the whole story and everything in the novel is just useless words that make what the blurb said flow and lead up to the climatic ending. This gets rid of the suspense factor and makes the novel predictable, which in turn, makes the book less interesting to read because we already know what is going to happen. No new information that will make the 300+ page story turn into one that is only a paragraph long short story, novellas are longer than that! Heck, poems are longer than that! Basics are needed as well as the information that is said in the blurb should be said again in the novel when the characters find out because we don’t keep referring back to the blurb every time we want to figure out something. We don’t want to stop in the middle of reading the novel and have to think about what this means when we get the feeling it was mentioned in the blurb and we turn to it, read it, then go back to the novel to just completely lose focus in the novel and drop the interest factor in reading as we are given a lack of information within the novel as it is already mentioned in the blurb, when it should be the other way around. The novel should have more detail and explain what something or someone is and the blurb just saying that the person is abnormal or something that generalises what that person or thing is without giving the information away as well as not leaving out any important information. However, if the blurb as well as the novel say what something/someone is the novel should go for the basic information, even though it is said in the blurb, we do not go back and look at the blurb after every chapter to make sure we know what is going on. It is the role in the novel to educate us as the reader on what is happening as well as what has just been discovered.
Series/Novels include:

PREDICTABILITY. When you can guess at EVERYTHING that is going to happen in a novel, it loses the whole “book crack” essence that a novel should have in order to keep us going with the novel and to want to devour every page, every word because the novel is just pulling you through, and you don’t realise that it is 300+ pages because it only feels like a chapter. Predictability is one way that loses the whole “book crack” feeling because we stop and think about what is going to happen, but when suffering from “book crack” we don’t stop to think, we just keep reading and reading until the last page because we are not expecting what is going to happen and that is what pulls us further and further along. When you can guess what happens in the whole novel really just ruins the story. You know exactly what is going to happen and you really only continue the novel to see if you were right about your suspicions. Most novels I have read now have been predictable, yet some authors play the predictability card very well. They make one element in the novel predictable, yet when it comes time to find out if you were right about your suspicions, you end up being right, however, something happens that shocks you and makes you forget about how predictable one thing was, because it led up to another thing that you weren’t expecting that will pull you further into the novel. It’s good predictability.

We really are not to read a novel in order to put it down every five seconds to think about what is going to happen next, some scenes in predictable novels make us do that because we can already see as we finish reading the sentence/paragraph that something along the lines of this is going to happen, and we can’t help but stop reading because of how predictable to situation is and our minds just keep running with what could happen after this occurrence and so on until the climax, that we completely forget about the actual novel and focus on our own fan-fiction version of the novel within our minds. Then we try and get back into the novel but we can’t help but think about our own version of the story and after every new sentence/chapter, we start to add to our version without consciously doing it.
Series/Novels include (there are more but they aren't on this list yet):

I’m not saying that the novels mentioned here that fall under my R.R.R are bad novels (most of them are 4 and 5 star rated) and that you shouldn’t read them. They usually are very good novels but this is just one factor that makes me rant and rave about them.

What are your R.R.R topics? What novels have you found that are 4+ rating yet are still in this category, or the worst novels from this?


  1. Love your rants...great examples too :)
    I recently ranted about Dearly, Departed..this book received 4 cups of coffee from me..but the 5 POV..made me rant...LOL

  2. @Kimba88. Really? I didn't expect that Dearly, Departed would be from so many pov's. haha yes all the constant pov changes in novels were going to make me do a R.R.R on that too, but I really couldn't be bothered to go through my read list to see what ones I've read that I said were constantly changing povs. I'll still read Dearly, Departed though, even though it's going to get a rant :P oh and thanks :)


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