Saturday, 24 December 2011

Coverday Friday! (9)

Behind a Million and One Pages

Ahh I know that you've been waiting for it. Are you hanging for another Coverday Friday? I know I am. So let's stop the chit chat and get straight into today(/tonights) Cover!

Why Hello There:

Wow. Just wow.  This cover is beautiful. The colours just pop and the eye. Is there any words that do this cover justice? It is truly beautiful. However, the title seems very Photoshopped and although it does stand out as it's supposed to. It just draws too much attention as to how it doesn't really suit the photo of the cover.

At the Other End:

Ice Queen. That's what everyone calls Dafne at school. The girl with the striking looks of a Raven Princess but whose cold-steeled touch freezes everyone in her way. Her reputation works for her and she even likes it. People don't mess with her—except for her sister's infuriatingly handsome boyfriend, Ian, who loves pushing her subzero temper to its limits.

Life in Berryford is flowing exactly as she wants it—no drama, no boy trying to get into her pants—until she starts noticing odd, glazed-eyed students everywhere. Something weird is happening and, unusual enough for her, she needs to find out why. But when people start falling into a coma with no reason, among them Dafne's sister, she decides to take the matter in her hands, because if her intuition is right, this isn't something doctors or virologists can fight. This is something…more.

With frustration and guilt leading her way, and Ian forcing himself to her side, Dafne will step onto a road that'll open her eyes to why ignorance is bliss, why hate is so close to love, and why our imagination might be the most dangerous weapon ever known.
(Synopsis from Goodreads)
The Consideration Game:
There's something very intriguing about this book. It makes me want to read it by reading the blurb. It seems though that the blurb tells us half the story, but then it doesn't tell us the ending. I will read it. It is on my to-read shelf. I am currently reading one of Tatiana's novels (the Ylem) and it is good, her style is good so it is reassuring for this book about the style.
Soo..... What do YOU THINK of this cover? Would YOU READ this book?

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