Friday, 17 February 2012

Loving 2 Read


Is it just me, or does this banner look familiar?

Other than it saying the National Year of Reading 2012, which give it away, would you know what it is?

Anyways, here's a brief overview of the National Year of Reading for those of you who don't know:

"The National Year of Reading 2012 is a collaborative project joining public libraries, government, community groups, media and commercial partners, and of course the public. As well as creating specific new campaigns for the National Year of Reading, we'll be using our joint efforts to bring together and showcase the wonderful projects and organisations across Australia which already exist to promote reading and literacy. So although we have a small team helping to drive forward the National Year of Reading campaigns, the NYOR is a family of many organisations."

Got any clue at why I'm so excited? Well it's probably because I'm an Official National Year of Reading Local Ambassador! *cheers* *shouts of yoy*

My "coming out" as an Ambassador can be found at this blog site:

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