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Review: Oddily by Linda Pohring


At the Other End:

There are three things the shy, awkward Oddily knows for sure.

She would rather be anyone other than herself…
She wants to fit in at school…
And strange things are happening to her.

For Oddily, she tries to keep an open mind…
But what she discovers is too unbelievable to think about…
Too magical too consider, and too dangerous to ignore.

Oddily becomes trapped in a love story like no other.
(Synopsis from Goodreads)

First Impressions Last:

I've been wanting to read this book for a while now. It seemed like that really cutsey kind of novel that makes you smile the whole way through because it's just perfect and changed the characters life as well as, in some ways, your own.

Behind the 264 Pages:

This was a very good book. It was the storyline that got me the whole time, it was very unexpected with a very unexepcted paranormal side to the novel that we didn't see coming.

What did annoy me was Oddily. The way that she was so easy to give away her trust, especially to those who had made her life a living hell for most of her life since living with the family. She just let them all walk straight over her, that she didn't realise the extent of her believing them and doing everything they say just made her life worse. Her constant thoughts on how they could change their attitude towards her and actually become her friend because they're trying to make her belive that so they can make it more torturing for her in the end. She is too innocent and doesn't realise the extent of their tormenting that makes her very gullible and a heroine which we don't want to really get to know because we are too caught up in wanting to shake her that much so that she realises that they don't want to be her friend, they don't want to know her, and no matter what they say to not believe them. We do feel sorry for Oddily, but in many ways her constant trust of everyone just puts her tormenting on herself. That thing we see many times in the book called a conscience is what we want her to believe, not ignore and act like she can't change it or has no control over what she does. She does have control over herself.

I really do want to slap this girl half the time, especially when she is in her own little world*.  She is such a child! you would think that her constant moving around home to home and being a foster child wouldn't make you like this. You would think that she would have trust issues and not give it out freely to everyone! You would not act like a child and be so utterly rediculous.

When we meet Maxim and his sister, we want to know the truth about them. Who they really are and the secrets they are keeping. When we are in Maxim's perspective we see things differently on their side of the fence. We see his evergrowing love for Oddily and all that he wants to do for her. When we learn one of the biggest secrets that involves both Oddily and Maxim's family we see the what really happens and that this is some sort of fate in their world from what happened. It leaves us on a cliffhanger for what is to come in the next novel and if there will be a meeting. The excerpt at the end of Oddily of the next novel then leaves us with an even bigger cliffhanger because we know who is there, yet we don't know what will happen when he realises what they have done to the little world they have created. Especially who he brings back to the house.

What's Next:

Maxim: A New Type of Human (Oddily #2)
Behind 252 Pages
At the Other End: Oddily finds herself in a world she never knew existed—a world both beautiful and frightening. Not sure what to think, she tries to adjust to her strange new home. However, someone more sinister than Starla and Kip threatens her happiness. Will Oddily survive?

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*the day she wears the glasses and Maxim takes them off her, and she thinks she's still in the game when she really isn't

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  1. Interesting book..looks like the protagonist really got to you. Great review


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