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Review: Fire by Kristin Cashore


At the Other End:

Fire (Graceling Realm, #2)It is not a peaceful time in the Dells. The young King Nash clings to his throne while rebel lords in the north and south build armies to unseat him. The mountains and forests are filled with spies and thieves and lawless men.

This is where Fire lives. With a wild, irresistible appearance and hair the color of flame, Fire is the last remaining human monster. Equally hated and adored, she has the unique ability to control minds, but she guards her power, unwilling to steal the secrets of innocent people. Especially when she has so many of her own.

Then Prince Brigan comes to bring her to King City. The royal family needs her help to uncover the plot against the king. Far away from home, Fire begins to realize there’s more to her power than she ever dreamed. Her power could save the kingdom.

If only she weren’t afraid of becoming the monster her father was.

First Impressions Last:

I loved Graceling! So naturally I wanted to read the next novel in the series! (Even if I didn't really like Graceling too much, I would still have read this one. ANYWHO) Look at the pretty pretty cover! Love the colours as well as the general nature of the cover. Matches Graceling perfectly, as well as Bitterblue later on. Hearing of a new land makes us even  more intrigued, so we see their entire world and not just one small part of it. The blurb does give the story away, basically but still....

Behind the 352 Pages:

I felt like through the novel we're just "putting along". There isn't much going on other than the usual dramas that happens to Fire. This could be intentional so that we know how tiresome it is for her everyday surounded by guards and ahving everyone jealous and "in love" with her.


Hints from Graceling is brought up through the way that their world is parts of our world (use of drugs etc) as well as old world.

We start to know the characters and gain that connection to them, especially with Fire. When she finds out about Brigan's daughter we are as shocked as she is about the discovery.

Through the whole novel we look for a connection of Fire's land to the land of the Gracelings. We start to make the connections and start wondering when a Graceling will show up or if their world's will collide.

In the end of this novel, we wonder if we will hear and see of these characters again. We have nothing of the characters in Graceling in this novel, so we are open to wondering if we will see someone or something of this world again in the sequel, Bitterblue.

As we go along in the novel, we start to develop a deeper relationship with the characters, which makes us part of their world as well. We get caught up in what happens and we forget that we were just being pulled along at the start of the novel, ebcause we are now so caught up in the world and what is happening that we don't realise it.

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What's Next:

Graceling (#1 The Seven Kingdoms)
Behind 352 Pages
Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)At the Other End: In a world where people born with an exceptional skill, known as a Grace, are both feared and exploited, Katsa carries the burden of a skill even she despises: the Grace of killing.

Feared by the court and shunned by those her own age, the darkness of her Grace casts a heavy shadow over Katsa’s life. Yet she remains defiant: when the King of Lienid’s father is kidnapped she investigates, and stumbles across a mystery. Who would want to kidnap the old man, and why? And who was the extraordinary Graced man whose fighting abilities rivalled her own?

The only thing Katsa is sure of is that she no longer wants to kill. The intrigue around this kidnapping offers her a way out – but little does she realise, when she takes it, that something insidious and dark lurks behind the mystery. Something spreading from the shadowy figure of a one-eyed king...

Bitterblue (#3 The Seven Kingdoms)
Finding the Time: 1 May 2012
Behind 576 Pages
Bitterblue (Graceling Realm, #3)At the Other End: Eight years after Graceling, Bitterblue is now queen of Monsea. But the influence of her father, a violent psychopath with mind-altering abilities, lives on. Her advisors, who have run things since Leck died, believe in a forward-thinking plan: Pardon all who committed terrible acts under Leck’s reign, and forget anything bad ever happened. But when Bitterblue begins sneaking outside the castle—disguised and alone—to walk the streets of her own city, she starts realizing that the kingdom has been under the thirty-five-year spell of a madman, and the only way to move forward is to revisit the past.

Two thieves, who only steal what has already been stolen, change her life forever. They hold a key to the truth of Leck’s reign. And one of them, with an extreme skill called a Grace that he hasn’t yet identified, holds a key to her heart.


**Prediction: She and Brigan end up falling in love (written when we first meet Brigan) --> result? TRUE!

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