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BLOG TOUR!! Seeds of Discovery by Breeana Puttroff

Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles, #1)
At the Other End:

Nobody at Bristlecone High School has ever paid attention to William Rose. Since the day he arrived in the small, mountain town years ago, he's blended into the background.

Quinn Robbins never noticed William at all, until the icy Friday night he suddenly appeared directly in the path of her car, and just as suddenly vanished. After that, she found herself noticing him constantly, seeing for the first time just how different he was.
First were the books he always had his nose buried in. Why would a senior in high school always be reading medical journals? Then there were his habitual appearances down by the river every Friday night, just like the night she almost hit him - not to mention his odd habit of disappearing there, with no place and no reason to hide! 
Overtaken by a sense of curiosity that she just can't seem to shake, Quinn finds herself trying to figure out exactly what is going on with him.  When he starts to show up in her dreams, she can't decide if her curiosity has become too much of an obsession ... or if there is something ... more.
Finally it becomes clear that the answers she seeks might only come from finding out what is happening at the river. But on the night Quinn decides to follow him, her very new mystery draws her fatefully to a very old mystery. To a discovery she thought could only exist in a fairy tale.
Uh oh, Quinn. 1st Period History will never be the same!

First Impressions Last:

Hmmmm, suspicious boy in school. Nearly got run over, a curious girl. Ok, let's give it a shot.

Behind the 288 Pages:

 Not really sure what to say about this novel. It was predictable yes. It was also a little slow for me. But all in all it was a good read  and I want to continue on with the rest of the series. The pace starts to pick up when she crosses over into the new world. Everything that happens in this world makes me think of what will happen next. And so far, I was right on everything, except for one point. However, the answer to this has never come up in the novels yet. When the novel finishes we are left as if it's the end of a normal chapter. It makes me wonder if all the novels are set up in this sort of fashion where it is like the start of a new chapter and the novel is really just one big one but split into three. (If that makes sense). It was a good story, I enjoyed it. There really isn't any particular reaction that comes from me about this novel. Basically, meh. Not really having read the synopsis for a while I completely forgot about what the actual novel was about and dived right in. I was surprised at the story, seeing as I didn't know what to expect. I was surprised, but in a good way. I don't know, but this book didn't really get to me as others have. It was good, but it didn't push me over the edge to get a higher rating than 3. Still an enjoyable read.

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Seeds of Discovery


What's Next:

Roots of Insight (Dusk Gate Chronicles)
Roots of Insight (Dusk Gate Chronicles #2)
Behind 366 Pages
At the Other End:Quinn Robbins has just returned from spending ten days in Eirentheos, a world she had never known existed. Trying to settle back into her familiar life and establish a relationship with her new boyfriend, Zander, is more of a challenge than she ever dreamed it would be.

Things are just beginning to feel normal again when Thomas shows up in her world, and invites her back to Eirentheos for a royal wedding. She's excited at the chance to reconnect with the people and places she had begun to fall in love with.

What she doesn't realize is just how deeply connected with this new world she might become ... and just what old secrets might be beginning to unravel.

Thorns of Decision (Dusk Gate Chronicles #3)
Behind 372 Pages
Thorns of Decision (Dusk Gate Chronicles, #3)At the Other End:Quinn Robbins was prepared for her mother to be angry. After all, she’d disappeared for two days without warning; to visit the world on the other side of the Dusk Gate that nobody else knows exists.  What she wasn’t prepared for was seeing her mother calmly sitting there, waiting for her return, as if Megan Robbins somehow knew the secret, too. And she really wasn’t prepared to have her mother not speaking to her, not sharing whatever she knows.

Now, with her mother not talking, her best friend mad at her for disappearing, and her boyfriend, Zander, suspicious and confused, Quinn is left with only one person to turn to. William Rose had told Quinn she was making a mistake; that lying to her family and friends and risking everything to visit his family in a world where she didn’t belong was only going to lead to heartache. But that was before – before she’d dropped everything to be there for him when he needed her. Before her strange dreams and her special brand of persistence had helped rescue his brother. Before the kiss that Quinn and William aren’t talking about. And before he discovered that everything he ever thought he knew was wrong.

Now, they’re on the verge of discovering a secret about their pasts that may just change everything about their futures, and Quinn and William are both about to find themselves deciding between who they always thought they were, and who they’re meant to be. And they just might be making some of those decisions together

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