Friday, 8 June 2012

Paper Passion:For Booklovers

A random post today my lovelies. Check this out! This is what's scouring the book-ish web today and I'm torn. I'm thinking I will leave it up to you all to come upwith a decision on this new creation:

 Paper Passion: For Booklovers Perfume

“The smell of a freshly printed book is the best smell in the world.”    Karl Lagerfeld

Paper Passion fragrance by Geza Schoen, Gerhard Steidl, and Wallpaper* magazine, with packaging by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl.

This is an opportunity to celebrate all the glorious sensuality of books, at a time when many in the industry are turning against them. The idea is that is should relax you, like when you read a book, to a level of meditation and concentration. Paper passion has evolved into something quite beautiful and unique. To wear the smell of a book is something very chic. Books are players in the intellectual world, but also in the world of luxury.
Hidden inside the pages of a book, Paper Passion is accompanied by texts from Karl Lagerfeld, G√ľnter Grass, Geza Schoen and Tony Chambers.
“You have a book, you open it, there’s a bottle inside and it smells of a book. It might be quirky, but the idea has a simplicity, a linearity.”
Geza Schoen

          UK £70.00
US $115.00
EC €88.00
Save 10% by joining the Book Club. Free shipping available in UK

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So.... vote on what you think of this idea.


(All information provided is from Steidl)

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