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BLOG TOUR!! The Gates by Rachael Wade

The Gates (The Resistance Trilogy, #2)At the Other End:

Getting There is Half the Battle...

Armed with more unsettling knowledge about Gavin Devereaux and her circle of friends, Camille Hart is faced with new adversities and lethal propositions when she returns to the Amaranth exile to carry out Gavin’s risky crusade.

Realizing her journey through the bayou was only the beginning of her struggle to stay with Gavin, she finds that leaving her Louisiana home is the least of her worries. New evils await her on the other side, and as she and her friends press on with their mission, they are confronted with the reality that everything doesn't always go according to plan.

As secrets unfold and alliances are formed and broken, only the strongest will survive and the power of love will be tested when a war between witches, humans, and vampires erupts into an all-out power struggle and all is on the verge of being lost.


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The Gates (Fishpond)


Author Bio:
Rachael Wade is the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling paranormal romance series, The Resistance Trilogy, and the best-selling contemporary romance, Preservation. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and her work has been published in The Storyteller, A Hudson View International Poetry Digest, and Amulet Poetry. When she's not writing, she's busy learning French, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect wildlife and stop animal cruelty. The first title in her post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance series, The Keepers Trilogy, is set for release winter of 2012.
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Take A Seat. Get Strapped In. Let's Go For A Ride:

1. Where have we seen you before? (previous projects/works)
The Resistance Trilogy (Amaranth, The Gates, The Tragedy of Knowledge) and Preservation,
a contemporary romance.

2. What goes through your mind after your novel has been on sale for the first week?
What next? As soon as one novel is on the shelves, I’m ready to dive into the next project.

3. What inspired you to write this novel?
I love paranormal romance and epic fantasy, and this installment in the series was a blast
for me to write because it gave me a chance to incorporate all of that into one story. I was
inspired by Tim Burton’s concept art, all of his films, and tons of music. Florence and the
Machine was my biggest musical muse.

4. What do you think about when getting/seeing negative reviews?
No author wants someone to hate their work, but it’s just a part of the job. That’s art.
The good reviews always outweigh the bad and those are the ones I choose to focus on.
If someone doesn’t like my work, it means it wasn’t meant for them and that’s okay.
Their opinion does not define my work or my identity as a writer (as much as they might
like to think it does). Some people just like to hate on things and then others jump on
the bandwagon for fun. You can usually spot those types of reviewers right away. I’m a
voracious reader and I write reviews myself, and personally, I think hating on something
is unproductive. There are better things to do with my time. If I didn’t like something, I
just don’t waste any more time on it. But everyone is entitled to share their thoughts on

something they read. I’m writing for those who enjoy my work and get something out of it.
One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure in any creative industry.

5. How long was the writing/planning process?
The Gates took about 8 months from start to finish to outline, write, revise, and edit. I
started conceptualizing the whole thing while I was still writing Amaranth, so I knew the
general gist of the storyline and how I wanted it to end, and as soon as Amaranth was
released I went to work on it right away.

6. What was your reaction to the cover art when you saw it for the first time? Did you have any ideas from the days of writing/inspiration?
I was thrilled with the cover because it alluded to the main events in the story. I create the
concepts for all of my covers and choose the images myself, and then my cover artist, Robin
Ludwig (, works her magic, makes suggestions, and makes them

7. Any plans for future writing projects? Any being worked on now?
Yes, lots in the works for the next year. The Tragedy of Knowledge, book 3 of the Resistance
Trilogy, is currently with my editor and will pick up right where The Gates left off. I’m also
working on Repossession, the first book in a post-apocalyptic romance series, The Keepers
Trilogy, set for release in December.

8. Top 5 books

The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath

No Country for Old Men - Cormac McCarthy
Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James
Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Bel Ami - Guy de Maupassant

9. Recommended books
For romance fans, anything by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain
Reynard. Also, No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy is one I think everyone should
read before they die.
10. Why read your novel?
The Gates is full of vampires, Voodoo magic, witches, suspense, and romance, so if you love
paranormal love stories and high fantasy, you should check out the series by starting with
Amaranth, book one. You can grab it in print or e-book at Amazon.

Thanks for having me! :) I appreciate your time.

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