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DOUBLE COVER REVEALS! T.L Shreffler & Georgia Cates!

Are you ready? Do you want the covers? I want the covers!


T.L. ShrefflerAuthor Bio:
T. L. Shreffler lives in Los Angeles, CA. She loves diversity, fantasy, romance, iced tea, long walks, philosophy, and thrift store shopping. She recently graduated with a BA in Badass (Creative Writing) and her poetry has been published consecutively in Eclipse: A Literary Journal and The Northridge Review.

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At The Other End:
Sora is having visions. Strange, terrifying visions brought on by her Cat's Eye necklace, an ancient and magical device. Spurred to action, she leaves her mother's cabin to find Crash, the mysterious assassin who once changed her life. She is certain that together, they can discover what the necklace is trying to tell her.

Crash is still on the run from the dark sorcerer, Volcrian, but now a plague is spreading across the land. Volcrian's quest for vengeance has awakened something far more evil than himself; a force that could destroy the entire kingdom. Together, he and Sora must harness the power of the Cat's Eye and kill the sorcerer before it's too late....

Finding The Time:
 31 October 2012

Shhh....... Don't Tell:

Exclusive excerpt from Chapter 1 of Viper's Creed. WARNING, MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

          “This is called 'step training,' it's to gain balance and confidence,” her mother said knowledgeably. “This is an
old, old technique. It's also the way your assassin friend trained.”

Her assassin friend.

The reminder of Crash was unexpected, and Sora bit her lip, quickly turning away from her mother. Well, he
hadn't truly been a friend, but definitely someone who had changed her life. The mention of Crash left her flustered and tense, not a welcomed feeling, though she didn't mention it. He had left a year ago, traveling away with their mutual companion, Burn. An entire year... but she still thought of them every day. Every. Single. Damned. Day.

“Now you do it,” her mother said, ignoring Sora's reaction, or perhaps oblivious to it.

Sora turned back, forcefully shaking the memories away. She clenched her teeth. She certainly wasn't going
to give up if her mother could do something like that, and if this is what Crash can do, then I'm going to do it too!
She and the assassin had started off on pretty bad terms—he had kidnapped her from an arranged wedding,
killing her supposed father, and had whisked her away into the night—but things had changed. They had grown close, somehow. “Close” seemed almost too much. Perhaps familiar? Was there another word for it? Crash was not the kind of man who inspired warmth, and yet... she missed him strangely, in rare moments of the day, when she was knee deep in housework or out riding through the forest. She yearned to see him again, though she wasn't sure why. A cloud would shift overhead or a crow fly through the trees, and she would turn to look, imagining it was him.

Or Burn, she reminded herself. I miss Burn too. 


Viper's Creed (The Cat's Eye Chronicles #2)
By T.L Shreffler

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Author Bio:
Georgia CatesGeorgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent thirteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author. 
Blood of Anteros, Book One in The Vampire Agápe Series, was her first novel and it was released in September 2011. She decided to briefly step away from the paranormal genre to try her hand at a young adult contemporary romance when she wrote Going Under, but returned to the paranormal romance platform to complete the second book in The Vampire Agápe Series, Blood Jewel.
Her current works in progress are Shallow (A Going Under Novel) which will release on September 27th and Blood Doll (The Vampire Agápe Series #3), to be released in January 2013.

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At The Other End:
Solomon Alexander has faced huge obstacles during his existence, but they’re nothing in comparison to the one he’s about to hit head on. As leader of The Savannah Compound, part of Sol’s new position in the Coven of Landra is to guide the transition of fledgelings, newly turned vampires. It’s his job to save the unsavable. Being a Landra is what he’s done for over a century and he’s damn good at it, but everything he knows, practices and teaches is threatened when he is forced to drink from Avery Ferrand, a Blood Jewel.

The Blood Jewel is enshrouded with mystery, but one fact is known. There’s never been blood more desirable or addicting than Avery’s and there are consequences for any vampire that drinks it...including Solomon Alexander. Although he adamantly denies his need to feed from her, Avery suspects he’s lying but she has secrets of her own about the night he drank from her. She wanted him to and now she finds herself being drawn to Solomon in a way she shouldn't. As Avery’s desire to be closer to Solomon grows, she finds herself considering something more dangerous than being found by the dangerous covens hunting her...asking Solomon if she can become his Blood Doll

Finding The Time:
 January 2013


Blood Doll (Vampire Agape #3)
By Georgia Cates

Check out the series together!

Blood of Anteros  (The Vampire Agápe, #1)Blood Jewel (The Vampire Agápe Series #2)

  So....... What do you think?! Do they live up to your expectations? Is it LOVE? Or do you think something more suited should've been done?

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