Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Here I am!

Hello lovely peoples :D

I have some exciting news to share, I have found myself!
OK well I knew that this was going to happen but I just wasn't sure when it was going to happen.

NOW IT HAS (haha obviously)


I've just found myself, as a guest blogger/author that is, on my local library's Youth Blog!

I am featured on a post with Narellan and Camden Library's hidden treasures. To most of you here that regularly follow the blog you've almost certainly heard of the novels mentioned. We bibliophiles (yes I confess, don't try to deny it... stop shaking your head) found our love for these books from the help of Goodreads and other bloggers whilst searching the Internet.

So, this post has (hopefully) shed some light on those little wonders that we all here are so familiar with. Hoping to get these brilliant novels out in my local area as well as spread Australia (you all have no idea how far behind we are. In the recent months we have only just gotten Anna Dressed In Blood. I can tell your reaction to this, my response: I KNOW RIGHT!)

Come check out my feature, A Library's Hidden Treasures on Y-Link now!

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