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Coverday Friday (20) Book Birthday BASH!!!!


It’s Embrace’s Book Birthday and to celebrate the success of her debut novel Cherie Colyer is giving away a copy of her book plus swag.

At the Other End:
How far would you go to save the people you love?

Madison is familiar enough with change, and she hates everything about it. Change took her long-term boyfriend away from her. It caused one of her friends to suddenly hate her. It’s responsible for the death of a local along with a host of other mysterious happenings. But when Madison meets a hot new guy, she thinks her luck is about to improve.

Madison is instantly drawn to the handsome and intriguing Isaac Addington. She quickly realizes he’s a guy harboring a secret, but she’s willing to risk the unknown to be with him.

Her world really spins out of control, however, when her best friend becomes delusional, seeing things that aren’t there and desperately trying to escape their evil. When the doctors can’t find the answers, Madison seeks her own.

Nothing can prepare her for what she is about to discover.

Finding the Time:

Cherie Colyer
Author Bio:
I write young adult and middle grade novels. I love finding new stories that keep me up late reading. While my favorite genre is fantasy, if the book is beautifully written with characters that come alive I’m all over it.

My debut novel EMBRACE is now available from Omnific Publishing.


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By Cherie Colyer

“I’m beginning to realize I’d do whatever it took to keep someone I care about safe—expose what I am, harness my anger, let my darker side take over. That’s one promise I know I can make without regret.”


I was about to protest when he then asked, “What about you? Just what are your feelings toward me?” I must have hesitated because he laughed, light and warm, yet there was a bitter edge to it. “I just told you I’d embrace the dark to protect you, and you still can’t open up to me?”

Why Hello There:
I have always loved this cover. The red, as well as how she is looking very mysterious just adds to the allure of this book. Team up that AwesomeSauce blurb with this cover and you've got one great book that you won't be able to put down. I'm only just wondering about the font choice for this book. I'm not too sure what other font would go with it but it does suit the cover, but then it doesn't at the same time....... Opinions?

Behind the 190 Pages:
Check out my review of Embrace HERE!

From the Author, Cherie:

I’m really happy with the cover of Embrace. It’s the girl’s eyes that drew me in. The way she’s looking off to the side at something just out of view. Something most people can’t see. It fits the mystery of the novel: Anything can happen in a world where there are powers all around. Sixteen-year-old Madison Riley will discover these powers exist and she will need to embrace them if she hopes to save her friends.  
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