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BLOG TOUR!! Indigo Awakening by Jordan Dane

Indigo Awakening (The Hunted, #1)At the Other End:
Voices told Lucas Darby to run. Voices no one else can hear. He's warned his sister not to look for him, but Rayne refuses to let her troubled brother vanish. On her desperate search, she meets Gabriel Stewart, a runaway with mysterious powers and far too many secrets. Rayne can't explain her crazy need to trust the strange yet compelling boy — even though he scares her.

They discover Lucas is running from the Believers, a fanatical church secretly hunting psychic kids — gifted 'Indigo' teens feared to be the next evolution of mankind. Now Rayne's only hope is Gabe, who is haunted by an awakening power — a force darker than either of them imagine. A force that could doom them all

First Impressions Last

I've been excited about this book since Jordan gave me an exclusive excerpt from this book (found in the previous interview, link below). A truly unique novel, that shows what could happen in future evolution of humans, in this case kids. Love and secrets dig deep in Indigo Awakening that you propel yourself forward to unravel these mysteries.


Behind the 294 Pages

I did have expectations for this novel, but then at the same time I didn't want to as well, incase I gave too much to expect. My second novel by Dane, and it has been my favourite. I can tell that this is going to be a series that questions what is to come in the future, as well as what is to become of us as well.

I love how this book is full of imagery. Every step of the way, we can picture exactly what is happening, every detail made out in each scene, mixed with our own interpretations. The vivid colours and buildings, shown both from Gabriel's depictions from his drawings, as well as from just the story-telling really bring this all to life, as well as the very realistic fact that we can relate easily to the characters.

The constant change in perspective, may seem to make us lost. It doesn't. All the characters are blended perfectly into each other that only sometimes, we get a little lost because of a completely new character that is introduced. Some of the characters are just plain sick. Like seriously people? HOW THE HELL CAN YOU DO SUCH A THING! (read and find out exactly what), thinking about it now, it seems like a bit much to include, but then when you read, it really does fit. Rayne's sister is a serious nut-case. There is a fine line between family and groups (in my mind...cults). The whole Church cover-up was a bit of a stretch though, and franctly, it does limit the reader group. Many religious people would be offended in a way by this, even though it is a cover-up and their whole reaction over the book could be based on this point alone.

The love connections are very easily spotted..... Basically from as soon as you meet both characters and they start interacting in some way, you can tell. What I really liked, however, was finding out about Gabriel more. Yes, we want to find out about the other Indigo Children as well, but because Gabe is one that is known as the more mysterious, we can't help but be intrigued about his past more than the others.

The shock-horror ending, isn't much of a shock (well to me) because of why? predictions! (does that mean that I have a little Indigo Child in me? haha). I could guess from when Gabriel was talking about his parents what was going to happen, sorry, who should happen. It is a moment that makes us want to find out exactly what happens next, as well as how it will all end as well.

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What's Next:

Crystal Storm (The Hunted #2)
Finding the Time: 2013


Author Bio:
I make up stuff for a living. Who knew I could get paid for that? Voices come to me, from deep inside my head and I consider that to be a good thing...for now. (No, I'm not on meds. That would really screw me up.) I'm an observer, a listener and a scribe. And I'm cynical by nature—and by choice—and frequently indulge my inner smart-ass. I'm perfectly content in the solitude of my head, poking and prodding the three pounds of gray matter taking up that space. Guess if my brain ever takes a real vay-kay, I can lease out my skull to a much more deserving occupant.

Want to get to know Jordan better? Want to see her first ideas for what is now this book shared only on this blog? Click on this link to go to my first interview with her
Handy Hinty Links:

Website includes a quarterly e-newsletter you can sign up to!  Blog (YA)      Blog (YA Thriller)      Facebook           Twitter

Take A Seat. Get Strapped In. Let's Go For A Ride:
1. It’s great to see you back at Behind A Million And One Pages! What have you done since the last time you were here?
What haven’t I done? Man, it feels like a crazy year. I did a lot of promo travel, something I can’t
do every year and still write. But it was fun to see fellow writing friends at different conferences.
I had my ON A DARK WING YA book released with HarlequinTeen, a standalone grim reaper
story set in Alaska. And I sold a new series to HarlequinTEEN, the HUNTED, and released book #1
in Jan 2013 – INDIGO AWAKENING. I’m writing book #2 now – Crystal Fire (2013).

2. Where do you wish to see yourself and your novels in 2 years?
I would love to have a balance with my books being published with traditional publishing houses
and being self-published. I’ve taken a baby step in the direction of self-publishing with my short
story anthology – Sex, Death, and Moist Towelettes – and my non-fiction writing book that
focuses on writing for the YA market – One Author’s Aha Moments. It takes time to build a
virtual shelf when you self-publish AND have contracts going forward with traditional publishers,
but I like having it all and learning new things.

3. What do you do when you suffer from the infamous ‘Writer’s Block’?
I don’t believe in writer’s block. I think of any stall to my process as the brain’s way of letting me
know something isn’t working. I have an exercise that I call the SCREAMING brain. I talk out
my plot with my husband usually, but it could be anyone patient. My brain storming peeps don’t
have to come up with any solutions. I’ve discovered that they only have to listen. As I talk things
out, the resolutions come to me and I’m off and running again.

I once took a break and watched a Christian Slater movie. Something in the crazy plot, about a
skateboard kid on the run, helped me finish NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM, my debut crime
fiction thriller that sold in auction to HarperCollins. Yep, Christian Slater movies can be the
universal solution to writer’s block. You heard it here first.

4. What is your ultimate goal for the end of this year?
To sell my new 3-book YA series – DARK RYDER - a Near Future Sci-Fi Techno-thriller. The
characters are really pushing me to write their story. My agent, Meredith Bernstein, is peddling
it now. Currently I’m writing book #2 – Crystal Fire – in the HUNTED series for HarlequinTEEN


I space my time based on the contracts and deadlines I have, while trying to fit ME time in
between. Some books flow easier, so I don’t cram too much into my year and I don’t set myself
up for failure by arbitrarily setting goals that are out of my control. This year I’m not booking
too much promo travel, so I can find more quality time to write. I also want to get back to adult
thrillers, as well as continue to write YA.

5. What is the hardest part about writing? In terms of different scenes and books in a series?
Each book is different. I tend to spend more time with the beginnings. I rehash those until I feel
that I can move on. I’ve done a few series novels, between my YAs and adult thrillers. I try new
ways to transition between books to give the reader a satisfying ending that almost sums up the
book, yet piques their interest to read the next one. That’s another challenge.

6. A week in the life of Jordan Dane.
I’m on deadline now, so most days are spent writing and getting my daily word count in. I
have breakfast with my husband—and dinners—so we can catch up. He cooks when I’m too
swamped to think about what to fix. Great guy. I have a once a week group of friends that I
hang out with on Fridays when we go to dinner or do something fun. They make me laugh and
any stress of the week goes away. I take care of my rescue dogs every day. They are an amazing
release and they remind me everyday what unconditional love is. I’d love to travel more. Fun
research trips. I have my first short trip on my radar, a desert ghost town that I plan to use for a
setting in my DARK RYDER YA series. Very cool.

7. Any books in progress at the moment? Or in the planning stages?
I am currently writing book #2 in the HUNTED series – Crystal Fire. Here is a sneak peek of the
book jacket copy. YOU are the first to have it. I don’t even have it on my website yet, Gina. So
it’s probably subject to change.

Because of what you are, the Believers will hunt you down.
A storm is brewing on the streets of LA, one that has intensified since a
tragic and deadly confrontation claimed an innocent life.
While Gabriel Stewart trains his army of teen psychics to stop Alexander
Reese—the obsessed leader of the Believers—the fanatical church
becomes more bent on the annihilation of all Indigo and Crystal children.
They’re silencing the voices of the telepathic hive, one soul at a time, with
frightening experiments cruelly executed on vulnerable minds.
When the Believers torture a mysterious homeless boy, Oliver Blue, they
brainwash him into betraying his own. The boy becomes a deadly pawn to
take Gabriel down. As the fires of chaos burn around him, Gabe is running
out of time. He’ll need to confront his past—and the man who made him—
before the hope of peace for the future is silenced forever.

8. What book/s from other authors do you wish you had written?
I don’t think that way about the success of others. I support their success and love seeing it, but
as for me, I want to be the best Jordan Dane that I can be. Writing and pushing to learn new
things MY WAY is what drives me.

9. Why read your novel?
My books are visual and I hope readers can see them in their mind’s eye as if it were a movie
playing in their head. I also love portraying the emotion of my characters and layering my stories
with underlying themes and thought-provoking concepts and unique ideas. A writer’s work is
only half of a circle. It takes a reader to take a journey alongside the author to complete that
circle. I love touching people with my stories.

Want more of the tour? Check out these stops:
Wow, there are so many awesome blogs hosting on this tour! Head over to YA Bound for all the participating blogs

Now for a special suprise


HarlequinTEEN prize pack, includes (US only):
·ON A DARK WING by Jordan Dane
·THE JULIET SPELL by Douglas Rees
·BELONGING by Karen Ann Hopkins (ARC) (<-- p.s. this book is AMAZING!)
·DANCERGIRL by Carol M. Tanzman
·2 Harlequin notebooks
4 Infinity Bracelets: (US only)
For anyone who has read an advance copy of INDIGO AWAKENING, you know that a silver
infinity bracelet plays an important part in the story. Special bracelets will be given away on the
virtual tour so the lucky winners will be part of Rafael’s street family. Rafe’s bracelet was in
black leather, but I’ve added a white leather braid as my personal remembrance to you for being
in MY family.
-1 audio book of In the Arms of Stone Angels. Digital download only. (International)

HarlequinTEEN prize pack.jpg  Infinity Bracelet Giveaway 71LV9cSQLgL__SX395_.jpg

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This novel was received for review via HarlequinTeen Australia. This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel.

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Party Tuesday! (3)

Party Tuesday is a meme hosted by Anastasia at Living in a Bookworld

How this works is....

"As we all know, most of the books come out on Tuesdays... On every Tuesday you will be introduced to new books and remind you of the books that belong to a series. The common denominator? All these books come out on that particular day."

Here is this week's Party Tuesday!!

'Til The World Ends (Blood of Eden #0.5)Prodigy (Legend, #2)

And.... incase you haven't seen them yet, here are the links to the Legend and Prodigy bookmarks on the Bookmarks page tab!!

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COVER REVEAL! The Fallen Stars by Stephanie Keyes

At The Other End:
When all is lost, he will have to make the ultimate decision.

Kellen St. James was just your average seventeen-year-old prodigy, until he eighty-sixed the Lord of Faerie and proposed to a Celtic goddess. Now everything in Kellen’s life gets turned upside-down when Calienta, Kellen, and friend, Gabriel Stewart, find themselves on the run from a seriously irritated group of faeries. The worst part? They have zero idea why. Suddenly, Kellen finds himself stuck in the middle of another prophecy that questions everything about him including where his loyalties lie. Plus, Calienta’s more than a bit different; she’s making choices that he doesn’t understand. And Gabe, his best friend? He’s started doing all sorts of freaky things that make Kellen
question who he really is.

Kellen and Calienta will fight to stay together and keep the hidden part of the prophecy from becoming reality.

When the ultimate power is within reach, which side will he choose?

Finding The Time:
12 April 2013

Author Bio:
Stephanie Keyes has been addicted to Fantasy since she discovered T.H. White as a child and started drumming up incredible journeys in her head. Today, she’s still doing the same thing, except now she puts those ideas down on paper.

When she’s not writing Stephanie is also a graphic designer, presenter, teacher, musician, avid reader, and Mom to two little boys who constantly keep her on her toes. In addition, she’s best friend to her incredible husband of eleven years.

Keyes is the author of The Star Child YA Fantasy series, which currently includes The Star Child and The Fallen Stars. She is currently hard at work on the third book in the trilogy.

Handy Hinty Links:
Goodreads                            Website                          Twitter                          Facebook

Are you ready? Do you want the cover? I want the cover!
How excited are you now from reading the above excerpt from the novel!
Well from this cover you're going to want to read it a whole lot more! I know I want to

 The Fallen Stars (Star Child #2)
By Stephanie Keyes

So....... What do you think?! Does it live up to your expectations? Is it LOVE? Or do you think something more suited should've been done?

Check out the series together!

     The Star Child (The Star Child, #1)   

Now for a special surprise...


Open US,UK & CAN

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Party Tuesday! (2)

Party Tuesday is a meme hosted by Anastasia at Living in a Bookworld

How this works is....

"As we all know, most of the books come out on Tuesdays... On every Tuesday you will be introduced to new books and remind you of the books that belong to a series. The common denominator? All these books come out on that particular day."

Here is this week's Party Tuesday!!

The Archived (The Archived, #1)     Nobody
Everbound (Everneath, #2)     Boundless (Unearthly, #3)

And.... as a surprise because Everbound is released today you can now download the bookmarks from this link below! (It's not even on the page tab yet!)

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Triple Cover Reveals!!!

OK. so to start things off with todays 3 cover reveals, let's welcome back Alyssa Rose Ivy's novels. So far on the blog, we have done cover reveals for 3 of her the total goes up to 4!
We also welcome back Rhiannon Paille and her two covers for her novels released this year!

At The Other End:
In a world where women are commodities, the only thing more rare than finding true love is a happy ending.

Kayla is in hiding—her only crime being born a girl in a society of 99% men. When her sister and niece are kidnapped, she is willing to do anything to save them. Kayla ventures into the dangerous streets of the city, a place where a woman can be claimed by anyone unless she has been marked by a club.
Desperate, she turns to Mason, a powerful club leader whose help comes at a cost—her freedom.

Finding The Time:


Author Bio:

Alyssa Rose Ivy lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. After years as a perpetual student, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write.

Handy Hinty Links:
Facebook Twitter

By Alyssa Rose Ivy

Now for a special surprise... 


Author Bio:
Rhi was never a normal girl. Her life was an urban fantasy wrapped in a paranormal romance and served with a side of horror. To escape her everyday weirdness she began writing fantasy. She studied at U of Sedona and MIMT, obtaining a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology. She's married to a chef/comic book shop owner and has a fondness for architecture. She frequents twitter and facebook, but if you really want to get to know her you should visit her site

Handy Hinty Links:
Goodreads:                The Ferryman and the Flame                                Rhiannon Paille
Website                                              Facebook                                Twitter

Want to really meet Rhiannon? Head over to my interview with her and my review of Surrender, book 1 in the Ferryman and the Flame Series!

At The Other End:
How far would you go to destroy yourself?

Krishani always knew he would have to go to the Lands of Men, but he never thought it would be like this. Enemies everywhere, an ancestor he can't respect, elders he can't trust, a curse he can't stop and friends he can't help but hate. Desperate to end the pain, he sets out on a quest to find the other Flames and face the enemy that took everything from him.

Finding The Time:
22 January 2013

Justice (The Ferryman and the Flame #2)
By Rhiannon Paille

At The Other End:
This is JUSTICE from the villain's POV. The Daed are pawns to one of the most powerful members of the Valtanyana. Crestaos is insane, his hunger for the Flames insatiable. The closer the Daed get to achieving his goal, the more expendable they become.

Finding The Time:
June 2013

Blood & Gold (The Ferryman and the Flame #2.5)
By Rhiannon Paille

Check out the series together!
 Surrender (The Ferryman and the Flame #1)  Lantern & Poison (The Ferryman + The Flame #1.5)   

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Cover Reveal! Bewitched by Mark Jay Harris

At The Other End:
Is it love or is it witchcraft? He’ll never find out if he kills her first.

The first time Darren saw Samantha, she was floating above his high school
gymnasium during a basketball game, invisible to everyone but him. Next time
he sees her, she's sitting in front of him in class, wowing his friends and causing
unexplainable things to happen that only he seems to notice. But things really get
strange (and complicated) when his dying grandfather tells him that he is part of an
ancient order, the “Pessum Ire,” whose duty is to destroy witches. What does he do
now, since he’s almost positive Samantha is a witch…and he’s crushing on her pretty

Finding The Time:
1 March 2013 


Author Bio:
Mark Harris lives in Smithfield Utah, a small town located in a beautiful valley in
Northern Utah. His wife, Shaundale, and he have four terrific children, two girls
and two boys and a fifth one due to arrive in November of 2012. Mark has taught
English and Special Education and currently works from home teaching English
to people from all over the world. Writing has always been his true passion since
he was a grade schooler writing about mushrooms. "Bewitched" will be his debut
novel. He has two others underway and will soon start on the sequel to "Bewitched,"
called "The Return of the Familiar." He hopes you enjoy his work because he is
working on several series geared toward younger audiences.

Handy Hinty Links:
Goodreads                       Website                           Twitter                               Facebook

Are you ready? Do you want the cover? I want the cover!
How excited are you now from reading the above excerpt from the novel!
Well from this cover you're going to want to read it a whole lot more! I know I want to!

Bewitched (The Thaumaturgy #1)
By Mark J. Harris

Now for a special surprise...


a Rafflecopter giveaway

So....... What do you think?! Does it live up to your expectations? Is it LOVE? Or do you think something more suited should've been done?

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Interview: Heather Beck of Whispers in the Shadows

At the Other End:
Fall in love, if you dare…

Inside these pages are jilted ghosts who seek revenge, a sexy tour guide with deadly secrets, cunning mermen who emerge from the ocean, a magical forest where love truly can last for eternity, and a new breed of men who are too good to be true.

Filled with chills, twists and boundless passion, Whispers In The Shadows explores the beauty of love along with its darker side. 


Buy Me!


Author Bio:
Heather Beck is a Canadian author and screenwriter who began writing professionally at the age of sixteen. Her first book was published when she was only nineteen years old. Since then she has written several well-reviewed books.
Heather recently received an Honors Bachelor of Arts from university where she specialized in English and studied an array of disciplines. Currently, she is working on two young adult novels and has six anthologies slated for publication. As a screenwriter, Heather has multiple television shows and movies in development. Her short films include Young Eyes, The Rarity and Too Sensible For Love.

Besides writing, Heather's greatest passion is the outdoors. She is an award-winning fisherwoman and a regular hiker. Her hobbies include swimming, playing badminton and volunteering with non-profit organizations.

Handy Hinty Links:
Goodreads:                           Legends Unleashed                              Heather Beck

Take A Seat. Get Strapped In. Let's Go For A Ride:

1. Where have we seen you before? (previous projects/works)
I’ve been writing for eleven years, so I have quite the backlist. I’m probably best known for
writing The Horror Diaries, a series of scary stories for middle graders. This series includes:
Haunted, Journeys Through The Unknown, and Creatures Of The Night. I also write the
Legends Unleashed series. These paranormal romance books for adults include What
Legends Are Made Of and Whispers In The Shadows. Finally, I’m a screenwriter. My past
productions include: Young Eyes, The Rarity and Too Sensible For Love. These films range
vastly in terms of subject matter. Young Eyes is a social commentary about the negative
impact the media has on young girls, while The Rarity is a paranormal romance, and Too
Sensible For Love is a dark romantic comedy.

2. What goes through your mind after your novel has been on sale for the first week?
Honestly, after all the hard work, I’m just glad to have my book available to readers. I never
have expectations, and instead focus on my feelings of accomplishment. I’m also usually
busy promoting the book as well as working on new projects. There’s never a lot of time to
sit back and relax.

3. What inspired you to write this novel?
Whispers In The Shadows was inspired by my love of paranormal romances and the idea that
anything is possible. I enjoy creating surreal plots and settings, and with this anthology, I’ve
allowed my imagination to run wild. It has a ghostly love triangle, a sexy Egyptian tour guide
who hides an ancient secret, a perfect man who really can offer eternal love and so much
more. One element that is consistent throughout Whispers In The Shadows is the presence
of a strong female protagonist who transcends her daily life to find an extraordinary world;

it’s about fantastical emancipation told in a fun and sexy way.

4. What do you think about when getting/seeing negative reviews?
Every time I’m about to read a review, I still get nervous. 98% of the reviews I receive are
positive and that means so much to me. After all, I want people to enjoy the worlds and
characters I create. Literary preferences are very subjective though, so I have received a
handful of less than stellar reviews. I can’t deny that it sucks, but as long as I love my works
and the positive reviews heavily outweigh the negative, I’m happy!

5. How long was the writing/planning process?
If I remember correctly, it took me about 4-6 months to pen Whispers In The Shadows.
The editing process took another 2 months. As for the planning process, I always keep
a notebook filled with ideas, so when it comes time to work on a new project, I refer to
that notebook. Since paranormal romance is my favorite genre, I have several story ideas
featuring fantastical worlds, characters and plots. The hard part was choosing which ideas
to execute into stories. This selection process takes roughly a week, and the most important
aspect is choosing ideas which have similar themes but are also very different.

6. What was your reaction to the cover art when you saw it for the first time? Did you have any ideas from the days of writing/inspiration?
A fun part of being an author is giving suggestions for the cover art and then seeing the
finished product for the first time. I’ve worked with several publishers and, for the most
part, I’ve been happy with the covers. Now, I do all the cover art for my titles published by
Diamond Dust Books, Treasure Cove Books and Syren Books. I choose stock art, sometimes
blend images and then use eye-catching fonts. Although I’m the first to admit that there are
graphic artists who are way more experienced than me, I do love the covers I’ve created.

7. Any plans for future writing projects? Any being worked on now?
Most recently, my teen drama, Vocations, was re-released, and the fourth book in The
Horror Diaries series, Supernatural, will be released this June. My short film, Circular
– a chilling social commentary about war – will be filmed, as well as Witch’s Brew – a
paranormal love story with some massive twists. Also, I’m working with a few production
companies on different screenwriting projects. Finally, I’m currently writing Frostbitten, a
young adult werewolf romance that I outlined years ago. Luckily, now seems like a perfect
time for that genre.

8. Top 3 books
The Bible
Anything by Tennessee Williams
Anything by Jack London

9. What book/s from other authors do you wish you had written?
I highly value the labor and love that goes into creating a book, and I could never wish to
have written something that wasn’t mine. Additionally, it’s a treat to find a book that wholly
engrosses me, so if I had written it myself, the anticipation of the story would be ruined
because I’d know what’s going to happen next!

10. Why read your novel?
Whispers In The Shadows is fun, sexy, creative, fast-paced and filled with fantastical plot
lines that are constantly twisting and turning. I promise that you’ve never read stories like
these before.

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Coverday Friday 23


At the Other End:
The last thing Tegan remembers is the crack as the gun went off, intense pain, and everything fading to black. One hundred years later, she wakes up. A fast-paced near-future romance.

Sixteen-year-old Tegan is just like every other girl living in 2027 - she's happiest when playing the guitar, she's falling in love for the first time, and she's joining her friends to protest the wrongs of the world: environmental collapse, social discrimination, and political injustice.

But on what should have been the best day of Tegan's life, she dies - and wakes up a hundred years in the future, locked in a government facility with no idea what happened.

Tegan is the first person to be cryonically frozen and successfully revived, which makes her an instant celebrity - though all she wants is to rebuild some semblance of a normal life ...

including spending as much time as possible with musically gifted Abdi, even if he does seem to hate the sight of her. But the future isn't all she hoped it would be, and when appalling secrets come to light, Tegan must make a choice: Does she keep her head down and survive, or fight for a better future.


Finding the Time:
27 January 2013


Karen HealeyAuthor Bio:
Karen Healey is a young adult novelist. She is the author of the urban fantasies GUARDIAN OF THE DEAD and THE SHATTERING, both set in New Zealand, and the forthcoming sci-fi adventure WHEN WE WAKE. GUARDIAN OF THE DEAD won the 2010 Aurealis Award for Best YA Novel and was a finalist for the William C. Morris Award. Karen can tell you a lot about baking, covers of "Hallelujah" and superhero comics.  

Handy Hinty Links:
Goodreads:                       When We Wake                                    Karen Healey
                      Website                                          Twitter


When We Wake
By Karen Healey

Why Hello There:
It's plain, it's simple and oh so light. Perfection. Especially when comparing the cover to it's blurb, the plain and icy feel you get from it (without being too icy or plain). Her eyes stand out a lot, so we know that she is "awake", and this ties in with the title perfectly.

The Consideration Game:
I received this book from Allen & Unwin Australia for review, I plan on doing so after I finish the books in front (Indigo Awakening, Audrey's Guide to Black Magic and Belonging). I can't wait for this, I love dystopians (as you all know), and I want to see how it all plays out under the circumstances that Tegan is involved in.

Buy Me

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

What do YOU THINK of this cover? Would YOU READ this novel?