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Featuring.... Life's a Bitch by C.P

At the Other End:

This book will take you on an adventure that shows greed in its most abhorrent form, including an insatiable lust for sex, power, and much greater wealth—no matter what the cost. Sexual favours appear to become an acceptable way of achieving certain goals in difficult circumstances. When murder becomes part of the game plan though, unexpected allegiances develop as a necessary means to an end. At times this story will beggar belief. It’s an adventure that spans three different continents. Are you ready for the journey?

Available mid March from Createspace and Amazon, or now from Amazon Kindle.

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Author Bio:
C.P. is an enigma in his fifties and a very private person. Been there, seen it, done it—literally! It is up to you, the reader, to decide which parts of the story might relate to personal experiences and which parts are purely the product of an extremely vivid imagination.
The truth, however, will remain undisclosed.


Extended Blurb:

Our story is set a few years ago and initially revolves around a hardworking, seemingly happy married couple. Are Roger and Jenny both happy in their present situations though, or are we viewing them through rose-tinted spectacles?

Roger is thirty-seven years old. He’s six feet tall, heavily built, and has the physique of a rugby player. His features are rugged, and his hair is short, curly, thick, and dark brown. A set of soft but prominent, emerald-green eyes complement his overall appearance. Generally, he’s quite a handsome man.

Jenny, on the other hand, is quite petite, measuring only five feet two inches tall. She is also a natural brunette, but her hair is long and straight. Her eyes resemble large hazel whirlpools, and her lips are sensual, forming a pout.

The rest of her features are porcelain-like and delicate, but they complement her facial appearance extremely well. Her career as an aerobics instructor has enriched her appearance with a compact and well-toned body. Jenny is nine years younger than Roger, and she is an extremely attractive woman.

Nevertheless, before we continue, those of you who want or expect a typical, slushy love story that encompasses a dynamic and gorgeous couple are out of luck.

I am only portraying the initial circumstances at this stage. What follows is an adventure of extreme complexity. There are ample, sexually indulgent encounters within the story, all of which are extremely raw and relevant. For those of you who are not put off, please read on.

After steadily progressing up the ladder in the sales department of a large company for a number of years, Roger has recently been promoted to senior management. Sales has proven to be a very lucrative career for him, mainly due to his continual hard work and conscientious approach. Consequently, he has managed to accumulate quite a sum of money over the years due to consistently working extremely long hours, which has prevented him from having the time to spend much of his earnings. With his recent promotion, the long hours away from home are no longer necessary, which means that he is beginning to enjoy a lot more free time now.

Jenny has also thrown herself into her work since she’s been with Roger and usually works as much overtime as physically possible. She does this to avoid having to spend too much time at home alone. Neither of the two mixes much with their peer groups outside the workplace, favouring their time alone together instead.

The sacrifices that this couple have made over the years are now paying off. They own a nice, spacious country house with four bedrooms. The mortgage has just been paid in full, and they are financially comfortable. Roger’s promotion and their present economic situation means that Jenny is also able to reduce her working hours dramatically. The two of them are now in a position to start enjoying the fruits of their labours. Everything appears to be going very well for them at the moment—but is it? Is everything about to change?

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