Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Featuring... Ray Ryan by Aiden Riley

At the Other End:
A Young Adult novel with a first person narrative in which the character, Ray Ryan, recalls his life from a young boy through to adulthood: a life of lust, love, loss, frustration, hate and elation. From his first crush in school, his first serious relationship that ignites into love, through to the pain of losing a loved one. A real coming of age novel. A gripping and compulsive read with an explosive end.
Ray Ryan is a normal boy growing up in Nottingham, dreaming of becoming a writer, but one day his best friend makes some dangerous enemies and things begin to change. The road to happiness is a rough one, and it becomes even harder to traverse when the people you care about have lost their way. Tense and surprising, Ray Ryan tells the story of the joys and tragedies that beset one young man as he finds himself hurled violently into adulthood: a tale of loss, love and looking ahead.


From the Author, Aiden Riley :
People watching in a cafĂ© in Nottingham city centre, I saw this elderly man sitting alone at a nearby table. There was just something about him that made me think deeply, and I started to make up a life for him and what he’s been through. That’s when the original base for the story was laid and suddenly the name, Ray Ryan, jumped up at me and it all began from there.

The childhood and adolescent years Ray Ryan leads is a carbon copy of many regular lives and mine was no different. Living in Nottingham made it easier for me to write this book as well, I know most things about the city, and I especially know the area and schools where Ray Ryan lived and went to as I lived and went there also.

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Shhh....... Don't Tell:


‘I haven’t got long.’

‘Please, Mum, what am I going to do? I can’t live without you.’

‘Yes you can… you have a talent, son, use it, don’t let anybody hold you back and tell you any different. I love you both so much.’

That was the night I’ll never forget. My mum, age 43, in her bed in hospital; me, age 21, and my sister, Joanna, age ten. My mum had cancer, but they couldn’t save her, it was too late.

The name’s Ray Ryan. I’m hoping that you know me by now, unless you’re not a fan of reading.

Where do I begin? Oh, that’s right, my childhood...

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