Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Featuring.... The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins by F.W. Adams

At the Other End:

Sam and his three best friends, Nick, Jeff and Scout, find themselves in the middle of a hot boring, summer.

Looking for something to break the boredom, they escape into the dark desert behind Sam’s humble double-wide trailer with a cooler full of sodas with plans to have a night of fun around a bonfire in a secluded clearing. 

Surrounded by darkness and the strange sounds of the dark desert night, Scott tells the tragic story of little Mary Jenkins and an innocent game of hide-and-seek—gone terribly, terribly wrong. 

What happens when a not-so-friendly neighborhood rivalry ends in tragedy? Vengeance from the dark, dark beyond. 

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Author Bio:
I am F. W. Adams: husband, father, mountain biker, road biker, snowboarder and abecedarian author.  When not working to pay the bills or playing with my family, I can be found in random places, scribbling ideas and thoughts on scraps of paper that eventually find themselves into the stories I write--some of which make it past my very capable and often brutally honest editorial staff.

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  1. Thanks for dedicating some of your time and space to my story!


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