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Interview! Colette Freedman, author of The Affair

At the Other End:

After eighteen years of marriage, Kathy Walker has settled into a pattern of comfortable routines—ferrying her two teenagers between soccer practice and piano lessons, running a film production business with her husband, Robert, and taking care of the beautiful Boston home they share. Then one day, Kathy discovers a suspicious number on her husband's phone. Six years before, Kathy accused Robert of infidelity—a charge he vehemently denied—and almost destroyed their marriage in the process.

Now Kathy must decide whether to follow her suspicions at the risk of losing everything, or trust the man with whom she's entwined her past, present, and future. As she grapples with that choice, she is confronted with surprising truths not just about her relationship, but about her friends, family, and her own motivations.

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Author Bio:
COLETTE FREEDMAN is an internationally produced playwright, screenwriter, and novelist who was recently named one of the Dramatist Guild’s “50 to Watch”.

Her play Sister Cities (NYTE, 2009) was the hit of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe and earned five star reviews: It has been produced around the country and internationally, including Paris (Une Ville, Une Soeur) and Rome (Le Quattro Sorelle). She has authored fifteen produced plays including Serial Killer Barbie (Brooklyn Publishers, 2004), First to the Egg (Grand prize shorts urban shorts festival), Bridesmaid # 3 (Louisville finalist 2008), and Ellipses… (Dezart Festival winner 2010), as well as a modern adaptation of Iphigenia in Aulis written in iambic pentameter.

She was commissioned to write a modern adaptation of Uncle Vanya which is in pre-production and has co-written, with International bestselling novelist Jackie Collins, the play Jackie Collins Hollywood Lies, which is gearing up for a National Tour. In collaboration with The New York Times best selling author Michael Scott, she wrote the thriller The Thirteen Hallows, (Tor/Macmillan) The play version of The Affair (Kensington) is touring Italy next month.

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1. Where have we seen you before? (previous projects/works)
You may have seen my plays or read my other book. I’ve had a great deal of plays produced. My play Sister Cities has been performed all over the world and I cowrote The Thirteen Hallows with New York Times best selling author Michael Scott.

2. What goes through your mind after your novel has been on sale for the first week?
It’s a combination of unbelievable excitement and a sense of loss. I’ve spent a year working on the book, living and breathing with the characters and now they’ve gone out into the world. (I’ve also just finished the sequel, so the sense of loss is doubled.) But I’m happy that I’ve done everything I can do, now I just have to hope that people read it and like it.

3. What inspired you to write this novel?
I’m fascinated by infidelity. We live in such a Puritanical society which stresses monogamy. I’ve always believed it was possible to love more than one person and I explored that concept in The Affair. And Affairs are universal – every culture, every age – but what is unique is how people “manage” their affairs. Sometimes the fallout is incredibly destructive, but it can also be surprising and life affirming.

4. What do you think about when getting/seeing negative reviews?
For this book, I’ve been incredibly fortunate because the reviews have been so positive, but I’m fine with bad reviews. Everyone has an opinion and some people just aren’t going to like my stuff, and that’s okay. I was an actress for years and learned to let bad reviews and rejection roll right off of me. It was the perfect preparation for being a novelist. If you don’t have thick skin, you should not be a writer.Some writers read the bad reviews, others don’t. I tend to read everything. If a negative review has a good point, I’ll take it on board, but if its just a snarky slam, I’ll ignore it.

5. How long was the writing/planning process?
It’s quite different for every book. There was a lot of research that went into the book and then it almost seemed to write itself, particularly because I know these characters unbelievably well. The longest I’ve ever worked on a book was three years; the shortest, three months.

6. What was your reaction to the cover art when you saw it for the first time? Did you have any ideas from the days of writing/inspiration?
I loved the cover from the second I saw it. I’m a big fan of negative space and white covers. I think it’s stunning. I like that it shows the Charles River so it immediately places the reader in Boston before they even open it.

7. Any plans for future writing projects? Any being worked on now?
I have just completed the sequel to The Affair and I am now working on a novelization of my play Sister Cities. There are a couple of film projects floating in the background.

8. Top 5 books
~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 100 Years of Solitude

~ Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder

~ Harper E. Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird

~ John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath

~ Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451

9. What book/s from other authors do you wish you had written?
Anything by Ann Patchett, I think the woman is brilliant. She has such a beautiful grasp of the language and I am incredibly jealous every time I read her because it just seems impossible to write that well.

10. Why read your novel?
 I think The Affair captures the nuances of relationships, both the bad and good. It reveals what makes people tick and what propels the choices we make. People who have affairs are not bad people, they just make bad choices. I wanted to show that not all choices are black and white. Read my novel if you have ever been in a relationship and had your own questions, concerns, might offer additional insight. So far, the response has been fantastic.


  1. read this book last week. it's bold, daring and unexpected. wonderful writing. this is an informative interview. Question for author, is a movie planned? There should be!
    -Jennie in Connecticut

  2. Loved this book and literally couldn't put it down. It brilliantly portrays three smart, likeable, sympathetic people in a complicated situation. Psycholigically and emotionally right on the mark. Can't wait for the sequel!


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