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Review: Brian, His Granddad and the Cup of Ages by P.J. Taylor

Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of AgesAt the Other End:

When eleven-year-old Brian Pankhurst has to stay with his grandparents, he's not exactly enthusiastic. He barely knows them, after all, and they're a little strange. They're stranger than he realises, in fact. Very soon after he arrives at their ancient house, Brian starts to feel that something isn't right. Why has someone sent his granddad a completely blank letter? Why don't people who go in to the local bookshop ever seem to come out again? What does his granddad mean when he says Brian's father wasn't really an accountant? Then Brian wakes in the middle of the night and finds he's going to have to adjust to three things very quickly: magic is real, monsters are real, and he and his family are in terrible danger...

Phillip TaylorAuthor Bio:
I've always like to write. Ever since I was a young boy. I've written a few childrens novels before "Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of Ages" but never felt they were really good enough to be published.

Then, about ten years ago, I decided to begin writing a book that hopefully would be good enough to be published. Around the same time I got diagnosed with Orbital Wegners Disease. I, therefore, began writing the book from hospital and finally completed it in January 2011.

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First Impressions Last:
A great book for middle-graders! Those who loved the Harry Potter series will really enjoy this series with Brian and his friends.


Behind the 310 Pages:


Let me start off by saying that this review is of my opinion of the book. I think that it is a perfect book for middle-graders, and if given a rating for that it would be a 5.

The start of this novel gets straight to the point with Brian's situation and what his mother is doing (albeit a tad too formal for this genre). Brian, Audrey and Norman all reminded me too much of Harry, Hermione and Ron from the Harry Potter series. It was like this the whole way through the book, which is why I think it got brought down a rate. Also, the constant reference to Rock Cakes was as tiring as the three main character's similarities to H.P. Another little downfall, was the world "albeit". It was used throughout this book very frequently, and I felt like it was there at least once in every chapter. These are what brought the book down for me.

The overall story was put forward to us great and other than the downfalls mentioned above, was a great read. I love the use of books in this book (HA!), a unique idea to use as well as to capture the attention of book lovers even more --> definitely got my attention captured!

The supporting characters as well as what the kids have to face to find out the truth, and to help stop what is going on are very entertaining. The two monsters Sam and Hadley are the coolest monsters out! ( yes the coolest :) )

Brian is a very curious character when we first meet him, and this is what propels him to go searching for the adults and solve the mystery. With some very awesome creatures and supporting characters, this book is great to give to any 12 year old.

I really do hope that there is a sequel. There are still some threads hanging loose with Brian's story, and you really do want to find out how everything is after the ending. (This paragraph might be a bit confusing, but I don't want to give away any spoilers)

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This novel was received for review via Pen Press Independent Book Publishing. This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel.

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