Monday, 29 July 2013

Amulet of Elusion by Katie Lynn Johnson

At the Other End:
Alexa Costa has a life-altering secret…only she doesn’t know it yet.

Confined by law to the kingdom of Alvair until the age of eighteen, Alexa Costa has lived a sheltered existence under the watchful eye of her sword-wielding guardian, Ivy. Her love interest, Caleb Whitman, is exactly the opposite. A merchant sailor and seeker of rare artifacts, Caleb has lived a life of adventure in nearby San Lucero, the long-time rival of Alvair.

After her eighteenth birthday, Alexa’s quiet existence becomes tumultuous, and she realizes she does not need to seek to find adventure. Myths become real, legend becomes fact, and Alexa discovers that she possesses rare abilities which make her a target for both sides in a centuries-old struggle for power. She must use every resource available to her—including her talents with the supernatural Amulets— to help her friends, rekindle her romance with Caleb, and save her island home from destruction.

Author Bio:
Katie Lynn Johnson has long been obsessed with creative writing. As a child she read every book she could get her hands on, in high school she wrote poems and short stories, and as an adult she completed her first novel, knowing it would not be her last. When she isn't working as an editor and graphic designer, or writing her next novel, Katie enjoys watching movies and cooking. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and two children.

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Shhh... Don't Tell:
Caleb exchanged a glance with Sam as he came to the edge of the pool. There, in the water beneath his rippling reflection glinted something that was shimmering and green. How had he known that the Amulet was in the pool? It was strange, like intuition. Instantly he recalled what Killian had said: Now we hear the Amulet. It whispers to us.

But Caleb hadn’t heard whispers. Had he?
Slowly but deliberately he shook his head as he caught himself almost buying into the natives’ beliefs. It was something about the place he was in. If anything supernatural could ever happen, it was easy to imagine that it could occur on the patch of hallowed ground where he stood.

“The emerald is in the pool?”

Sam’s voice was barely more than a whisper.

Caleb nodded and proceeded to remove his hat, jacket, and boots. He waded into the pool as Sam watched from the water’s edge. It was not particularly deep; he was able to walk until he had nearly reached the center of it.

The long branches of the willow tree were draped around him, shielding the sunlight from the surface of the water. He looked down and could see the gem almost at his feet, so he took a deep breath and sank beneath the surface of the pool. The water was refreshing and cool against his face as he reached for the emerald. Before his fingers could touch it, however, something strange happened. Though the water beneath the shade of the tree was relatively dark, the center of the emerald glowed bright green.

Startled, Caleb retracted his hand for a moment. Then, deciding that it must have somehow been a trick of the light, he lifted the gem out of the sand and broke through the surface of the water.

Something didn’t add up, he thought as he shook his sodden hair out of his eyes. The emerald did not look like anything special to him. In fact, it was smaller and less refined than other precious gems he had seen that were much less expensive.

“Did you get it?”

He handed Sam the gem in response to his question, and Sam made a face. “This is it? Mister Harris is paying thirty thousand notes for this?”

“I suppose so,” Caleb said, feeling as mystified as Sam looked.

Slowly Sam shook his head, perhaps of the opinion that Mister Harris was not very good with his money.

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