Thursday, 25 July 2013

Twin Falls by Lena Brown

At the Other End:
Twin Falls, Texas
Population: Unknown

What if you thought you were all alone in the world, only to find out you had a secret twin in a hidden colony deep under the red dirt in the middle of nowhere? After her mother dies, Eve is sent to live with a family she never knew, just days before her 16th birthday.  The one-horse town is a cover for the Order of the Messenger Angels, but their enemies, The Crusaders, believe they are evil incarnate and won’t stop until the Order is wiped out.  
Eve's own powers are growing as her birthday nears, but so does the danger. An earth angel can only walk in the light as long as its twin is alive. If the twin dies, the angel is cursed to darkness or else will return to light. 

The colony believes Eve is prophesied to save them, but the recurring dream she's had since she was a child isn't providing clues fast enough, so she decides to take matters in her own hands to stop the Crusaders.

Two cowboy angels vie for her attention - including the boy her sister loves -  but can she ever really trust her heart to the rebellious Messengers? She doesn't want to break her new family apart before they've even had a chance. 

But none of that matters if they don't make it to their 16th birthday.

f1530f8684410ad8986c93.L._V149177128_SX200_.jpgAuthor Bio:
Lena Brown is a young adult fiction author from the Midwest. Lena is the YA pen name for women's fiction author Malena Lott, whose maiden name is Brown. Lena's YA debut is the short story, "Every Breath You Take," in the "Prom Dates to Die For" anthology. Lena also wrote "Arach War" in the Something Wicked: Short Stories anthology. Her latest book is a YA novel, Twin Falls, available now.

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Shhh... Don't Tell:

What if for all of their aspirations for me, I'm just a girl? A confused girl who just wants to be kissed by the boy she likes and made a grilled cheese sandwich after school by her mom. The simple life.

Instead you find yourself doing the sunrise salutation, a yoga move you've never tried before because you thought yoga was for cheerleaders, not bookworms, but as you spread your arms up to the sun and bend into the pose, you do feel something magnificent. You feel the sun's power, and you try not to think about all the Lunas in your extended family who don't get to experience this Light anymore.

You think maybe for all the darkness, if you let yourself, you could rise to the occasion. You have hope. And hope feels so much better than hate. 

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