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BLOG TOUR! Tigereye by Mara Harrison

At the Other End:
Scarlett is being hunted — by the agency, the man in the blue car, the angry girl inside her own head. She doesn't know what they want from her…or why she keeps waking up in somebody else's life, masquerading as a spy. Code name: Tigereye

Scarlett Fitzgerald's normal teenage life is wrenched apart when she wrecks her car only weeks before graduation. Everyone assures her she's fine, but they're wrong. They have to be, because ever since the accident strange things have started to happen. It only takes a few days for Scarlett to realize she's being followed. The man in the blue car is getting closer and he won't leave her alone. But she'll take the creepy man in the car any day over the scary feeling that someone else is trying to control her body, or the memories of a surgery that everyone insists she never had. And then there are the dreams — vivid, scary, so real that she wakes up in the morning bruised and sore like she's been awake the entire time, fighting, falling, running for her life. Scarlett is plunged into a mystery that keeps growing every time she turns over a new rock. And when she finally gets to the truth, she realizes that nothing in her life is how she thought it was. Especially herself.

Author Bio:
Mara Harrison has always been a writer. Since she was a kid she's been scribbling stories in notebooks. Romance, fantasy, sci-fi — she's tried them all. Other than a passion for great books, she loves music of all sorts, travel, art, dancing, cooking and of course collecting shoes!

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Shhh... Don't Tell:

Scarlett felt on edge all morning. Little wonder since she'd woken up feeling like she had been in a battle. Her arm ached, peppered with fingerprint-shaped bruises, and she had a raging headache. The mental push that shoved her out of the dream in the middle of the night had been the strongest she'd felt yet. She wasn't any closer to real answers. At least she knew what wasn't happening. She wasn't dreaming. Whatever reality she landed in at night, it was very real.
Scarlett jumped at the loud rap on her door, then realized it was only Elijah. They'd arranged for him to come over the afternoon before. She didn't want him near the blue car, or her if she was the one that the man was really after, but Elijah refused to leave her alone.
"Do you think he followed you in the building?" she whispered after she shut and locked the door behind her friend.
He shook his head. "No, I was really careful. I used my code and made sure the door was closed before I came up here. Unless someone else has let him slip in, he's still outside."
"Did you see him?" she asked.
"No, but that doesn't mean he wasn't around somewhere. Scar, what's going on? This is getting scary."
It passed scary back when I woke up in an alley getting shot at for the first time.
"I don't know," she said truthfully. If there was an explanation for the last few days, she certainly didn't have it.
"You know you can trust me. This isn't because of what I told you yesterday, is it? I mean, you didn't think we were together like that, did you?"
Scarlett elbowed him. "No, dork. My secrecy has just about zero to do with who you're into. For the record, you can date whoever you want, and I never thought we were anything but friends."
"Oh. Good." He looked at his hands. "Then why won't you tell me what's going on? You have creepy guys in cars following you, the accident…"
"I am going to tell you. At least as much as I know, which isn't a whole lot." Scarlett gestured at the whitewashed dining room table where she and Elijah had sat and talked for hundreds of hours over the past three and a half years. "C'mon, let's go sit down. I'll make cocoa."
After a superstar breakfast of cocoa and some leftover cookies, Scarlett proceeded to tell Elijah about York and the surgery that never happened, the dreams that weren’t dreams, and the way she sometimes didn't feel like she was controlling her own body even when she was wide awake. His blatant incredulity didn't surprise her.
"C'mon, Scar. That stuff's not possible."
"Hence the reason I didn't want to tell you at first." She rolled her eyes. "Listen, I know none of this is possible. Believe me, I know. But it's still happening."
"You can't know—" he started.
"Yes. I can. Here, look at this mark." Scarlett held out her arm. There was a purple handprint on it, way bigger than her own. "In the dream last night, he caught me. I was falling and Noah caught me right on my arm. Right here. And yesterday, when I went to push Sarah Beth out of the way? I didn't mean to push very hard, but suddenly there was all this force in my body, strength I don't have, and so much anger. The next thing I knew, Sarah Beth was slammed up against the lockers, and everyone was looking at me like I'd gone insane. You know I'd never do anything like that on purpose."
Elijah snorted. "Why not? I've wanted to punch Sarah Beth for years. Let me live vicariously for a minute."
"Right?" Scarlett laughed for a moment before her face fell. "I'm serious though. It wasn't me that pushed her. I mean, it was but it wasn't. And last night, I had this feeling like someone else wanted to drive my body; I just got up and started walking into my room. The only reason it stopped is because my dad walked in the door."
He cocked his head and looked sideways at me. "Why did that change it?"
"I don't know, she just kinda panicked and then she was gone." She remembered squeezing her eyes shut and pushing the other presence out of her body. It hadn't been easy.
"Her?" Elijah asked. "You said her."
Scarlett thought about it for a minute. "Yes. It's definitely a her. An angry her. She's there at night too. And I swear to you, she was in the hallway with me at school yesterday."
Elijah slumped forward onto the table and put his chin in his palms. "Tell me about these non-dreams again."

Scarlett smiled, relieved. And that's why I love you.

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