Sunday, 8 December 2013

Quill Shift Literary Agency! Now open for Submissions

There's a new literary agency in town and it's open for submissions!

Quill Shift Literary Agency is a boutique literary agency focusing on finding and promoting great children's and YA (specifically MG and YA) books featuring engrossing settings and diverse characters. The cool thing about Quill Shift is that not only is it open to authors submitting their manuscripts, it's looking for readers to participate in helping choose the books represented by the agency. The readers (called Shifters) decide what Quill Shift Literary takes on

Ayanna Coleman, founder of this new agency, designed the company in response to authors' worries about adequate publicity for their books. Quill Shift Literary Agency actually publicizes authors' work even before the manuscript is sent to a publishing house to consider. Ayanna allows readers early access to promising manuscripts and readers determine which manuscripts become eligible for advancement to a publisher.  This model is designed to “market test” an author’s work and establishes an audience, assuring high interest from publishers. 

Check out Quill Shift Literary Agency's Indiegogo campaign running until January 3rd to gain support, explain its novel concept further, and actively spread the word!

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