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COVER REVEAL!! Brightly by Kaye Thornbrugh

Title- Brightly
Series- Flicker Series # 2
By- Kaye Thornbrugh
Publication Date- Fall 2013
Genre- YA

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BLOG TOUR!! A Thousand Perfect Things by Kay Kenyon

At the Other End:
In an alternate 19th century, there are two warring continents on an reimagined earth: the scientific Anglica (England) and magical Bharata (India). Emboldened by her grandfather’s final whispered secret of a magical lotus, Tori Harding, a young Victorian woman and aspiring botanist, must journey to Bharata, with its magics, intrigues and ghosts, to claim her fate. There she will face a choice between two suitors and two irreconcilable realms.

In a magic-infused world of silver tigers, demon birds and enduring gods, as a great native mutiny sweeps over the continent, Tori will find the thing she most desires, less perfect than she had hoped and stranger than she could have dreamed.

Author Bio:
Kay Kenyon is the author of eleven science fiction and fantasy novels, including The Entire and the Rose series that was hailed by The Washington Post as “A splendid fantasy quest as compelling as anything by Stephen R. Donaldson, Philip Jose Farmer or yes, J. R. R. Tolkien”. Kay’s newest work “A Thousand Perfect Things” blends the reason of the Victorian Age and the magics of an alternate Earth.

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Shhh... Don't Tell:

Returning to the library, Tori stopped in surprise before the herbarium book. There was a sprinkling of soil on the page. Then she noticed that the Remington typing machine was no longer loaded with a sheet of manuscript as it had been before. The monograph lay to one side. She picked up the top page, page forty-four, and stared at the corner. It was torn and wrinkled, as though someone had not known how to extract the page from the roller.

Her stomach had been slowly twisting and now wrung into a deeper clench.

Tori saw the tracks, faint but unmistakable. Across the table, heading to and from the direction of the window, were wet tracks, four inches across, of three toes forward, one back.

Using a cloth, she wiped everything clean. There were marks left behind on the wood. Faint scratches from the claws could not be rubbed out. Hands shaking, heart still thrumming in her chest, she went to the window to secure it, pulling the latch down--unnecessarily, for it was already closed.

A noise at the outside door caused her a most acute start. Colonel Harding stood there.

He surveyed the library which he did not often visit. "Why didn't you summon me? I may be fairly useless in the lives of my young ladies, but I like to think I would be suited to running across a pasture with a lantern."

"I thought Grandpapa was just in the rose garden, and then I went a little further . . ." Her voice was hoarse and shaking.

"Across the barley fields to the apple orchard. In the pelting rain."

"I should not have done," she whispered. "I apologize, Papa."

"No need, my dear." He put his arm through hers and led her out through the cottage and into the great house where Prue and her mother's maid were waiting with blankets and a great fuss.

"Grandpapa . . ." she croaked, with all that was left of her voice.

"He's bundled off to bed, miss," Prue said. "Rest will do him a world of good, I'm sure."

Tori determined that she would keep a vigil by her grandfather's bed tonight. Something had entered his library a few moments ago through a window that had been latched. It had come in dripping rainwater and bits of bark. She believed it to have been the owl.

But whatever it was, it could read.

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ARC BLOG TOUR! Review: Hold Tight by Cherie Colyer

Hold Tight (Embrace #2)
Behind 259 Pages
Released: 20 August 2013
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Buy Me: Amazon  |  Angus & Robertson  |  Bookworld
At the Other End:
What’s one little spell?

When you’re new to magic, one spell can be the difference between getting what you want...and ruining the lives of everyone you love.

Sixteen-year-old Madison has just embraced her magical powers. The trick now is learning how to control them. She and her boyfriend -and fellow witch- can’t even enjoy a simple kiss without getting shocked when their powers collide. Instead of mastering her new skills, though, Madison is stuck watching her kid brother and doing chores.

But being a witch does have its benefits. With a simple spell, Madison instantly conjures the help she needs around the house. Or so she thinks. Her idea of “help” invites trouble of its own as a pair of dangerous yet enticing beings enter her life. When a classmate disappears soon afterwards, Madison discovers she's the next victim of a threat she's powerless to resist...and there’s nothing it won’t kill to make her surrender.

Caught in the crossfire between two dashing but deadly creatures, Madison must figure out which one to trust and how to rid her world of the other—before one of them destroys her and everyone she cares about.

Cherie ColyerI write young adult and middle grade novels. I love finding new stories that keep me up late reading. While my favorite genre is fantasy, if the book is beautifully written with characters that come alive I’m all over it.

My debut novel EMBRACE is now available from Omnific Publishing, and HOLD TIGHT coming August 2013


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Absolutely brilliant! Completely engaging and thrilling until the very last page. Perfect follow up to Embrace that makes you fall in love with this witchy world.

There is not much about this book that isn't entertaining. From start to finish you re-acquaint yourself with Madison and everything witchy. Starting from where Embrace left off, it's been a while since I have read the first in the series. Needless to say, I wasn't confused one bit as we get caught up with everything that has happened to lead us into Hold Tight.

Not that this really matters much, but I knew this series as the old Embrace cover. Now seeing these new covers I am in love! I especially love the Hold Tight cover with the magic spark there.

Back to the book, all the characters are entertaining and we instantly connect/re-connect with them all. With Madison, we follow her through the journey of trying to further her relationship with Issac, as well as trying to maintain her powers and control them. With Issac, we feel just as protective as he does to Madison as well as love his compassionate and sweet side.

We quickly get suspicious of Caden when we first meet him, just as Madison does, and when we find out exactly who he is we are completely shocked! I really didn't expect that! It also brings forth a new element to what we thought was only Witches. Turns out now Demons and Fey get thrown into the mix as well, and it is brought in in a way that isn't too overwhelming as most of what happens is unexpected and we don't realize it until it's happening and we try to get a grip on this new reality.

I wasn't really too sure about Brea, the fae that Madison summoned from a book that Issac banned her from. I wasn't really that committed to her character as the others, it was kinda hazed for me when she stepped into the scene. But she does stand out a bit in the end as she ends up helping Madison and we understand her true side as well as her intentions.

This was the same with Reed, I didn't think that he was that big of a character until we realise who he truly is. At first, we just think that he's a character who is actually who he says he is, but of course we're wrong again haha! Another character surprise that takes a turn for the worst for Madison and also for her friends as well.

I love the action in this book, it's a good pace change from her learning and doing just girly things with Kaylee as well as let us get more of a handle on things. It was brought in at the perfect time, any longer and it would have felt like the book was dragging on and on until something completely hooked us. As we follow the action until all the way until the end of the book, I couldn't guess what was going to happen. Thinking that the gang will go with the plan until it turns back on them, I didn't even think of their true plan until it was unleashed.

Madison and Issac's relationship continues to grow, her family is trying the best they can to cope, and Chase is as cute as ever! The choices that Madison has to make in this book push her to the edge, and we really can see her developing to all the changes in her life as well as the challenges that she now has to face as she embraces her witchy side.

Kind of vague, yes, but there are too many things that I really want to give away!
Embrace (Embrace #1)
Behind 190 Pages
Released: 20 December 2011
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Buy Me: Amazon
At the Other End:
How far would you go to save the people you love?

Madison is familiar enough with change, and she hates everything about it. Change took her long-term boyfriend away from her. It caused one of her friends to suddenly hate her. It’s responsible for the death of a local along with a host of other mysterious happenings. But when Madison meets a hot new guy, she thinks her luck is about to improve.

Madison is instantly drawn to the handsome and intriguing Isaac Addington. She quickly realizes he’s a guy harboring a secret, but she’s willing to risk the unknown to be with him.

Her world really spins out of control, however, when her best friend becomes delusional, seeing things that aren’t there and desperately trying to escape their evil. When the doctors can’t find the answers, Madison seeks her own.

Nothing can prepare her for what she is about to discover.

Read my review here.

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This novel was received for review via ATOMR Blog Tours. This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel.

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ARC/BETA Review: Audrey's Guide to Black Magic by Jody Gehrman

17251738At the Other End:
In book II of the Audrey's Guide trilogy, Audrey learns about her witchy roots when she travels to the magical community her mother escaped years ago. There Audrey meets her grandmother, the powerful matriarch of the clan, and a host of colorful characters. When a dark force begins to take over the magical community, Audrey must decide if she's willing to fight black magic with black magic


Jody Gehrman

Author Bio:
Jody Gehrman is the author of seven novels and numerous plays. Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft is her most recent Young Adult novel. Her other Young Adult novels include Babe in Boyland, Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty, and Triple Shot Bettys in Love, (Penguin's Dial Books). Babe in Boyland won the International Reading Association Teen Choice Award and has recently been optioned by the Disney Channel. Her adult novels are Notes from the Backseat, Tart, and Summer in the Land of Skin (Red Dress Ink). Her plays have been produced in Ashland, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and L.A. She and her partner David Wolf won the New Generation Playwrights Award for their one-act, Jake Savage, Jungle P.I. She is a professor of English at Mendocino College.

Want to know the inner workings of Jody Gehrman? Follow this link for my exclusive interview with her!

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First Impressions Last:
This is a spectacular sequel to Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft. The sequel does not disappoint as we are once again swept off our feet into Audrey's world, along with her battles through love, life, witch-iness, sisterhood and evil-masterminds-who-may-be-my-father.


Behind the 180 Pages


What I really love about this book, is how the series doesn't start to get old. What I mean is, book two, is just about as good as book 1. There are shocks and twists as well as understanding and forgiving, yet don‟t forget spells and love.

I wish that there were more of Audrey's Guides in this book, especially recipes, there is one for hot chocolate yet to compare to the chocolate cake from before? I just wished that this book was more guide-y.

I love that there is a kind of role reversal here for Audrey and Meg. It gets the two to form a stronger bond because they see what each other actually feels like out of their comfort zone and in different situations. And, I love how Audrey is so keen and tied up to her man. Any other heroine, when presented with a very fine looking male that is clearly interested in them, would fake not wanting to do anything but in the end they ALL fall. Audrey is different, she is strong minded and has the will and determination to stick by Julian, even though he isn't there and that she can't tell him everything. Yes, she does acknowledge to herself how gorgeous Ramon, and who wouldn't? How many fictional characters do you all drool over haha

I wish Audrey and Meg bonded a little more together, we don't see much of her, and even though we know she is going through a rough time, we feel like we should see more of her to really know what she is feeling and to get Audrey really into the big sis role with her.

Sadie really shocks me in this book, I'm not sure if I still seem to like her as much as I did in the first book. She seems to be battling which side to go onto, good or evil, and we can see it clearly throughout this book. I didn't expect what happened to most of the other witches in the community, and I was shocked, at both what happened, what they become, as well as the actions taken by those in the hospital.

Audrey‟s grandmother is hard to pin. I do like her, at times, and then every other time I don't. It's because she is so un-accepting of Meg (and Julian), that makes me not like her as much. She is still your granddaughter, still your blood, whether infused with witch-iness or not, there is no excuse for excluding her. I really wish Audrey would have confronted her about this as well and stick up for her sister.

I love the way that this book all came together, as well as bring back family and adding a heaping of love to the mix. Baked to perfection and drizzled in oozy-gooey goodness, and best served with a warm heart.

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Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft (Audrey's Guides #1)
Behind 293 Pages
At the Other End:Falling in Love, baking a magical cake, fighting an evil necromancer—it’s all in a day’s work for Audrey Oliver, seventeen-year-old witch-in-training.

When her mother goes missing and her twenty-one-year-old witchy cousin shows up out of the blue, Audrey knows something’s gone horribly, dangerously wrong. Now it’s up to her to get her own magical powers up to speed before everyone she loves is destroyed by the sorcerer intricately connected to her mother’s secret past

This novel was received for review via the author, Jody Gehrman. This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel.

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Review: Belonging by Karen Ann Hopkins

15774969At the Other End:
I left everything I knew behind. 
AUS cover

But it was worth it. He was worth it. 

No one thought an ordinary girl like me would last two minutes living with the Amish, not even me. There are a lot more rules and a lot less freedom, and I miss my family and the life I once had. Worst of all, Noah and I aren't even allowed to see each other. Not until I've proven myself. 

If I can find a way to make it work, we'll be NOAH & ROSE 

together forever. 

But not everybody believes this is where I belong.


Author Bio:
A native of New York State, Karen Ann Hopkins now lives with her family on a farm in northern Kentucky, where her neighbors in all directions are members of a strict Amish community. Her unique perspective became the inspiration for the story of star-crossed lovers Rose and Noah. When she’s not homeschooling her kids, giving riding lessons or tending to a menagerie of horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, she is dreaming up her next romantic novel.
Want to know the inside workings of Karen? Follow this link to my interview.

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First Impressions Last:
Hopkins has done it again with a romance that epitomises what love really is. The beautifully written sequel that has yogripping every page and heartbroken at the tale of these two soul mates.


Behind the 408 Pages

If youve read my review of Temptation, the first book in this trilogy, you would know how much I loved it. What I love most about this series is how it is so different, yet similar to a lot of other love stories. It is so similar because of the love aspect of two falling madly in love and they can’t be together. The difference? Well, just the teeny tiny reason that Noah is Amish and now Rose has become Amish so they can be together. Oh, this IS the meaning of forbidden love. And another thing.... the second book is just as good as the first!

When you finish Temptation, you get an excerpt from Belonging, and you know exactly what is going to happen. So when you start Belonging, you are waiting for it to happen. What you don’t expect is to watch Rose within the community for a while, as well as how she copes and what battles, emotionally and physically that she has to face. We go through heartbreak with her and Noah, as well as know what is coming up in their future... we wait.

Ok, you might be thinking that it might be a bit boring just going through the Amish lifestyle with Rose, but it is the complete opposite. We see through three different perspectives, Rose, Noah and now Sam as well. We sometimes see things that are going to happen, and then sometimes we need to guess at what we think is going to happen. But even when we are in Rose’s perspective (as we are most of the time), we don’t get bored of the Amish life. Youll find that even though Rose is trying to become Amish, she still finds a way for something to happen, not even intentionally. When reading, you find that you are wishing for certain things to happen that could make their lives easier together.

I really don’t like her dad (David) and Sam (Justin gets peer pressured into it so he doesn’t count really) in this book. What they do is inexcusable, no matter how old Rose is. Especially what they do, coming to the end of the book. I WAS SHOCKED. How could a parent do something like that! Ok, everyone can relate in some teeny tiny way, but that is what makes us have the reaction that we do. I love the way that Karen (Hopkins) can create the same feeling in her characters, and draw threaction from something happening, in the way that a teenager (well anyone reallywould understand and relate to.

I love that Summer is introduced into this story, she is a character that changes everything in this book. When you think about it, without her, Rose probably wouldn’t have coped as well as she did, Sam wouldn’t turn out to be the person he ended up turning out being (in the end), and through her, none of what happened would have been the same and we end up loving Summer as a best friend. From Sam’s actions,
I do, but then I don’t, want him to find love for himself. Especially after what Rose does to help him (even in small ways) and then he goes and does something that betrays her.

As events come to life, we see that the world of the Amish isn’t as perfect as it was seemed. We see some horrible things happen throughout the book, that we might not have thought would happen in their world” compared to our English world. We
get a glimpse of it in Temptation, but we dont even spare a second thought on it until it all comes together in Belonging. One part, where it is mentioned (not directly) we think we know exactly what they are talking about. Then further on in the book, we are fully known to this.

The only thing I have to say about the ending was that I wished there was more of a struggle in the end between Rose and her Father (it’s hard without spoilers), with the spirit we see in Rose throughout the whole two books, we would have wished that it was seen here as well. When you start to think that you want a bit more “actionwhen you are getting close to the end, the mother-load lands. The last few chapters are (excuse my Aussie) “chock-a-block” with hair raising, spine tingling, eye squinting, jaw dropping, eye widening action to leave us hanging for the final in this series. I don’t even think that I can get over what happened, and it is a struggle noto reveal anything.

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What's Next:

Temptation (Temptation #1)
Behind 383 Pages
At the Other End:
Your heart misleads you.
That's what my friends and family say.

But I love Noah. And he loves me.

We met and fell in love in the sleepy farming community of Meadowview, while we rode our horses together through the grassy fields and in those moments in each other's arms.

It should be  ROSE & NOAH  forever, easy.

But it won't be.
Because he's Amish.

And I'm not

Forever (Temptation #3)
Finding the Time: 28 January 2014
At the Other End:
All I want is my happily-ever-after.

That's all I've wanted since meeting Noah Miller.

From the day we met, the world has tried to keep Noah and me from being together, but now that I'm carrying his child, no one will be able to tear us apart. Or so I hope. But Noah and I have made some mistakes along the way, and the consequences are impacting the people we love. Worse, there's a storm on the horizon, and it's sure to cause serious devastation.

If we can get through this, we'll finally be Rose and Noah; a family, forever.

But first we have to survive the road ahead. And happily-ever-after is a long way off.

This novel was received for review via the author, Karen Ann Hopkins. This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel.