Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Finn and Stasia - Intervew!

I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the posts from the takeover! Check out this interview Finn and Stasia did last year!

Q: Anastasia what is it like to grow up having these dreams and blackouts thinking something was wrong with you only to learn they were gifts from your mother?  
Before coming to Lorelei, I had convinced myself that I would be on the outside looking in my entire life.  Crazy or not, I’d gotten used to living in my own world - only showing others what I wanted them to see.  Once I began to learn the origin of my dreams - it was extremely liberating to know I DID belong somewhere.  It’s been amazing. *squeezes Finn’s hand and smiles*

Q: Anastasia you have to tell me honestly – is Olivia really as “mean girl” as she comes across or is that just an act that she puts on, what with being a Siren and all?  
I’m still not sure what to make of Olivia.  She’s such a contradiction and I think there’s a part of her that enjoys having that ‘mean girl’ persona.  People can’t get close to her that way.  But I think there’s a lot more to Olivia than meets the eye.

Q: Finn tell me how you felt, your emotions, the first time you saw Anastasia outside of her Reveries?  
I was angry - at myself - for not knowing she had come back. *shakes head and frowns*  I was terrified of what her arrival meant for her safety and I wanted nothing more than to hold her…but I knew I couldn’t.  Yet.

Q: So Finn tell us just how great did Anastasia look at the Cimmerian Shade Ball?  
*taps chin and shrugs casually*  She looked okay, I guess… Ow! *rubs shoulder where Stasia swatted at him and sighs happily*  I had never seen anything as strikingly beautiful than the sight of her standing at the end of the platform - the night sky at her back, the bright color of her dress lighting up her eyes… She was magnificent.  A true goddess in every way.

Q: Same question for you Anastasia – from what I read Finn was pretty hot, what do you say? 
*continues to stare at Finn, mouth hanging slightly open* Huh? Oh!  Um...sorry, I was just… *appears to shake herself mentally*  He definitely cleans up pretty good. But it’s the way he makes me feel when I’m with him that really makes him amazing. 

Q: Anastasia be honest did you freak out more than just a little when Finn told you his affinity was to sharks? I mean I know me personally I probably would have run screaming the other direction. LOL. 
*chuckles and leans forward* Scariest thing I’d ever heard - and by that point, I’d heard a lot of scary things.  I mean sharks?  Why not dolphins?  Or a nice, safe flounder?  You’ve got to admit though - nothing else in the ocean would fit him better… *looks Finn up and down*

Q: Finn you never really came out and told Anastasia what it meant to be a Scion can you tell us or do we have to wait until the next book to find out - lol? 
I could tell you, but I’d have to rip your soul out and banish you to the Underworld afterwards.

Q: Anastasia tell us which of your Tyde abilities are you liking most? 
Well it’s definitely not foresight. *raises eyebrow and appears to lose focus for a moment*  My affinity to the marine animals is one of the most influential. The ability to feel what they feel - it’s a feeling of belonging and acceptance I’d never imagined I could experience.

Q: Finn what is it like being a Son of Daimon? I think it’s different for me - for various reasons - but all in all it’s the best thing in the world.  I’m…tested…a lot so the friends I’ve made mean even more to me.  When your bleeding and unconscious it’s nice to know you’ll be take care of. *chuckles darkly*

Q: Anastasia if you had to pick an actress to portray you in a movie who would best fit the part?  
It would have to be Dianna Agron - she’s beautiful! *cuts eyes at Finn who snorts*

Q Finn same question if you had to pick an actor to play you in a movie who would best fit the part? 
First of all - the only person that could play Stasia would be Stasia. No one else would do her justice. And If I had to choose someone to play me, it would have to be Chace Crawford.  He’s a pretty big heart throb like myself. *puffs out chest and clears throat* *Stasia rolls her eyes*

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