Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Maps, Traces, Nereids, OH MY!!

I want to share with you a couple of the extras I put into Forsaken upon its re-release last week! I love books that are complex enough that I have to draw out my own map or family tree to follow - well I've done it for you in Forsaken! Maps, traces, and the 50 Nereids; all at your fingertips!
The first image is the map of Bald Head Island, NC and where the House of Lorelei is.  The east side of the island is less inhabited than the south and west, but there are still houses there. I thought this would be the perfect place to hide an entire boarding school full of magical descendants...

Next are the traces!! I wanted each descendant to have their own personal identifier as to which Nereid they were descended from. Although I tried to describe them within the book, it may have been difficult to picture exactly what they looked like. Traces resemble tattoos and can be anywhere on the body although their placement usually coincides with the type of ability they represent.  For example, Willow's healing symbol is located on her hand...which is where her healing abilities originate.
The fifty Nereids are the fifty daughters of the sea; all harboring special abilities, affinities and secrets - just like their descendants...
Last is a map I created of the House of Lorelei campus!! The triskele symbol represents Maren which is the dorm where Stasia and her roommates live. The turtles pinpoint where the 'hurricane' scene occurred and you can see where the cape is as well as the light station inhabited by the Sons of Daimon.

I love visuals and had many maps, lists, family trees, and notes to keep everything straight!  I can't wait I share even more with you! Stay tuned!

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