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Review & Giveaway: The Last Shot by Michael Adams

The Last Shot (The Last trilogy #2)
Released: 1 March 2014
Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction
Published: Allen & Unwin Australia
At the Other End:
I glance at my fellow fugitives in the glow of the fire: black-streaked, white-eyed, faces fearful but fierce. Whoever any of us were a week ago, we've now become people we could never have imagined.

After facing the heartbreaking truth in Shadow Valley, Danby is determined to have her revenge on Jack.

With Jack dead, her little brother Evan and hundreds of other Minions will be free of his control. With Jack dead, she and her friend Nathan will be able to revive thousands more from the millions of catatonic Goners.

But what if she's wrong - about everything?

After Danby confronts Jack on a dying stretch of highway, all of her beliefs are turned inside out. Not only are his feelings for her real, he's working against the clock to save lives and rebuild society. To Danby's horror, it's Nathan who appears to threaten the new order.

With her emotions raging and blood on her hands, Danby has to take a side in a deadly battle that'll decide the future of the world. And as allies become enemies and foes turn into friends, she'll have to embrace methods so dark that the price of survival may be her very soul ...

Author Bio:
Michael Adams has been a restaurant dishwasher, television host, ice-cream scooper, toilet scrubber, magazine journalist, ecohouse lab rat, film reviewer, social media curator, telemarketing jerk, reality TV scribe and B-movie zombie. This one time, he watched bad movies at the rate of one per day for an entire year and wrote a book about the traumatic experience, which is called Showgirls, Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies. Michael lives in the Blue Mountains, NSW, with his partner, daughter, one dog, two cats and an average of three supersized spiders. The Last Girl is his first novel.

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Sum Up:
Completely action packed and leaves you wanting more. This series just keeps getting better.

Behind the 409 Pages
I really liked this book. The ending literally made this book for me, and I didn't see that coming at all. This whole book was very unexpected for me, I couldn't predict what was going to happen, or what I wanted to happen. Things just changed so quickly that it was hard to keep up. It was a little slow for me and not really gripping me through the beginning and middle. It was only towards the middle of the second part of the book that I really started getting into it, because I kept on thinking that they are going to make it! They're going to really do it! that kept me going.

Danby has really grown up in this book. When we first see her in book one, she was new to this kind of thing, and didn't really know what she was doing. In this second book, the realization from the ending of The Last Girl, has her on a new path and a new goal. She goes from hating Jack, with a passion, then back to loving him again and falling for his tricks, then back to hating him again! She is a bit all over the place for me in this book (especially at the end with Nathan), and it's kinda frustrating. She goes from not knowing how to use a gun properly and shaking and convincing herself that she has to kill Jack, then she turns into some psycho that thinks about the kill first then think later. Yes, she is getting weird. And it was kind of selfish with her about what Alex said about her brother. He's right and I felt frustrated because why is it all about her (other than she is the main character), but she is only thinking about her brother and no one else! Then at the end, when she tells everyone that she is staying behind, she doesn't fight for anyone else safety and just agrees when they said that they are staying. She doesn't even say anything to try to change their minds, it's like she is looking for the attention and wants everyone to love her. I mean, I love how she has gotten stronger and has grown to suit the circumstances that she is in, but it felt really rushed and made her character seem psychotic (just like Jack wants..... <-- see! he's even convincing us with his mind control mojo)

Anyways....... Jack is a really good character. Even though he is the villain, he is a really really good villain. I haven't seen one like him in a long time that can completely sway peoples emotions (in the book and us readers as well) like he does. He's a character that we literally love to hate, and this series wouldn't be the same without him! and OH!! that ending! I kinda imagined it during the book, but I didn't see that ending coming!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIZ!

I love the setting, mainly because it's close to home for me. I can relate to it so easily and can picture everything in my head. The book is so vivid that there is not one single point that I couldn't visualize what was happening. It kept me going, and made me want to continue reading, even though the book was slow. 

From the very beginning of this series, I didn't know what to expect. And even now, finishing the second book and waiting for the finale, I don't know what is going to happen to finish this series. It is so unpredictable, and so refreshing that it completely mixes you up and pulls you through the book. My only faults in this second book, was how slow it was in the beginning-middle and Danby's sudden changes in character. Other than this, this second book is just as good as the first novel in the series, and I can't wait for The Last Place to come out. I have no idea what to think of the ending of this book, as well as what it could lead to, to solve everything and give us a happy ending..... or are we going to get a happy ending? hmmmm this book could swing either way and leave us stunned and shocked.

You can purchase The Last Shot from all good book sellers and online!

What's Next:
The Last Girl (The Last Trilogy #1)
Behind 400 Pages
Released: 1 October 2013
Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction
Publisher: Allen & Unwin Australia
At the Other End:
The end of the world happens in the blink of an eye.

When The Snap sweeps the globe, everyone can instantly hear everything that everyone else is thinking. As secrets and lies are laid bare, suburbs and cities explode into insanity and violence. What might have been an evolutionary leap instead initiates the apocalypse.

Sixteen-year-old Danby Armstrong's telepathy works very differently. She can tune into other people but they can't tune into her. With only this slender defence, Danby must protect her little brother and reach the safety of her mother's mountain retreat. But it's 100 kilometres away and the highways are blocked by thousands of cars and surrounded by millions of people coming apart at the psychic seams.

Danby's escape is made even more dangerous by another cataclysm that threatens humanity's extinction. And her ability to survive this new world will be tested by a charismatic young man whose power to save lives may be worse than death itself.

The Last Place (The Last Trilogy #3)
Released: 2015
Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction
Publisher: Allen & Unwin Australia

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