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Interview & Release Day: Blood Oath by Samantha Coville

Blood Oath (Secret of the Halflings #1)
Behind 120 Pages
Released: TODAY! 29 April 2014
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Self Published
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At the Other End:
Raya Sarian has always known she was different. The water calls to her in a way that isn't human. She has seen things that would scar anyone for life. And her father has been non existent in her childhood.
Because he is a Siren.
A blood drinker.
A monster.
And now she must live with him in a world populated with deadly enemies and dangerous friends. Can she survive the year

Shhh... Take a Sneak Peek:

“No one will get hurt?”
“Of course not, my dear niece. All we want is to make things right for all. We want to reunite broken families, restore our once great race and put my dear brother on the throne like he was told he would be. He was trained since he was an infant to be Lord and he deserves to put that training to use. Don’t you agree?”
Raya took a deep breath and looked at the group. As much as she despised them, they stood for a cause that she could agree with. How different would things be if Byron were Lord and her father didn’t have to worry about what the others thought when he married her mother? What if she had grown up with a whole family instead of the broken one she now had? What if things were the way they should be?

“I agree.”
Author Bio:
Samantha Coville is an editor and literary critic at her website, Sammy the Bookworm. She’s been writing short stories for six years and has appeared in magazines, both in print and online. When she’s not doing something book related, she is singing in her church choir or enjoying one of the theme parks in her home state of Florida.
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1. Where have we seen you before? (previous projects/works)
A lot of people know me as Sammy because of my book review website, Sammy the Bookworm. I've been blogging over there for almost two years and it's got a pretty good following. I also published a couple short stories in magazines, so, who knows? You may have just read my name before!

2. What inspired you to write this novel?
Back in 2008, I wrote a basic synopsis for a story idea. That's usually what I do since I'm not overly fond of major outlines. I forgot about it and it disappeared somewhere in all of my computer files. Last year, 2013, I decided to take a swing at National Novel Writing Month. The goal was to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I tried to think of a story I wanted to write and Sirens popped into my head. During the week before NaNoWriMo, I wrote out a general outline and I was thrilled with the outcome. After I completed the 50,000 plus some, I was looking through my computer and there was my synopsis from five years earlier! It's changed a lot over time, but I think the fact that the story stuck in my brain for that long shows that there's something here worth reading.

3. How long was the writing/planning process?
Like I mentioned before, the planning process spanned five years, even if I wasn't writing out an outline for the whole time. But I think those five years were good for me, because it helped the story grow in a complexity that would have been harder to achieve. The writing process, on the other hand, only took eighteen days. Now, the rewrite process was a lot longer! I looked through what I had written in that 18 day craze and I said, "What was I thinking?" I changed quite a bit, but it sorely needed it.

4. What was your reaction to the cover art when you saw it for the first time? Did you have any ideas from the days of writing/inspiration?
While writing, I envisioned a cover with lots of red, some blood and maybe a girl somewhere on there. I had a vision and I was stuck on it. When I went to go order beta reader copies, however, I had to get a cover quick, so the one I used was a girl swimming underwater. I didn't think much about it, plastered it on the beta copies and gave them out. When I gave the first beta copy out, I had a lot of people around us talking about the cover and how much they loved it. Everyone agreed, they wanted an underwater swimmer. I wasn't too sure and tried to fight it, but, when Najla Qambar showed me the cover I have today, I knew it was perfect. It was beautiful and mysterious; everything a Siren is. And when I saw my name on that cover, I nearly cried. I am thoroughly pleased and completely in love with it. 

5. Any plans for future writing projects? Any being worked on now?
Right now, I am working on writing book two in my series. Raya, my main character, demands her story be told and resistance is futile. I'm super excited and I know readers will enjoy the story that I have planned out. Beyond the four books that are expected in the series, I have an idea for a medieval prequel and a sci-fi novella that I've been daydreaming about. Those who have read my short stories know I have trouble containing myself to one genre and I don't see why I have to. I write what comes to mind and I look forward to all the stories I will share.

6. What book/s from other authors do you wish you had written?
I've thought about that before. Sometimes I imagine myself in JK Rowling's place, but I think that's more because I wish I could meet Emma Watson. I bet it would be cool to have a hand in writing the Bible. I mean, that's a pretty awesome non-fiction piece to have on your resume!

7. Why read your novel?

 Because I say pretty please? In all seriousness, I think my book can help show that the YA Paranormal genre isn't dead like so many people are convinced. They really mean YA Vampires are dead (literally), but they generalize it. We may be tired of sparkly guys, but readers can still enjoy other variations of the paranormal genre. My story showcases Sirens from Greek mythology; this is a race that is easily looked over or replaced by mermaids. I know my novel is different and unique and I'm sure you'll enjoy a new look at the "dead" genre.

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