Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Chocolate Book Tag

With thanks to the amazing Kelly at Diva Booknerd, I've been tagged in the Chocolate Book Tag. So without delay...
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Dark Chocolate

A book that covers a dark topic.

I've got two for this (I couldn't decide):

Something like Normal by Trish Doller
This is a quick read, but nevertheless, it is an emotional warpath, and something that you definitely don't want to miss. It deals with Travis' struggle with returning home from Afghanistan, dealing with his family, psycho ex-girlfriend, new girl Haley, and the death of his best friend while in the war.

Searching for Sky by Jillian Cantor
I just recently read this one, and it honestly, makes you look at our world in a whole new perspective. You see the faults in our world, and you question our most basic necessities from seeing it through Sky's point of view, as well as her struggle to fit into our world and return home to Island with River. An emotional rollercoaster that left me in tears at the end, and screaming at the people that are supposed to help her.

White Chocolate

Your favourite light hearted / humorous read.

The List: A Love Story in 781 Chapters by Aneva Stout

Oh this book is hilarious! It's a great pick-me-up and a very short read. This book is written in a list format. I'm not kidding, they are numbered multiple choice points, hence, 781 chapters is actually 781 multiple choice points. I laughed at some of the answers that were written, especially because of how true they are. The style of this book is witty and very clever. It's not necessarily a book, but the length of a novella, coming in at 94 pages.

Milk Chocolate

A book that has a lot of hype that you’re dying to read.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
GAWD. Who hasn't heard of how amazingly awesome this is! *grabby hands to the MAXXX*

Chocolate with a caramel center

Name a book that made you feel all gooey in the middle while reading.

Sorry, breaking the rules again (wait? is there a rule about picking more than one??)

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Megan Spooner
Tehehehehehe, these two characters are the cutest! A great love story, that made me all soft inside. It made me cry, it made me laugh, and it had me guessing the whole way through.

Captivate by Vanessa Garden

When you find out that this book really isn't the kind of paranormal as you thought, all I thought about was Miranda's stuggles to escape, as well as ending up falling in love with Marko. I even took part in a dreaded love triangle that I made up myself >.< I....... I just....... I am ashamed of myself..... stupid love triangle. I have fallen for this book, and it left me feeling things that I haven't before.

Wafer Free Kit Kat

Name a book that surprised you lately.

Dangerous by Shannon Hale
All I can say to this one is SAY WHAAAAAAT. This one completely took me out from under. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this one. To make it even more whoaaaa, I'm still reading it, and will have no idea what to expect from the rest of it. EDIT. Ok, I'm on part three of the book and I'm still like, WHAT THE FUCK.....


A book that you are going nuts about.

Mall Rats series by Lily Herne
I think I've probably drilled into your brains with how much I LOVE this series. Haha what can I say about this amazing series that I haven't said before? If you haven't picked up this series yet, you better! It's a breath of fresh air, when you think it's just another zombie story.

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows

What book would you turn to for a comfort read?

Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier

This is my favourite author, and my favourite book of hers. I have read this countless times, and I still love it as much as when I first read it. If not this one, then you can't go wrong with Juliet Marillier's, Wildwood Dancing or Daughter of the Forest.

Box of Chocolates

What series have you read that you feel has a little something for everyone?
Blue is for Nightmares series by Laurie Faria Stolarz
I've been reading this series for years! Seriously, it's been years and I still haven't gotten over this series. No matter how many times I read it, I still love it, and still go on the same emotional rollercoaster that I had years ago. This series has everything. It's got modern day spells (that actually are believable), mystery, love, suspense, action. The list just keeps going!

Who I'm tagging...

Angel at Angel Reads
Anastasia at Living in a Bookworld


  1. How could I have forgotten Dorothy Must Die! Is it too late to change mine? It's so difficult, I could have added half a dozen, even more, to the books I'm impatiently waiting for. Ensnared is another one. I'm actually going to hunt down Blue is for nightmares, how could I not with your gushing recommendation. And that you can reread over and over? Brilliant.

    1. haha that was the first one that came to mind for me! It was so hard, I couldn't decide!! I haven't read it in a while, but I'm biased because I've been reading that series for years! So even if I read it now and it turns out to be 2 star, I'll still love it!

  2. I picked Something Like Normal for the dark chocolate tag, as well! I am absolutely in love with that book. It really touched me, and made me realise how amazingly beautiful YA contemporary books can be. I was never a huge contemporary reader (I'm still not, really), but SLN opened my eyes to the amazing stories that genre can tell. And so I have been reading more contemporary novels and I like them :D

    1. It was an amazing book. I completely didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I'm the same with contemporary, it's growing on me... but I can't get away from post-apocalyptic/dystopian/fantasy reads :) Look! Juliet :D

  3. Ohhh, thanks for the awesome tag Gina, I will get around to it maybe next week :D You've made some amazing choices, I can;t wait to read Searching for Sky. I've been warned to have the tissues ready :'(

    1. Hope you have fun doing it! It's really hard to choose just one (even though I cheated). Searching for Sky was beautiful, you will definitely enjoy it, and need tissues!


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