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BLOG TOUR!! I Become Shadow by Joe Shine + Guest Post

I Become Shadow
Behind 304 Pages
Released: June 2014
Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction
Publisher: SOHO Teen
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At the Other End:
Ren Sharpe was abducted at fourteen and chosen by the mysterious FATE Center to become a Shadow: the fearless and unstoppable guardian of a future leader. Everything she held dear—her family, her home, her former life—is gone forever. 

Ren survives four years of training, torture, and misery, in large part thanks to Junie, a fellow FATE abductee who started out as lost and confused as she did. She wouldn’t admit it was possible to find love in a prison beyond imagining, but what she feels for Junie may just be the closest thing to it. 
At eighteen they part ways when Ren receives her assignment: find and protect college science student Gareth Young, or die trying. Life following a college nerd is uneventful, until an attack on Gareth forces Ren to track down the only person she can trust. When she and Junie discover that the FATE itself might be behind the attacks, even certain knowledge of the future may not be enough to save their kidnappers from the killing machines they created.

Author Bio:
Joe Shine grew up in Austin, TX (the greatest city ever), and is a graduate of Texas A&M University. He has an MFA from the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California, and after brief stints in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, Joe returned home to Austin (repeat: the greatest city ever). Joe has a normal human job like most everyone else but hopes to become a full-time writer one day, and this is where you, the reader, must do him a really big solid and love I Become Shadow, his first novel.

Find Joe:
The first chapter of I BECOME SHADOW is titled ‘Milkshake’ because it serves as the cue-word to let the audience know when the past finally catches up with the future.  A lot of people ask, of all words in the English language, why that one?  I figured what better place than here, what better time than now to explain.

As I wrote SHADOW, I realized I desperately wanted something better than Present Day in bold italics at the top of a chapter to let the audience know they’d caught up.  It seemed a bit boring and Ren is anything but boring, so it didn’t seem fair to use it.  She was too clever for that so, as a result, I needed to step up the clever on my end.

Now before I continue I must warn you that I am a child of the 80’s and 90’s which means I have inherently bizarre taste in music, movies, books, basically everything.  I don’t find it strange that on a playlist I’ll go from Depeche Mode, to Nirvana, to Outkast.  This is normal to me and many of my generation.  We don’t ask others what they think is entertaining, we decide for ourselves.  I hope this helps explain the two pieces of media that inspired me.

Stuck in a slump I blindly began watching tv and stumbled my way onto a Jackass marathon.  In one episode the guys created a safe word so that if it got too hairy they could say it and the skit would end before any major injuries occurred.  Bingo.  I needed a safe word.  I needed a word to let the audience know what was up.  Now I needed the word.

Once I had the idea of the safe word, figuring out which one to use turned out to be pretty easy.  I decided to pay homage to my favorite commercial of all time, and one that I still watch to this day when I need to laugh (literally just watched it, still grinning like an idiot).  It’s an old Carl’s Jr commercial in which a redneck walks out, slaps his hands on the side of a cow and begins to shake it.  The hips jiggle, the udders shake, and all the while Sean Paul’s Shake that Thing plays throughout.  There is zero indication what this nonsense is for until the end when you find out it’s for their milkshakes.  And thus, ‘Milkshake’ was chosen.  It was random yet easy to remember, so it was perfect.  The hardest part would be to not use it by accident before it was time.  Lucky for me there are no milkshakes at the FATE center.  Bruises? Yes.  A bit of torture perhaps?  Yup.  Milkshakes?  Not a chance kid.  
~ Joe


  1. This is basically one of the best guest posts ever. I definitely want to meet this character who inspired the author to use milkshake instead of present day to indicate to the readers that we had finally caught up!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Gina!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato


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