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BLOG TOUR! The Language of Silence by Tiffany Truitt + Guest Post

The Language of Silence
Released: 22 August 2014
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Evernight Teen
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At the Other End:
Brett is certain that someone is responsible for her brother’s death. He wouldn't just leave her and his best friend, Ed, behind. Although Tristan’s death is ruled an accident, Brett and Ed know there is something more sinister happening. They are looking for the secret that no one in this small Georgia town of Wendall wants to acknowledge, the truth that may rock the town establishment and particularly one of its most upstanding families. 

Together, Brett and Ed must discover the hidden truth behind Tristan's death and deal with their feelings for each other, or they might just discover the darkest secrets are the ones they are keeping themselves. 

“How’d your mom tell you?” Brett offers a short, bitter laugh in response. I scratch my chin and shake my head. “That good, eh?”

“You would think she was auditioning for a Lifetime movie or something.”

For some reason, I laugh. Brett smiles. An actual smile. The kind of smile that transforms a face. If she was beautiful before, she’s luminescent now. These sorts of moments are so rare, so precious, I feel both a need to forever stay in this place and flee it as soon as possible.

I’ve always had a crush on Brett Jensen. I’ve just been smart enough to know that I’m too messed up to ever be with her. And now, with Tristan gone, I’m pretty sure I’m damn near done. Ruined. And maybe that’s what I deserve for not convincing him to stay with us.

“Maybe she thinks Julia Roberts will play her,” she continues, pulling at the grass growing up between the cement base of the bridge. “I mean, this has movie written all over it. All-American boy dies under mysterious conditions.”

Oh, Brett. There is no mystery about it. He left us.

“More likely some has-been from one of those medical shows,” I say instead.

Brett nods. Suddenly, her hand is on mine. I feel the tension she is holding within herself by the pressure she exerts onto my skin. My cheeks burn, and I am ashamed by my body’s quick reaction to this small movement.

“You can be whatever you want now, Ed,” she whispers.

I try to pull my hand from her grasp, but she merely holds on tighter. “What are you talking about?” I manage.

“You have a get out of jail free card thanks to Tristan. You could skip school for a week or flunk the whole year, and no one could say anything. You are…were the best friend of the dead kid. Who would give you grief? You could become anyone.”

She’s holding on so tightly to my hand that I begin to lose feeling. I let her words sink in. Settle. And the funny thing is—they make sense. Perfect sense. I know how I am going to deal with all of this.
Tiffany Truitt received her MA in literature from Old Dominion University. Her debut Chosen Ones, first in the Lost Souls trilogy, is a searing look at what it means to be other and how we define humanity, as well as a celebration of the dangerously wonderful feeling of falling in love.

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One of the most exciting things about releasing a book is getting to stop by your favorite blogs to share ALL THE THINGS ABOUT LOVING LITERATURE. Today, I am thrilled to be stopping by Behind the Pages.

And while I’m here, I’m going to talk about pop culture. When I was finishing my Masters in Literature, I spent a good deal of time studying the articles and musings of New Historicism critics. To sum up a vast and complex theory in mere phrases, one of the things these critics are concerned with is studying the relationship between literature and popular culture---- as a reflection of the author, time period it was written, and the political and moral attitudes of the society it reflects. In plain English, novels offer insight into the world they were written in and about, and it doesn’t mean it’s low brow if it’s popular or references popular culture.
So, I embrace the pop culture like it’s a bag of hot fries (my favorite of all the terrible-for-me snack foods). And unlike my dystopian series, The Lost Souls, this novel is jammed packed. So, here it is, my guide to pop culture in The Language of Silence. After reading this, I hope you can see I wasn’t just name-dropping, but, rather, had a purpose when selecting my pop culture references.

The Music
The Smiths – If you’re not familiar with The Smiths, they are sort of the staple band of the emo / indie scene. Think the 80s version of the Hipster. In the novel, The Smiths are the favorite band of the novel’s male protagonist, Ed. Deemed one of the first independent bands to gain mainstream popularity, The Smith’s almost symbolize Ed’s rise from obscurity to popularity. And they are just kinda awesome.
What You Should Listen To:  Please, Please, Please

Joan Jett- I made a conscious effort to include some music that young readers might not be familiar with. Not only because I think the music rocks and needs to be listened to by the masses, but because like the novel’s emerging couple, Joan Jett represents a sort of recklessness, embracing physicality and want. I think this is something teens and new love often goes through, and I certainly didn’t shy away from it in this novel.

What You Should Listen To:  Do You Wanna Touch Me AND Crimson and Clover
Girl Talk – A super talented DJ known for his amazing mash-ups, Girl Talk was an important addition to the novel. Having attended one of his shows, there’s a certain musical ecstasy that goes along with his music, and that quality lends itself to the themes mention above. Plus the mash-up itself represents two contradictory things being forced together, which pretty much sums up the whole novel. Ed and Brett come from two totally different worlds, and yet they are imperfectly perfect for each other.
What You Should Listen To – November Rain Remix

The Shows
Lost – To be honest, anytime I can drop a Lost reference in one of my novels I will. In fact, an important villain from my dystopian series was named after the show’s creator. But I think it serves another purpose in this novel. Lost is the story of likeable people who do unlikeable things, a story of redemption. Both Brett and Ed do some unlikeable things, but they don’t let these things define them. Their story is one of growth and acceptance.

Veronica Mars- If you haven’t watched this show, get on it! One of the smartest female characters ever to grace the screen. And it’s a great mystery as well. In The Language of Silence, the show serves as inspiration while Brett attempts to discover the reason for her brother’s death.

The Books
The Outsiders – Stay Gold, Ponyboy. I adore this novel. I am gearing up for my ninth year of teaching middle school, and I will teach this novel for the ninth time. It is the timeless story of outcasts banding together to survive the world that attempts to define and trap them. A beautiful story that serves as a backdrop for the friendship between Ed and Tristan. And it’s only when you understand their friendship that the reader can understand what the loss of Tristan means to Ed.

The Fountainhead – This is one of those books that truly changed my life. Everything about it. I mean I made some pretty big life changes after reading it. One of the strongest messages of the novel is the promotion of the self, knowing the self and not being afraid to honor the self. Look at the word selfish. If you break it down into its word parts, you have self and ish…meaning pertaining to the self. It’s society that has twisted its meaning. But it is only when we know ourselves and can love ourselves that we can truly love anyone else…and that means loving the dark, imperfect parts too. 


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