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Hunger (Gone #2)
Released: 1 April 2014 (Special Edition)
Genre: Dystopian, Action, Thriller, Supernatural, Post Apocalyptic
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont Australia
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At the Other End:
An uneasy calm has settled over Perdido Beach. But soon fear explodes into desperation as starvation sets in and the mob look to place blame. 

For the ‘normals' the buck must stop somewhere - with the 'freaks'. More and more kids are developing strange powers and, just as frightingly,  soare the animals in the FAYZ: talking coyotes, swimming bats and deadly worms with razor-sharp teeth are just the beginning. 

For Sam Temple the strain of leadership is beginning to show and he's got more that jus tdwindling rations and in-fighting to worry about. Caine is back with the psychotic whiphand, Drake,by his side. And in the background lies the greatest danger of all - and he needs to be fed.

Author Bio:
Michael Grant was born in California. From there he's lived pretty much everywhere in the US, plus three years in France and most of a year in Italy and the Azores. He spent most of his life being a lazy screw-up before finally deciding to be a writer. Because his wife, (K.A. Applegate) told him he had to grow up and get a career.
Since then, Michael and his wife have written roughly 150 books. No, that's not a typo. 150. He started late, but then he worked extra hard to catch up. What can we say? He's kind of a slow starter. Maybe he's just not very bright, you know?
Find Michael
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My rating: 

Welcome to the first part of our discussion review of Hunger by Michael Grant!
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Gina: YES! We have finished Hunger, the second Gone book by Michael Grant. Another daunting book right here, I can't believe we finished it as quickly as we did, especially you finishing it before me! What did you think of this installment? Did it continue on the series in the way that you hoped it would?
kelly: Thank goodness I bought the Kindle editions, rather than the door stop versions that could double as a blunt force weapon.

I really enjoyed it, not quite as much as Gone, but it was good. I think one of the issues I had was that it felt a little repetitive, a slightly watered down version of the original. Replace one problem with a hunger epidemic, rough up the characters a little, then throw it into an Under The Dome type scenario (I can mention Gone spoilers now can't I?) Did the giant man eating wagons steal the show?
Gina: Haha they practically take up a whole shelf pile on my bookcase because of how big they are!

Yeah, I completely understand what you're talking about. It was still good and all, and it felt like time was moving a whole lot slower in this book as well, so it wasn't as fast paced as Gone was, so it really didn't feel like it was as good. But of course, if Hunger wasn't good, then I don't think we would have finished it as quickly as we did. For a bit they did, especially after that first chapter... Damn that was full on. I haven't seen or read Under the Dome, so I'm thinking it's sort of similar. I think we can mention Gone spoilers now :P Beware folks. What did you think of all the new characters that were thrown into this book?
kelly: Who? Just kidding... Sort of. There are so many characters in the series, that the tend to blend into one another. Unless they have a pivotal role, I'm likely to forget who they are. In this one, Sam really annoyed me. I can understand that given the circumstances that his character is a teen boy who is expected to lead his community, but he lacked any personality he gathered in Gone. Orc has actually become my favourite, considering his only real contribution is 'beer me', the character's seemed to have no real depth or growth.
Gina: I agree, except, I only remember who the character actually is until we get to their POV, other than that, I just remember the main characters from book 1. Exactly, I know that he has every right to break, but he did it at the worst possible time. He didn't seem sure of himself, and it was like he was so narrow minded to just Astrid that he couldn't care less about anyone else, when he should have put some sort of system in place to be able to deal with everything.  Albert really annoyed me, he should have asked Sam about wanting to do everything, and not asking him just made Albert seem all the more greedy. Sure, he's thinking about the future, but he wants to practically run the future and he doesn't even realize it because he just wants to take all the credit for that and not have to deal with all the drama that Sam does.... if that makes sense. hahaha Orc was pretty cool in this one, especially after dealing with the Zekes (seriously? Why call them that for?) and then at the Nuke plant.
kelly: Did I miss the part where they had decided to call them Zekes? Why Zekes? And what the hell is that? It's not even a word. It's about as ridiculous as calling your best friend Brah. Wait... What? 

Albert has little man syndrome for teens. He takes over one abandoned McDonalds, now he's actually bartering and setting up a payment system for goods that no one actually has. Great concept, but my first thought would be to start planting otherwise these kids are going to start eating a lot more than random family pets. 
What do you think of Astrid? She's portrayed as an intelligent, but incredibly irritating young woman. Surely she's the one who needs to step up and come up with some sort of solution to how they're going to be self sustainable and survive. What has she been doing in the months between Gone and Hunger? Besides taking care of little Pete. Her only role is to be the little woman at home it seems.
Gina: I'm not sure, but I don't remember how they got that name either..... GAWD I hated when they called each other brah... Just. No.

I understand that it's a good concept, but he's gone about it the wrong way, especially because they are all kids. Also, because you need to plan it out, you need to have others there as well that will be able to put some sort of input to the situation. Yeah, that was just weird.

She's ok, I guess. I liked her more in Gone, not so much in this one. Like you said, she has only been taking care of Little Pete, and even then, she doesn't really do much. In actual sense, Pete does more than she does in the book? Seriously? I agree, you would definitely think that she would think of some sort of solution to be able to survive. 

What did you think about the battle at the end? Do you think that Caine should have gotten away with Diana, even with getting her cured first? To me, it was just like, ummmmm why is everyone going along with what you are saying? I'm curious as to what happens to Duck and Bethany. Did you like the ending?
kelly: The ending felt like a a rehash of the last showdown, now I'm really hoping that each book in the series won't end the same way. 

How do you feel about the dynamics between the characters and the adversity some of them are facing? Orc who is now an alcoholic, Mary who has an eating disorder and Drake who is incredibly violent. The bullying seems to run rampant, with another group of teens in the wings when the last group is taught their 'lesson'.

Gina: Completely! Everything else in the book took it's time, or it just felt that way. Then the end came, and it felt like two chapters. Yes, definitely agree there. Fingers crossed!

I feel that something like this was definitely bound to happen, especially because they are all starving, and they have nothing to do, no leaders, no adults. Like you said, everything has run rampant, and not just on the bullying side, just in general life in the FAYZ. well, Mary had the eating disorder before there was ever a FAYZ, so I guess it seems like such a massive issue now, because we are hearing about it (not that I'm saying it's not a massive issue in the first place). The series definitely needed psychotic characters like Drake, because it's basically horror for YA, so there had to be some character like that. I thought that the "Humans" group was completely ridiculous. It started out as bullying, then it became peer pressure to live up to the expectations and still be "cool". The main kid didn't even want to do half of the stuff that the other kids in the group wanted to do, he just wanted to pick on the "freak" kid and be done with it. I could see this kind of thing coming though, especially because most of the kids don't do anything all day, so their minds run wild from hunger and boredom. What about you? How did you feel about it all?
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What's our next Buddy Read?
Lies (Gone #3)
Released: 1 April 2014 (Special Edition)
Genre: Dystopian, Action, Thriller, Supernatural, Post Apocalyptic
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont Australia
Buy Me: Fishpond  |  Book Depository
At the Other End:
It happens in one night; a girl who dies now walks among the living, Zil and the Human Crew set fire to Perdido Beach, and amid the flames and smoke, Sam sees the figure of the boy he fears the most - Drake. But Sam and Caine defeated him along with the Darkness - or so they thought.

As Perdido Beach burns, battles rage: Astrid against the Town Council; the Human Crew versus the mutants; and Sam against Drake. And the prophetess Orsay and her companion, Nerezza, are preaching that death will set them all free. 

As life in the FAYZ becomes more desperate, no one knows who they can trust.

This novel was received for review via Hardie Grant Egmont Australia. This review/discussion is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review/discussion or change my personal opinion of the novel.


  1. Eeeep, I'm glad you guys still liked this one even though it has some issues. Okay, yES YES I am like the Gone series troll here...prowling around and gushing about the series. *prowls* But, to be perfectly honest, I didn't actually like this one as much. Sometimes they just throw in all these unnecessary POVs and it's really just...boring. I can't remember, but I think Plague is the one I liked least? Whichever book has Duck in it. (You'll know when you get there.) Lies is freaky. BUT OMG GUYS. LIGHT IS THE BEST BOOK OF EVER LITERALLY AFJDSLAKFDS.

    1. hahaha it's good that you're a Gone series troll! You're making us want to read the rest of the series :D Yeah, this one wasn't as good as Gone, but hopefully it all gets better. Ummm, this one had Duck in it? Damn, now I really just want to get to Light!

  2. I'm super excited for Light now too. The premise of this one sounded okay, but I think I was a little too generous with my rating even. It ended feeling like a rehash of book one, apart from the ridiculous killer snakes. Just between us Gina, I'm glad Michael Grant hasn't commented on this post, now I'm free to whinge :D

    Cait's usually spot on with her book excitement, so well have to work out when we're starting Lies. Been reading a few reviews for it, and I think we'll really enjoy it too.

    1. Same here! We need to get through the other books first though hahaha I know right? But it's more like, guilt free whinging. Ohh, I'm going to go check out Lies more now, just to see what to expect and how much better it is compared to Hunger.


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