Monday, 20 October 2014

Book Discussion: My Bookish Confessions

These are my confessions........
(yes, that Usher song has been playing in my head the entire post)

I've decided to write this post to see what everyone's weird and strange bookish habits are that you don't really tell anyone about, as well as confessing my own. Some of mine aren't so bad, but I do get a bit embarrassed by others. 

Mine are (in order from 'not so bad' to 'people look at me like a loony':

1.  Covers
I'm obsessed with covers, and I have to get my hands on the prettiest edition, otherwise the book will be staring at me in the face every single day on my shelf. Not to mention, that the entire series has to have matching covers, with the same style. If the covers change, I will give the original cover away and go and buy the new edition cover, just so that they are all the same.
Even if I don't get it straight away, I need to know that I will get it one day; and even if this means that I need to get the entire series in two editions, then I will be happy... well, semi-happy depending on this next point.

2.  Book Heights
I cannot begin to describe to you how bad I am with needing to have the same size in the entire series. Just like what I said above with the entire series has to be matching, I've given away books as well because of height differences. Speaking of... one series is sitting on my shelf staring at me as I type.....
P.S. I loathe International Editions of books (that don't say that they are INT ED.s).... THEY ARE ONLY A FEW CM DIFFERENT IN HEIGHT!!! WHYYYYYYYYY

3.  Publisher on Spine
This one is going to seem a bit silly (I think I'm being completely rational about this), but I won't buy a series in different editions (even if they all editions have the exact same cover and height) because the publisher on the spine is different. For some strange reason, I will purposely not get books by the American publisher imprint Speak. Why? Well I don't like the spine logo.......
SEE!!! Look how much better Prodigy looks with the typed logo and not the massive one on Legend and Crossed. For me, it makes the books look really cheap with the logo like that. Just think, on your shelf, the most looked at part of every book is the spine. I don't have anything against Speak, I liked both of these books, and want to get books that they have also published, but I'll be looking for other editions for the more professional looking spine that goes well with the cover. Sorry guys, nothing personal, I'm just weird.

4.  Book Series & Genre Bookshop Shelving
I've had a few people laugh at me over this one.... and I probably would laugh at myself too if I looked at myself on the security footage.
Whenever I go into bookshops, and I see a series that is put on the shelf in the wrong order, I will go out of my way to put them in order. Sometimes, I even find that one book is shelved in one genre, and the others in the series are shelved in another, so I do the same thing, purposely go out of my way to put it in the correct genre (even if it wasn't there originally). Whenever someone asks what I'm doing, I always tell them that I do it for the people who walk into a bookshop looking for a series, and don't know what order the books belong in, if they are shelved in the correct order, then I'm helping, not to mention that if I was ever like that, then I would like it to be in order too.

Now you tell me, what are your bookish confessions?! Oh, and how crazy do you all think I am now? Do you share any of the same confessions that I do?


  1. Gina, we could be twins!! Everything you said, it was like you were describing me. I actually own three copies of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi because I was hunting down a matching hard cover. Then someone told me that you can't buy Shatter Me with a dust jacket. The mental trauma of not having a set of books that match!!! :) People think I'm odd, but to me, that's a completely sane thing to want matching sets!! :D

    1. REALLY!! I'm not the only one, I feel so much better now haha Ohh that's annoying, luckily for me, I've never gotten to 3 sets of one series. But I bet they all look so pretty sitting next to each other!! haha nope, we are not odd, it's completely sane to have matching sets!

  2. If you're crazy, I'm absolutely insane as well. I'm cringing as I read your bookish confessions because I'm just as anal, if not more so. One book slightly bigger than the rest? I find myself pathetically distraught. I'll chuck a tanty and refuse to read the offending book. I've got that same copy of Legend and the spine is UGLY. I mean, I get that publishers want to advertise on the spine, but did they have to make the logo so ugly?

    My shelves are organised by height, only because it looks a lot neater. Which means series books could be all over the place, and most of them are. There should be a standard book size that everyone sticks to. Pfft, then we wouldn't have so many issues.

    We'll both be weirdos together <3

    1. Hahaha, I'm just glad that you're just as anal and crazy-insane as I am! URGH I KNOW RIGHT!!! It just makes anal readers like us not want to get that edition and get another country's one. I feel sorry for the US people like this because I've seen a lot of Speak books...

      Ohh, I'm not anal about my series being in the correct alphabetical order shelved under author A-Z. Yep, double crazy right here. YES!! It would make the world a much safer and happier place if they did that. Or at least two sizes, one that's for paperbacks and one for hardbacks.

      Whoo, weirdos for life <3 You will never get rid of me now *evil laughs*

  3. Okay...I really really bugs me that my books are different heights. Cress and Scarlet are so completely different editions it makes me nearly cry. And I bought this edition of Scarlet where the cover is like 1 cm too short so it shows a strip of red. BUT THE COVER IS TOO SHORT. I can't stand it. I don't even look at the book because THE COVER IS TOO SHORT. *sobs* I don't know who designed it, but they were not OCD like me.

    1. It's so annoying isn't it! NO!! I've been really careful with that series and have gotten them the same so far, I'm just trying to find a copy of Cress now. I always see it in bookshops, but I never know if it's the same height as the other copies so I don't get it lol. I'm blaming the printing people.... we should write a letter!

  4. Well, these are all my bookish confessions as well. I don't know if that says anything good about you though lol.

    I will replace books if a cover changes mid-series. I will also do it if they change height. I will search high and low for the correct height or cover - it drives me insane, and I just cannot have a series that don't match!

    I am not so bad with the publisher on the spine, but I would prefer them without it, as it distracts from the prettiness. But if it has to be there, as long as the whole series has it, I am okay. And I hate it when they don't put it on one book in a series etc. The spines must look coordinated!


    1. Haha we are both stuck in the same boat!
      It's so very annoying, and it's like OCD and how they MUST all be matching and perfect. Oh, I hate how the size, cover and spine is exactly the same in the series, except for a series title inclusion to the spine.... it's just so different, and nope. <3


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