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Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon (Of Poseidon #1)
Behind 324 Pages
Released: 1 June 2012
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: HardieGrant Egmont Australia
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At the Other End:
Galen is strong, protective and gorgeous, with striking violet eyes and a body to make you shiver - and that's just when he's in human form. 

He's from the House of Triton, god of the sea, and he's searching for a girl with the gift of Poseidon to save his brother from marrying a fraud. Emma is a human. Or so she thinks. 

When Emma meets Galen on the beach, they both sense a sizzling chemistry. But can Galen convince her that she holds the key to his kingdom - without letting on that he's falling for her?

New York Times Bestselling author of The Syrena Legacy series. 

Grew up in a town called Niceville. No, seriously. I graduated from Niceville High School. So did J Lo's second husband. And the guy that plays Aqua Man on Smallville dated my best friend. 

Now I indulge my tendency to lie by writing the lies down and selling them to publishers. Well actually my agent sells it, so she's an accomplice to lies. One of my lies is called OF POSEIDON. The sequel is called OF TRITON. The last and final installment is OF NEPTUNE, and it released May 13, 2014. Be on the lookout for JOYRIDE, my YA Contemporary out June 2, 2015--Bonnie & Clyde meets Latina Pretty in Pink!

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A hooking story that will leave you reeling for more Syrena.


I can’t believe that I read this book in one day, it was just that good (not to mention the fact that I actually had time to read all day was also a major help)

This book literally gets straight into it. In the first few sentences, that’s when Emma bumps into Galen. It takes a massive dive straight into the book, and it completely hooks you from that very first page. The entire book, actually, is completely gripping. I could not stop reading, nor did I want to. It was still hooking, despite the issues that I had with it.

The only thing that I had trouble with was how stupid the characters were sometimes, and how predictable it all was. I guess, these two basically tie in together, because they were stupid not to figure out what was happening or the real truth behind Emma’s heritage, then it was predictable because you could see what needed to happen, and you could tell what was going to happen, either a few chapters before or just before it was all going to happen. Seriously, some of these things were literally thrown in your face and the characters couldn’t figure it out, it was SO BLINDLINGLY OBVIOUS. 
Really, the one thing that would have been a shocker, was the fake princess, except that was revealed in the blurb..... Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about my loathing for spoiler-y blurbs, and this is definitely one of them. It didn’t ruin this book completely for me, but it did in the slighted bit because I wasn’t as shocked as I could have been.  Oh, and a really minor thing, was that the chapters weren’t named with who’s POV it was, and I got confused a few times at the beginning of a new chapter.

Is it just me, or did anyone else think that the tails of the Syrena would look like Shark tails than plain old Mermaid fins?

That being said, I did still like the characters, even though they were complete dim-wits half the time. I like how Emma tries, yet doesn’t succeed, to not fall for Galen (which, half the female protagonists practically jump into the love interests lap now). I liked her personality, and how stubborn she was. Her motivation was brilliant, and I loved how she stood up for what she believed in, and did what she thought was right. It was a bit weird though, how everything started to happen all at once, but then at the end it’s revealed why that is. I like how Galen was practically clueless to most human slang, it was really amusing, and I felt myself chuckling a few times at the banter between Emma and Galen, as well as what he did and didn’t know that is so normal to us, yet so foreign to him. 

I think I instantly liked Rayna, she was a take-no-bullshit kind of girl, very dominant in general, and for some reason I couldn’t explain, I just liked her. She’s a girl I could instantly be friends with, and I instantly liked how she always told the truth, even if she sometimes revealed it badly. 

Even though we only get a very brief glimpse of Chloe, I definitely had a kind of love-hate relationship with her. I didn’t really like her at the start, she was obnoxious and way too overbearing. But then after she dies, I got to know her better from how Emma talks about her. I loved how she is remembered throughout the entire book, and not just completely forgotten a few chapters after she dies. Even after she moves on and comes to terms with her best friend’s death, she still remembers her from time to time, and it feels a lot more natural and believable. I related to Emma and Chloe a whole lot more because of this. 

This book was absolutely brilliant. The ending was a massive cliffhanger, especially because it’s predicted, and leaves right in the middle of things. I can’t wait to start reading the next book (which is sitting right beside me, ready to be picked up after I finish writing this) and see what happens. 

Of Triton (Of Poseidon #2)
Released: 1 July 2013
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: HardieGrant Egmont Australia
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At the Other End:
Emma is half-mermaid: a freak in the human world and an abomination in the Syrena realm below. But she's in love with Galen - a gorgeous Syrena from the House of Triton, god of the sea. If Emma's secret is discovered by the Syrena, she risks being put to death as a half-breed. 

Emma's mother has spent years in hiding. Once a princess in the House of Poseidon, she escaped the sea to live as a human. Aware of the danger her daughter faces, she is determined to keep Emma away from the Syrena. But her reappearance after so many years turns the two underwater kingdoms - Poseidon and Triton - against one another. 

How can Emma and Galen stay together when their two rival kingdoms - and two different worlds - just want to tear them apart?

Of Neptune (Of Poseidon #3)
Released: 1 May 2014
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: HardieGrant Egmont Australia
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At the Other End:
Emma and her gorgeous boyfriend Galen are desperate for some time alone, away from their underwater sea kingdoms of Poseidon and Triton. They visit the small town of Neptune - home to land-dwelling, fresh-water Syrena - but there's an undercurrent of tension between the Syrena of Neptune and those from the sea. 

Neptune holds another threat too: in particular, a charming Half-Breed named Reed, who can barely disguise his feelings for Emma. 

In this stunning conclusion to her bestselling Syrena Legacy, Anna Banks thrills fans with more action and romance than ever.

This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel.


  1. I have Poseidon as well, but haven't got around to reading it yet. It sounds brilliant, despite some of the characters being idiots. Before I start this one, I'll have to buy book two. I can't stand massive cliffhangers then having to wait what finds out.

    Brilliant review Gina bean <3

    1. The rest of the series was ok.... the second book for me was 4 stars again, but the last one was a 3.. haha this would be a good series to binge read, although, just be wary of the last book, there's kinda no point to having it. Thanks lovely <3


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