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Review: Vengeance Bound by Justina Ireland

Vengeance Bound
Released: 1 April 2013
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Australia
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At the Other End:
Amelie Ainsworth is not alone in her head. Bound to a deal of desperation made when she was a child, Amelie’s mind houses the Furies—the hawk and the serpent—lingering always, waiting for her to satisfy their bloodlust. After escaping the asylum where she was trapped for years, Amelie knows how to keep the Furies quiet. By day, she lives a normal life, but by night, she tracks down targets the Furies send her way. And she brings down Justice upon them.

Amelie’s perfected her system of survival, but when she meets a mysterious boy named Niko at her new school, she can’t figure out how she feels about him. For the first time, the Furies are quiet in her head around a guy. But does this mean that Amelie’s finally found someone who she can trust, or are there greater factors at work? As Amelie’s mind becomes a battlefield, with the Furies fighting for control, Amelie will have to decide which is worse: denying the only man she might ever love, or subjecting him to the fate the Furies want for him?

Justina Ireland enjoys dark chocolate, dark humor, and is not too proud to admit that she’s still afraid of the dark. She lives with her husband, kid, and dog in Pennsylvania. She is the author of Vengeance Bound and Promise of Shadows

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Firstly, let me just say that this song perfectly sums up this book. It's like they were made for each other. If you've already read this book, just listen and you'll understand, and if you haven't, then prepare yourself:

I really loved this book. It was so different than anything I've read before. (I don't think I'm a psychopath for liking this book about a sociopath... or two)

Let me get it over with, and tell you what I didn't like about this book. I didn't like how long we had to wait to get Amelie's back story. How she ended up where she is today, and how she got possessed by the Furies in the first place. We are given hints along the way, but it's not until past half way, that we find out the exact truth. Plus, I didn't like the secrets that her new school friends kept from her, it wasn't a big deal, and it could have been revealed sooner in the book. Also, now that I think about it, it was insta-love with Amelie/Cory and Niko, but I didn't really bother me (I was too caught up in everything that was happening to realize, plus, they kind of have a good reason, but it's nothing really)

So, onto the good stuff!!!

I liked how Amelie/Cory was trying to get some sort of control in her life by still going to school. Even though she honestly doesn't really go that much, it's still the semblance of normal that keeps her from really losing control over the Furies. I didn't really like the group of friends much. They were ok, but then seeing all their different sides, and who they really were wasn't really... I don't even know what to call them, they were just all over the place. Mindi the crazy, Jocelyn the manipulative gossiper, Adam the drunk/high guy, Amber the slutty and insta-hate-without-knowing-why, and Niko the mysterious guy who nurtures the crazy. Basically, they were all screwed in the head in some way. Even though her new group of friends is like this, they keep her grounded in a sense.

I loved how the Furies were used in this book, it was so different, them possessing Amelie/Cory in the way that they did, and how she copes with it all. She is such a mentally strong character, even when she loses control over them, she is strong. Especially having to kill a whole bunch of guilty people for the Furies, just to keep them under control. That's only at night though, during the day she goes to school to be normal, with Furies in the back of her mind trying to coax her to kill practically everyone she walks past.

The romance. I liked the romance in this book. I spoke earlier how it was insta-love, but then it wasn't because it had good reason to be. I actually liked Amelie/Cory and Niko together, I was rooting for them, even though they did fall in love really quickly, there was a reason for it (it's a spoiler, shhhhhh)

Even though I hate myself for not having enough time to read, this book was really addicting. Once I started reading, I didn't want to stop, even when I had to. Even when I had 100 or so pages left, I didn't even realize where they all went. If I had time, this book would have been devoured in a day. 

I can't believe the ending. Just wow. Everything that happened just completely blew my mind. I'm still trying to process everything that happened. OK, it was a little too easy, but Mindi blowing Dr. Goodhart's brain, and thinking that it was Amelie/Cory instead of him!!!! Then she doesn't even say anything about it when Mindi says that she thought it was her was just a bit weird. You should at least take some offence to it. 
This book ended really well. It was kind of open, but it was still a really good ending for this stand alone. Even though I wish for another book....

This novel was received for review via Simon & Schuster Australia. This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel.


  1. Addicting books are aaaaawesome. xD I love it when I can't put a book down, because I know I'm 100% sucked in. hehe. Just shows the author is insanely talented, right?! Oh but it's soooo hard not to read the spoiler. I'm telling myself NO very hard right now. *slaps hand away from highlight spoiler* I do think I'd like to read this one!

    1. YES!!! I'm definitely going to be reading her other books after this one. hahaha it's kind of a spoiler because it leads up to what happened in the ending. If you read the spoiler, you might just guess at what happens in the ending, but it's just that good, I know it probably won't even spoil the book or your reaction. Go read it!!

  2. This one sounds so interesting! Don't worry, I have a weird fascinating with reading about the mentality of psychos and sociopaths too. It's just really intriguing from a psychological view-point.
    Her friends are screwed up! But I can understand how they can ground her as well. I would hate to have a Fury in my head all the time telling me to kill. That's really screwed up, but an interesting plot line. Wonderful review lovely! xx

    1. It is! haha sounds like you will like this book! Plus, if you like that kind of thing, you NEED to read Dangerous Girls. You will love it, especially with the whole psycho and socio mentality.
      Soo screwed up, you have no idea until you read this book. But it's mainly just Mindi, the others are practically enablers. Thanks lovely!

  3. This book sounds absolutely brilliant, despite the instant love aspect. This sounds like it's psychopath's written the correct way, thrilling and edge of your seat reading. I haven't read many books with Furies in them actually, definitely none that possess a character and drive them to the point of wanting to kill. I can't imagine being able to find any sense of normalcy through that, school must have been horrid, no wonder she hardly went. I'm going to grab a copy too, this one sounds to good to pass up.
    Awesome review Gina Bear <3

    1. Oh you will love it!! I shall get it for you for Chrissy as a present :D (I'll just need to remember though lol) I haven't either, and this was a brilliant introduction to them! I think if I read any other kind of book on Furies, I'll be expecting them to be psychopaths. Thanks lovely <3


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