Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Apologies & Shit I took for Granted

Yep, shit happened.

What I took for Granted:
~ Blogging
~ Emailing
~ Talking to all of you on Twitter and Google Hangouts (and occasionally scrolling through Facebook)

But you know what I really took for granted that I never even thought about? 
(See why below)

I never really realized just how much I depended on the Internet to be able to do all this blogging and talking. Sure, I knew it was there and that it needed to work, but I didn't really think that this kind of thing would happen without being able to fix it.

A Tale of Woe: The Internet:
First of all I want to let you all know why I haven't been as active blogging and hardly anywhere on social media during December, and I'm SORRY!!
My internet crashed and burned... which led to me developing something I like to call as Internet-Rage.
So, basically what happened was that our internet was connected to our WiFi at home but we couldn't connect to the actual internet. 
Stupid right?
Meaning that if the internet wasn't working at all, then it would be half working. AKA, I would get my hopes up because I'm getting emails coming through (so I would go on my laptop to blog and tweet), but then every half hour or so (not even that most of the time), it would just randomly cut out and it wouldn't come back on for hours. When I mean hours, I'm talking about 3-4 hours later when I'm cursing the internet.
Supposedly there is nothing we can do about it, but at least it's fixed now. 
YAAAY, and....
I really missed you guys!!!
*tackle hugs you all*

Curious about what happened when I got my Internet back?
I caught up on my emails, especially the Bloglovin daily feeds so I could go and visit all my fave blogs and comment to my heart's content.
Then, I kinda, sorta got side tracked and started watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube. I've never been into YouTube or anything like that, so I was surprised at how much I actually love this series so far. Alright, so I might be a tad obsessed....
I just might be watching it now *looks away*

Also, I got Instagram!
I'm still figuring this whole thing out, but it's fun so far. Although, it can't top the obsessiveness that is Twitter.
Make sure you all leave me your Instagram names/handles whatever in the comments so I can follow you!

What's coming up now, you ask?
Well, I've got a whole heap of reviews just lined up waiting to go (the only benefit of having no internet was that I got to read....a lot)
Plus, I've got a few blog tours coming up. The one that I'm most excited for is this:

Here is the schedule so you can plan your way around the entire tour, you know you want to :D


  1. OMG THAT IS THE WORST TORTURE ANYONE CAN EVER GIVE ME!!! I freak out when my internet spazzes just a little, I cannot even imagine what I'd do if the whole thing stopped working. Probably roll over and sob into my pillow I guess :P Welcome back to internet life! It's a glorious, glorious place.

    1. It was the worst! Especially when it starts to work, and I log on my computer, then it decides to turn off again! I feel like crying just thinking about that torture. Well, at least I had my books to keep me company, so that was the benefit I guess...

  2. Welcome back Gina, when I moved into my new place I had 10 weeks without internet and god, that was a nightmare! You really do take it for granted don't ya?

    1. Wow, well at least you understand my pain :( Exactly, you don't realize just how much you rely on it until it's gone *sigh*

  3. YAAAY WELCOME BACK TO THE INTERNET!! I hate being without internet. Like, I get crazily annoyed and frustrated. >_< All my friends are online so it's like never ever getting to talk to people whenever I don't have internet. Am I addicted? JUST A LITTLE. And I'm not ashamed. *nods*
    Also Lizzie Bennet diaries are. the. best.

    1. THANK YOU! I'm so happy to finally be back :D I'm the same, it's sad but my only friend outside blogging is my bf.... Never will be ashamed of being crazy addicted to it! YES! I finished watching them all in 2 DAYS, and now I feel like watching Pride & Prejudice :)

  4. Man I hope you're provider is going to credit you that whole month of crappy internet service!!

    1. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what they've done for us now, I don't take care of it in our household. But, I'm just glad that it's all back up and running.


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