Thursday, 26 February 2015

Discussion: Tacking the dreaded TBR. Which method are YOU?

It's amazing the dread that you feel when you hear:

Yep, the TBR is a dastardly wicked acronym for all those books that we need to read. 
So, my question today is how do you organize your TBR?

There are literally so many ways that you can organize it, it's not funny.
Here are some of the few ways that you can tackle your TBR:

Sticky Notes are the Bomb
Here is how I'm currently doing my TBR, and so far it's a really good system for me.
Basically, because I've got so many review copies that I need to read, I've sorted them by using three different sticky notes with release dates on them. 
Sticky notes marked Urgent will be uncorrected proofs of novels. These will be read first in order of release date.
Sticky notes marked Can't Wait will be review copies from 2015. Also read in order of release date.
Sticky notes marked as Read are old review copies from 2014 that I didn't get to. Again, sorted as per it's release date.
Then, the review copies that come in that I absolutely cannot wait to read, I'll push them in front of the cue and read them as soon as I'm finished with my currently reading. Also, books to review for blog tours are pushed ahead as well depending on blog tour date.
I'll usually go through my unsolicited and check out the blurb and reviews to see if this book is something I should put in my TBR or just put it on my shelf as a someday read.

First Come, First Serve
I used to go with this system, but it just got too out of hand, especially with the uncorrected proofs and how many books I would get as well. I wouldn't be reading any current books, they would all be months old.
But this system would work really well with people that don't have a lot on their TBR (are there even these kinds of people out there?)

The Good-Reader
Goodreads is such a handy tool. I love how it's social media for books, and it is great for finding more books to add to your TBR (yep, this always happens).
I've never used Goodreads as a way of keeping my TBR in check before, but you can add or remove books, change their order and even see how many books are even on your TBR.

Release Date Guru
Thanks for sharing your TBR system, Chiara!
This kind of like what I do in the first one, but it's strictly books by release date.
No matter what kind of book comes in, it's sorted by release date! 

I Do What I Want
Loving your style, Jaz! Buy all the beautiful HARDBACKS!
Exactly what the title says! Just picking any random book off your shelf or on your Goodreads shelf and just going for it! Reading new books, reading books you've already read before, just whatever you feel like!

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo
Thanks, Kristy, for letting me in on your TBR secrets.
First priority are books that have been requested from publishers
Then after that it comes down to:
~ Purchased books
~ Fave authors
~ 'I'm going to die if I don't read this' from reading blurb, recommendation, or general book hype
~ Books that continue a series to finish said series
~ Series Binge! (love doing these)
Then after all this, it's the unsolicited copies, unless they really appeal.
Oh, and Kristy favors Physical over eBooks (like ME!)

Mix 'n' Match
Thanks, Kelly, for letting me steal your secrets
First priority are review copies from publishers.
After that, it finishing series finales, then it's free for all!

TBR Jar of Possibilities
This is another of Kelly's TBR methods!
Writing on pieces of paper the name of the books on your TBR, putting them all in a jar, then picking one out at random. Sounds like a fun TBR way, hopefully I get to try this one day.

Stop! Let Me Take a Shelfie :)
Thanks, Faith for letting me in on your TBR!
Basically review copies (physical first then e-copies), then anything from the shelves (of either home or the library). It's that simple.

The Great Debate
Physical over eBooks, or eBooks over Physical copies? This is probably the most commonly asked question among us bibliophiles.
What do you read first? Physical copies, or eBook copies? Is it a mix or are strictly physical or ebook?
Current record:
Me: Physical
Kristy: Physical
Kelly: On the Fence. Loves both equally
Faith: Physical
Jaz: Physical (Hates eBooks with a passion)
Chiara: Physical

What is your TBR like? Do you use a different system?


  1. It's here! WOO.

    My comment is kind of worthless because you already have my TBR system! By release date, because I'm (mostly) logical, and like things in order ;D

    Although, I used to give priority to physical review copies over ebook ones. But I changed that! I didn't have any kind of concrete reason for the preference, except that I email the publisher publicist directly for physical books, and not ebooks! But now all is fair, and I like it much better that way.

    However, trying to fit them all in my reading time and on the blog in a timely fashion is a topic for another day XD

    1. haha no comment from you is worthless! :D It's hard sometimes trying to find the right way to get everything sorted. haha, I agree on that one, I've been a bit slack as of late, but trying to change that :)

  2. YAY! TBR discussions are interesting and fun for me, because I love organising and the tbr pile is basically the best thing to organise, for me. I personally go with the first served system, though I used sticky notes through the summer so I read in whatever order I liked but knew what had to be reviewed first, from when it arrived. This works well for me (awkward when the pile gets huge and I struggle to get through library and my own books), but I like reviewing what I get sent in order, even if publish dates coincide.
    Excellent post! I had so much fun reading this! xx

    1. I used to do the first serve system, but it didn't work out for me very well because I had a whole heap of books and it was just getting way to hectic to manage and to keep up with the new books coming out. Thank you! Loved hearing about your TBR ways :)


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