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Blog Tour: Ash by Shani Petroff & Darci Manley | Guest Post

Ash (Destined #1)
Behind 352 Pages
Released: 17 March 2015
Genre: Dystopian
Publisher: Polis Books
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At the Other End:
Destiny is pre-determined. It is strictly monitored. It is unchangeable.
Or is it?

Madden’s life is a whirlwind of privilege and perks. Born into the elite Purple ring, she is fated to be a Minister of the Seven. Although her position comes with the burden of great responsibility, she’s nothing if not confident in her future. After all, Destiny Specialists have determined how she will fulfill her life's purpose, and they are never wrong.

Her classmate Dax, an Ash, is clinging to the opposite end of the spectrum. While everyone around her knows what destiny awaits them, Dax’s fate is…missing. Isolated and ignored, she refuses to let her lack of status define her.

After a stunning twist of fate, Dax and Madden’s paths intertwine in ways neither could have possibly imagined. The two are forced to question their own past, present and future as they realize who they are is not necessarily who they were meant to be.

ASH, the first book in the Destined series, is an unforgettable journey into an alternate future which will leave readers wondering just how much we can control our own fate.

Destiny is calling. Will you fight for yours?

Shani Petroff is a writer living in New York City. In addition to tween and teen books, Shani writes for news programs and several other venues. When she’s not locked in her apartment typing away, she spends a whole lot of time on books, boys, TV, daydreaming, and shopping online. She has no devil lineage as far as she knows.

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Hi there. I'm Darci. 

I'm a creative director with a strong background in both art direction and writing in the digital, print and social space. My interest has always been in strategic brand storytelling. Whether that's found me connecting small businesses with American Express' Small Business Saturday, or sending consumers on a digital scavenger hunt to find a particular pack of M&M's, I make sure the projects I create are engaging, unique, and as memorable as the brands they represent. I also delight in inspiring the teams I work with to make the best work possible.

Find Darci:
1. A lot all of our brainstorming sessions took place at a teashop called Argo Tea. As a kind of tribute, we named one of our minor characters Argo. 

2. We’re not going to tell you who, but one character was almost killed off at the end of ASH, but got a last minute reprieve. Darci had been reading too much George R R Martin at the time.

3. The original title of ASH was AHEAD OF TIME, but color was so important for us, we decided to use a ring color instead.

4. Speaking of the importance of color, several other characters are named after shades of their rings. Or a variation of what they are destined to do.

5. One of the very first things we came up with was the end of book one. It's what made us know we wanted to write the book.

6. We each secretly (or not so secretly) have a book crush on a guy (or two) in the book. It made them more fun to write!

7. Madden wears a pair of shoes that have adjustable heels. We both want a pair.

8. The tombs are based off of the New York City subway tunnels. In fact, all of New City is based off of New York City. After the Event, the people rebuilt and decided a new name that paid tribute to the old one was a nice way to move forward while not forgetting. In addition, the definition of revenant is “a visible ghost or animated corpse that was believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living.” Spooky, right?!

9. Dedicating the book to characters who died before the action in the book takes place is something we originally did as a place holder, and then really liked the idea and decided to keep it!

10. Before we delved into the world and characters, an early description of the book was Gossip Girl meets Hunger Games.

~ Shani & Darci
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