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Double Review: Split Second & Every Second Counts by Sophie McKenzie

Sophie is the award-winning author of a range of teen thrillers, including the Missing series (Girl, Missing, Sister, Missing and Missing Me), Blood Ties and Blood Ransom and the Medusa Project series. She has also written two romance series: the Luke and Eve books and the Flynn series, which starts with the novel Falling Fast. Split Second is her first teen stand-alone novel in seven years. 
Sophie's first novel for adults is the psychological thriller Close My Eyes.

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Split Second (Split Second #1)
Behind 4368 Pages
Released:  12 September 2013
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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At the Other End:

What the hell was this? I stared at the numbers, numb with horror. The box was a bomb. And it was going to go off in two minutes.

Charlie's life is torn apart by a terrorist bomb in a London market. Months later she meets Nat, whose family has been left devastated by the same explosion. But as Charlie gets closer to Nat she starts to wonder if he knows more about the attack than he is letting on...

Life can change in the blink of an eye - whether you're ready or not. 

Split Second was explosive and kept you hanging on every word, then completely takes you out from under with its shocking reveals.

Split Second definitely was explosive, and not just because of the bombs in this book, the bombshells that were revealed at the end just made the book even better, and left me hanging for the second book. There were a few issues with it for me, but overall, I really enjoyed the story and it took a different turn from what I was expecting.

This book took a while for me to read. Sure, I was interested, but it was too easy to put it down and forget most of the background things that happened. Surprisingly enough, when I started reading after I had to stop, I got straight back into the story until I had to put it down again. It was weird, yet in a good way because I still had the same reactions as I would have if I had just read it continuously. 

It was a little annoying at how most of the book, Charlie and Nat seemed just focused on each other and what the other person was thinking about them and not liking them. It felt like that's what was happening the entire book and the characters couldn't focus on their main task at hand when they were just thinking about each other the entire time. I don't understand it, they wouldn't get together so that they wouldn't be distracted during missions, yet all they focused on was each other anyway?? Wouldn't it have just been easier to be together because then they wouldn't need to be daydreaming and wondering what the other is thinking? but I did like these two characters, especially Charlie. She was one tough chick and a great protagonist. Her role suited her, but I wish she would have been more open with her Aunt about her relationship with Rosa. It probably would have saved her a whole heap of getting annoyed at her for trying to push the two together. 

The plot went by quickly. It was pretty choppy-changey and jumping to weeks then months, making it a little hard sometimes to keep track of just how much time has actually passed. What I would think is weeks would be a month or two ahead. The pacing was great though, it had a naturally fast pacing, but still picked up and built up in all the action. 

I was literally on the edge with those last few chapters. It was shocking and I was stunned at the truth while it all came crashing down. I'm not sure what to think of it all, especially the end end shock, but it was definitely worth the build up, and it makes you look back at the rest of the book to see exactly where it all was in front of you and the truth behind it all. I can't wait to start the second book and see where it goes. Definitely be on the lookout for this one!
Every Second Counts (Split Second #2)
Behind 416 Pages
Released: March 2015 
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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At the Other End:
Nat and Charlie are on the run, and in more danger than ever . . . 

Nowhere is safe for Charlie and Nat. They have each other, but Roman Riley's networks could reach them at any time. Charlie believes the only option is to go undercover in Riley's team, and sneaks away from Nat to pursue her plan alone. Nat is desperate to find Charlie, but his family are in danger and Riley is coming ever closer. Even if Nat and Charlie can find each other again, could being together be even more dangerous than being apart?

A riveting conclusion to the Split Second duology. Be prepared for higher stakes and more action.

I’m not sure if this was just me not being able to read as much, or it being the book...  Sure, I liked it, but I don’t know if half the time it was just me being lazy in not wanting to read, or being that I just didn’t feel like reading this book...... I’m still not sure, even after finishing it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a brilliant conclusion, but I just wasn’t as into this book as the first one. It wasn’t hooking me in, even though I liked the plot line all the way until the end of the book.

The last half of this book had a bad case of caveman-itis. It wasn’t as bad as what you see in Evertrue (by Brodi Ashton), but it was still bad and I wanted to slap both Nat and Spider for how they were acting in the current situation they were in. Oh, and I wanted to slap Nat’s parents as well. Grrrrr, talk about frustration.

Once again in this book, I found that in the very worst situations, Nat and Charlie would only be thinking about how much they like the other. Seriously? You have more important things to be thinking about, yet all you can think about is how much you like the other person? It annoyed me, yet I was grateful when they got on with whatever they had to do.

I was completely taken by surprise at the end. Just wow, I would have never of guessed what was going to happen and what Roman would actually do. I was completely shocked and it made everything fall together for the ending that blew me away. I literally fell along with everything until everything changed and the truth was revealed. It was absolutely brilliant, and I loved every second of the plot from beginning to end. 

I loved the ending. It was definitely a happily ever after kind of one, but everything came together nicely, and there was nothing left to question or worry about. This was a fantastic duology and I really really wish some of these series would just go for two books! This cut out the middle book fluff and got straight to the point.

These novels were received for review via Simon & Schuster Australia. These reviews are entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway these reviews or change my personal opinion of the novels.

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