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Australian Blog Tour: Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking + Bookmarks + Wallpapers

Crystal Kingdom (Kanin #3)
Behind 300 Pages
Released: 1 August 2015
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: PanMacmillan Australia
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At the Other End:
With help from the Trylle clan, Bryn tries to clear her name and discover who was really responsible for the Kanin King's murder.

Then, while she's still trying to make sense of it all, Ridley tracks her down while she's on the run for a crime she didn't commit. He refuses to abandon her, so she finally decides that she wants to be with him and that they do belong together. Together, they return to the Kanin capital and rally other trackers and the King's Guard to defend their kingdom from the villain within. But in the process, Bryn learns a startling truth about her former enemy. Brynn's loyalty is still to her kingdom, but will she be rewarded with a place in the royal guard -- and who will ultimately win her heart?

Wallpapers for the rest of the series:

Amanda Hocking lives in Minnesota and had never sold a single book before 15 April 2010. She will shortly sell her millionth. Her books have been a self-publishing phenomenon - according to the Observer, Amanda is the most spectacular example of an author striking gold through ebooks. In her own words, Amanda is an Obsessive Tweeter. John Hughes mourner. Unicorn enthusiast. Red Bull addict. Muppets activist. Fraggin Aardvarks guitarist. Author of the USA Today bestselling books the Trylle Trilogy.

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Thrilling and fast paced, the pages fly and your heart breaks more than once. A fantastic conclusion to the trilogy.

Once you start getting into this book, the pages do really start to fly. I got to the end of the book, and I'm sitting here wondering what happened to the rest of the book! It completely flew past me. So many things happened and so many things were revealed that it just increased the pace a little bit more as the story continued on. It took me a few days before I actually had time to sit down and read more than one or two chapters, but when I did have the time I never realised the time of day or how late it was getting. I was so caught up in this book and what was going on that I forgot everything around me.

There are a few things that I didn't really like. Two of these are considered spoilers, but I'm a bit wary about the last one because it still might give things away. Anyway, here they are for those brave enough:
1. Bryn suddenly becoming really bloodthirsty. Ok, not exactly bloodthirsty, but from someone who was having nightmares about Kennet dying in the last book to who she became in the end? Taking all those lives and ending them in the way that she did? That was a big change from the Bryn at the start of the book. I didn't hate her as this new person, but it was just really unexpected and I went through the end in a haze because of it.
2. The sort of love triangle with Konstantin. First off, this guy is waaaay older than her. Second, they seemed like really good friends to me (think Rowan and Celaena kind of bond), nothing romantic because that's all for Ridley. It felt like there was this love triangle trying to develop in the background but didn't exactly take off. I'm glad that it didn't, but it was still there.
3. Ember's death felt brushed off. She mourned Konstantin when he died, but she didn't mourn Ember who was her best friend for years. Ok, sure she had priorities when Ember did die and she had to put it behind her for the time being, but after that there was nothing. Just a mention or two here, but nothing to make me feel like we really just lost EMBER!

The plot line was brilliant. We've finally visited all the Troll kingdoms (spanning both the Trylle and Kanin trilogy), and it was great to see how they all lived and the different culture that is in each. I'm happy that we got to see Wendy, Loki and Finn for a good deal in this book. It felt like the proper send off for this world to see all the old characters.

I was really shocked about the revelations surrounding everything. It was a really good deception and even though I had a hunch of what it was, it still shocked me. I can't remember if I guessed it in the previous book, but it doesn't matter because it got the reaction it deserved. I'm on the fence about if the ending was too short or if it was just right. But all in all, it was a great ending anyway and tied everything up perfectly.

I definitely recommend this trilogy and the Trylle trilogy. This trilogy is more action packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat and flying through the pages. 
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This novel was received for review via PanMacmillan Australia. This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel.

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