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Air Awakens by Elise Kova Review

I am not even sure of where to start this review. I mean this book was INCREDIBLE!

So our main character, Vhalla is a library apprentice who was raised to fear magic, and the sorcerer’s who live in the tower. Very early on, she learns that she has magic of her own-a very unique and special affinity to air. Those with magic have an affinity of either air, water, fire, or earth (I believe that is all of them.) What I loved about the beginning of the book, was that Vhalla didn’t want her magic. Elise Kova did an amazing job with projecting real thoughts from Vhalla.
I’ve always noticed in many fantasy novels, when the MC finds out they are the “chosen one” or they have a special power, they kind of jump into it and is like “let’s go save the world!” I don’t know about you, but I always try to place myself in the shoes of the MC, and I am NOT brave. Not brave at all. If I had learned I had magic, and I was brought up to fear those with it, I’d get rid of it. I’d ignore it as long as I could, and that is what Vhalla did. She just wanted to be a normal girl, have a normal life, and continue on as a library apprentice. After she saves the Crown Prince’s life *swoons*, she learns of her magic and after some fighting with herself comes to accept it, and begins learning. Enter Prince Aldrik *swoons again* Let me just say how irritating that man is! BUT I LOVED IT! It worked for him! I enjoyed how Elise wrote him. Did I mention that he is a Fire Lord? I mean he is LITERALLY HOT! Okay, aside from that he really is irritating, and kind of rude, and has a pretty bad rap. I mean no one has anything nice to say about him. But as Vhalla gets to know him, we learn there is a softer side to him. I get why he is the way he is, growing up having something people are afraid of. I don’t want to give too much away on him. The handsome, irritating man always dressed in black.

 I do want to mention Vhalla’s character development. I think this
is very important. She starts off as this little librarian, who’s afraid of what she has, and blossoms into a young woman who stands up for herself, and what she believes in. I loved everything about her, mainly because I could identify with her. I used to be the same way until I realized I can’t just sit back and let people’s thoughts and beliefs become my own.

Elise Kova created an incredible world, though I do have to admit I did become a little confused on the history of the Solaris Empire, and the NSEW bit’s and where each affinity hailed from. A map would have been nice to be honest, but I feel like in the sequels we will learn a little more.

The secondary characters were alright, though I am a little curious about Larel, and what her relationship to Aldrik was. I need more on her. I was not here for Sareem at all. I had a feeling he was a close-minded person, and even after Vhalla revealed her secret he wanted to ignore it, and move on. Like, NO SIR. YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT IT LIKE PRINCE ALDRIK. I feel like we didn’t get too much on Roan, but I think she may become important later. Baldair, you handsome prince you… KEEP IT MOVING SIR.

I want to end off with saying, I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED any and all interaction between Vhalla and Prince Aldrik. I mean the tension was INCREDIBLE! I started reading at a restaurant before I went to work but I couldn’t put my Nook down and my salad got soggy because I was hooked. Elise literally reels you in pretty quickly, and then she doesn’t let go. AT ALL. On my downtime at work, I finished the last 15 pages, and I was SCREAMING! Such an amazing ending. For the next hour and a half, I was searching online for a box set so I can purchase it in a physical copy. Air Awakens was better than I expected it to be. I was super nervous because the covers are pretty awesome, and I didn’t want the book to be the opposite. And it wasn’t. I suggest this to all who love The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, and even fans of Sarah J. Maas. Even Avatar: The Last Airbender fans, there is a lot of similarity!This was a beautifully written fantasy novel,  that pulls you in and does not let go. I have a feeling it won’t until you get to the final book Crystal Crowned which releases in July.

I want to thank Elise Kova for sending me a copy of this wonderful book to review! To celebrate the release of the final book in the Air Awakens series, she is hosting the Crystal Crowned Tour! Many bloggers will be reviewing this incredible series, and I am honored we were chosen as one of them! There will also be blog tours, which I can’t wait to check out. In my introduction post I mentioned a giveaway event, I look forward to.
 About The Author

Elise Kova has always had a profound love of fantastical worlds. Somehow, she managed to focus on the real world long enough to graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration before crawling back under her favorite writing blanket to conceptualize her next magic system. She currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and when she’s not writing can be found playing video games, watching anime, or talking with readers on social media. She is the author of the Air Awakens Series as well as the upcoming Loom Saga (Keymaster, 2017).

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