4 Essential Tips for Gorgeous yard in Medford Oregon

It is hard being cooped up all Winter. That is when you long for the fresh air of Spring in Medford Oregon when the sunshine, the birds sing, and everyone cannot wait to venture outside. It is also the ideal time to start your outdoor landscape maintenance Medford Oregon program. This way you get to impress your neighbors with an extraordinary landscape. The best way to achieve this is to display a stunning front yard garden.

There are a variety of flowers and a host of landscape options to think about when you are finally ready to create your signature front yard garden. The key is to have a plan in place. This is why we have put together these four helpful tips on how to maintain a lovely landscape during Spring and Summer.

Time to Clean Your Garden

Spring cleaning is not just relevant to your home; it also applies to the garden. During Fall and Winter, you will typically come across leaves, snow, and other debris that needs to be cleaned. You would have to get rid of weed and prune plants that managed to survive Winter. The earlier you do this, the better it would be for your garden as plants may already be coming out, and you do not want to damage these.

Take Care of the Soil

The soil has likely dried out during Winter. Now is the time to add a bit of compost and manure to add some moisture. First, we suggest you clear out any weeds that you noticed, then add fresh compost and manure. Wait a couple of weeks before you plant so the soil is in the right condition to house plants.

Plant Flowers that are Full of Color and Give Off Fragrance

When you create a garden that compliments your home, planting flowers that look not only beautiful but also smell nice is the key to a functional garden.

Following are some of the favorite choices that seem to be right for planting during Spring while it will add a stunning texture to your outdoor landscape:

  • Roses – These are a must-have for any high-end garden because of its gorgeous red and pink colors.
  • Korean Spice Viburnum – Thanks to its spice cake scent and pink bud, these are seen as one of the most popular shrubs around.
  • Encore Azalea – Sprinkling your garden with an array of white, pink, red or purple is easy with the Azalea hybrid.
  • Tulips – An elegant flower that sports a fantastic orange shade to highlight your garden with.

Take Care of Your Garden by Keeping it Beautiful

As much as you would like your garden to look good, it won’t automatically happen unless you take care of it. This is most probably one of the more important things you could do to keep your garden looking fresh. Spring is the ideal time to add a bit of mulch to your garden so you can prevent weeds and help water retention. Be sure to water deeply every 3 to 5 days.

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