Commercial Security Systems Medford Oregon – How to Prevent Burglaries

When a business gets burglarized, it is regarded as a crime of opportunity that takes place after hours. Businesses can easily reduce these opportunities by using different methods.

All it takes is a few easy steps to secure your business which involves the use of state-of-the-art commercial security systems Medford Oregon. It is a case of taking an active role to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Sufficient Lighting

Light is the easiest and best crime deterrent. Sufficient lighting will cut down on shadows and is often used by criminals for cover. Make use of bright lights at each point of entry and lower-watt bulbs inside your property. Illuminate any entry points, parking lots that surround your building and alleyways.


Ensure all your windows are in perfect condition. They should not be loose or rotting. The windows need to lock securely and provide excellent visibility into the office or shop.

Do not allow displays to block the view of your store, so those who pass may see inside. A good tip is to remove merchandise from the display window at night as it will prevent burglars from paying attention to your business. If you are situated in a high-risk area, it’s considered a good idea to install burglar resistant glass, iron bars on the window, and wire mesh.


The security precautions you take for windows need to be applied to doors as well. Ensure your doors stay locked and do not have any fundamental weaknesses, such as gaps in the structure. Utilize materials that are solid and heavy. Also, the door frames must be tough enough to prevent it from being jimmied with ease. Add multiple locking mechanisms or reinforcement if need be.


Secure every opening to your business using the highest quality locks you can buy such as windows, skylights, and doors. Know that no lock is entirely burglar proof. However,  the longer a criminal takes to enter your establishment, the better the chances of them getting caught.

Medford Security Systems

Though not regarded as an actual physical barrier, commercial security systems Medford  offer entry detection, notification, and peace of mind.

Should a burglar manage to break in, the alarm in itself is sure to scare them off or force them out quickly.

Research security companies like SOS Alarm who provide commercial security system and ask for one that best fits your personal requirements. Finally, put up signs that state that your building is equipped with an alarm in clear view.


Never keep any cash on your person after business hours. If you do have cash or other valuables, keep it stowed away in a safe that is securely anchored to the floor and situated in a protected location. If your staff knows the code, be sure to change it every now and again. Especially when someone quits their job or is terminated.

Video Surveillance Cameras

The decision to plan for security cameras largely depends on your budget and physical environment.

Setting up cameras in parking lots will give those inside a feel for what’s happening in and around the building.

Security cameras used inside are particularly effective for use in lobbies, elevators, stairways, cash/ticket booths, entrances, and exits.

Studies have shown that the actual presence of a surveillance camera, whether or not it works or not, deters criminals from breaking into a location.

Stop the Thieves Before They Strike

Sadly, there is very little you can do after a porch thief stole something from your home. You can, however, outsmart them and prevent any packages from being taken in the first place.

Doorbell cameras is a great deterrent and allow one to check on any activity occurring on your porch through a smartphone. Motion detectors trigger the camera, then starts recording before it sends an alert.

The cameras let you talk with the person or intruder on the porch via the speakers. Law enforcement officers reckon that thieves who are aware that they are recorded will think twice before they steal anything. They know if they do those police officers can use the video footage to arrest them

HD security cameras that operate wirelessly serves as another useful alternative as you can add multiple camera cameras on the inside and outside of your business premises.

These high-quality cameras allow you to have live view and you’ll be instantly notified about any suspicious activity via email or smartphone.

SOS Alarm offers a variety of options you can avail of.