Underlying Dental Concerns in Grants Pass Your Dentist Can Help You With

Your body and mouth have a lot in common, other than being connected with one another. Both will let you know once something is not quite right in the form of discomfort and pain as well as unsightly visible symptoms like bleeding cuts and sores.

Pain, whether in the form of canker sores or jaw pain in your mouth, through a chronic dry mouth or tooth sensitivity, or bleeding gums and bad breath, should be a reason for concern.

Regardless of the source of your discomfort, pain or oral health condition, you should pay attention to the following underlying causes as brought out by your dentist expert in Grants Pass.

Bleeding Gums

Any gums that bleed have to be checked out by your local dentists of Grants Pass as quickly as possible as it might be a sign of gum disease. Gums can redden, show inflammation or swell out. Any of these are very uncomfortable to deal with.

During the early stages, gum disease is relatively common and may easily be treated when proper procedure is followed.

Once gum disease turns into periodontal disease, you are potentially saddled with a more severe condition that would require extensive treatment or extensive damages that cannot be reversed. If not treated, periodontal disease leads to a weakening of your bone tissue and tooth loss.

Tooth Sensitivity and Pain

At one time or another, we had to contend with teeth that temporarily ached because of something scalding hot or ice-cold. Once your tooth sensitivity becomes chronic, however, there might very well be a serious underlying cause you are not even aware of.

One’s tooth enamel weakening causes both tooth pain and sensitivity because of improper care, tooth decay, or trauma to the tooth.

Depending on how bad the pain is you are experiencing, you may have to visit your local dental specialist to have it professionally treated. During other time, simple at home-care will do just fine. Dental treatment is recommended in both cases, especially if the pain or sensitivity came on suddenly.

Pain in the Jaw

Even if you only experience a continuous, dull ache in your jaw, it can be as bad as intense, stabbing jaw pain. It can be caused by abscessed teeth, headaches, a pinched jaw, sinus issues, fractured jawline, and facial nerves.

Under certain circumstances, jaw pain may be an indication of a heart attack. Therefore, you should never overlook jaw pains, but see your dentist without fail.

Bad Breath

Everyone experiences lousy breath once they get up in the morning. However, if your bad breath is pungent and remains for longer than it should, how can you remedy the situation?

Without a doubt, having bad breath is embarrassing and impacts negatively on the quality of your life. It also causes poor oral hygiene, gingivitis, mouth sores, sinus and an irritable throat.

Dry Mouth

It is not a pleasant feeling to always feel thirsty. Patients who experience a chronic dry mouth tend to think that it’s just a harmless discomfort.

Despite the uncomfortable feeling of thirst and embarrassing bad breath you get from dry mouth, other severe conditions present itself in the form of stress, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders that often result in the decrease in saliva production.

Cancer radiation treatment, aging, and smoking can also dry one’s mouth out.

Canker Sores

The presence of sores is often a sign of infection. No doubt, canker sores prove to be painful and outright embarrassing.

Once you detect sores within your mouth, it is suggested you see your Grants Pass dentist.

Common causes of these sores in your mouth range from an irritation of the soft tissues due to possible friction from wearing braces, ill-fitting dentures, retainers, tobacco use, and from brushing your gums and teeth too hard.

Then there is the chance that health problems like herpes may also result in sores in the mouth. In some instances, canker sores in your mouth are the result of cancer of the mouth that can be fatal if not treated in time.

Some of the causes mentioned above affect one’s oral and general health. These would range from tooth decay, dental hygiene, and possibly cancer in the end. Therefore, it is vital you pay a visit to your dentist Grants Pass frequently.