Doing Video Production in Grants Pass


Marketers often look for new ways to capture their audience’s attention. Grants Pass Video Production is at the forefront of strategic conversion. Just browse through Facebook for a half a minute, and you will find that a massive chunk of its content is in video form.

The thing is that video offer users with a visual presentation of storytelling while presenting marketers with an outstanding ROI. In fact, 52% of marketing gurus consider video marketing to deliver the best ROI.

How can your business use videos to capture their target market’s attention? Consider the following tips:

  • Make use of YouTube. Even though this is by no means a new platform for presenting your content visually, it is more important than ever before to host your videos on the YouTube channel. When asked what content channel marketers plan on adding to their marketing strategy, they said YouTube as up to 5 billion videos are being watched daily.
  • It is no secret that the human’s average attention span has been decreased. We need to keep our video content short and to the point. Our timelines are saturated with a boatful of information, ranging from the brands we follow, the ones we don’t follow, and our social circles. According to reputable sources, videos under 90 seconds manage to keep viewers attention by 53%. However, videos going over 30 minutes retain only 10% of their attention. As there is an endless amount of content that competes for our attention, it is imperative to offer any information concisely and straightforwardly. Currently, YouTube has more than 1.5 billion users, which amount to close to one-third of people using the Internet.
  • Did you know that millennials are not the only ones who love YouTube? Baby Boomers and Gen X are among the fastest growing number of viewers of which the number of adults aged 35 to 55 has grown from 40% to over 80%. YouTube reaches a phenomenal 95% of adults between these age groups we’ve just mentioned. Up to 68% use it to stay up to date as to what is happening around the world, while 73% make use of videos to access how-to content.

Video production companies in Grants Pass are the best to assist one in making the most of your products or services. Your users can look forward to a painless experience, and what is more, they allow you to pick your music background to complement the video.

Video Tips and Tricks

Surely, YouTube has a huge amount of worldwide users. There are myriads of video places you can load your video onto. If you can do this, you will receive a higher amount of traffic. Try to vary your video making techniques, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Professional video production companies usually make use of video production software to embed a number of website links into the video itself. After all, you must let your viewers know how they may contact you. It is an idea to add a link to your YouTube description box once you uploaded the video.

Before a production company starts to create videos, they would conduct keyword research first. You do not want to get this wrong or else it will have an effect on your rankings in the search engine.

With video production it is crucial that your target market can find your video otherwise you will find it difficult to attract traffic and sales.

Therefore, you or the production company you hired need to select keywords that have enough monthly search volumes. It is worth taking a look at long tail keywords as well.

Once you have your primary keyword in place, you need to name the video file using the same keyword. When the video is loaded on YouTube, this keyword needs to make up the title and be used in the description box somewhere.

Isn’t it time you separate yourself from the competition by incorporating the services of state of the art Grants Pass video production companies like Novum Visuals?

You can look forward to high quality, professional video production that is both knowledgeable and flexible at the same time. From weddings and live events all the way through to staged commercials, Novum Visuals can handle it all. Give them a call on 541-218-7707.