Mary McCoy (Dead to Me)
Sarah Noffke (The Lucidites)
Ryan Graudin (All That Glows Series/The Walled City)
Barry Jonsberg (Pandora Jones)
Cathi Shaw (The Marked Ones)
Majanka Verstraete (The Soul Thief)
Nicky Peacock (Bad Blood)
Lindsey R. Loucks (What Gifts She Carried)
Holly Schindler (Feral)
Mary Webbet (Storm Siren)
E. Lockhart (We Were Liars)
Ann M. Noser (How to Date Dead Guys)
John Hennessy (Stormling)
Imogen Howson (Linked series)
Kate Gordon (Writing Clementine)
Chloe Miles (Faded Trilogy)
Rene Gilley (Just Sing)
Joy Preble (The Sweet Dead Life series)
Kimberly Loth (Kissed Chronicles)
Amy Butler Greenfield (Chantress Trilogy)
Samantha Coville (Blood Oath)
Kimberly Pauley (Ask Me)
Candice Burnett (Death has a Daughter)
Ella West (Night Vision)
Jamie Canosa (Resisting Atlantis)
Kerry Schafer (Wakeworld series)
Aurora Zahni (Ellie Stanton)
{Character Interview}Maggie from The Life After series (Katlyn Duncan)
Alicia Kobishop (The Fine Line)
Michelle Madow (Secret Diamond Sisters)
Lyn Croft (Blood and Lilies)
Lynnette Lounsbury (Afterworld)
Tori L. Ridgewood (Talbot trilogy)
Meredith Wild (Hardwired series)
Julianna Baggott (Pure trilogy)
Justine Erler (Starcrush)
Julie Cross (Letters to Nowhere series)
J. Woods (Gilded Feathers series)
Derek The Ghost (Scary School series)
Georgia Bell (Unbound)
Andrea R. Cooper (Garnet Dagger)
Karoline Barrett (Art of Behing Rebekkah)
Tina Moss & Yelena Casale (A Touch of Darkness)
Jon Skovron (Man Made Boy)
Michael Adams (The Last trilogy)
Tracy Ann Lord (Good Catch)
Melissa McVicar (Secret Affinity series)
Sarah Makela (Saved by Moonlight)
Tracy Hewitt Meyer (A Life, Redefined)
Faith Sullivan (Take Me Now series)
Dionne Lister (Circle of Talia series)
Aria Williams (Banished from Grace)
Nicky Peacock (Bad Blood)
Meradeth Houston (Chemistry of Fate)
Thomas Amo (Forever Me)
Cambria Covell (Heroes House)
Colette Freedman (The Affair series)
Barbara Morgenroth (Flash)
Jordan Dane (The Hunted series)
Heather Beck (Whispers in the Shadows)
Ella James (Here trilogy)
Kaitlyn Deann (The Witches Sleep series)
Wendy D. Walter (Ambril's Tales series)
Jody Gehrman (Audrey's Guides series)
Hog Wild (Baby, You're as Sweet as 3.14159265)
Jessica Roberts (Reflection series)
Graham J. Sharpe (Purple)
Ilsa J. Bick (Ashes series)
Karen Ann Hopkins (Temptation trilogy)
Amber Garr (Syrenka series)
Rachel Wade (The Gates series)
Elizabeth Loraine (Royal Blood Chronicles)
J.R. Wagner (Exiled)
Heather Topham Wood (First Visions)
Meira Penterman (Firefly Beach)
Priya Ardis (My Merlin series)
Melissa Turner Lee (Painter series)
Toni Aleo (Assassins series)
S.B. Rodgers (Guardian)
Kymber Morgan (Shafted)
Rob Andrews (WiSpY)
Rhiannon Paille (Ferryman and the Flame series)

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