Review Policy

           CURRENT REVIEW STATUS: Sorry, I am NOT accepting any more review requests :(        

NOTE. Please see the following before continuing, your novel might not be an accepted novel.

I accept:
YA, (some) NA, (some) Middle Grade novels/series, Fiction

I do not accept (even if in one of the above genres):
Self help
Graphic Novels
All genres of Non-fiction
Adult Fiction Mystery & Suspense (honestly, it doesn't do anything for me)
Horror (dito)

If your novel is part of the do not accept, then unfortunately, your email will be ignored. If you are unsure as to whether I will like your book and it fits into categories both in accept and do not accept, please let me know this, so I do not ignore your email and will let you know my opinion.

           CURRENT REVIEW STATUS: Sorry, I am NOT accepting any more review requests :(        

Continued Information...
Calm your horses, you don't need to jump hoops for anything :) THIS. IS. NOT. A. TEST.


I accept ePub and PDF, however, I prefer Paperback/Hardback copies and these will be prioritised first (shipping will be toAustralia, so I know it'll be hard). Just to be clear, yes, I have Kindle on my Phone but Kindle copies are a last resort.
I accept from ALL KINDS OF AUTHORS, whether you are an Indie author or Major author, Self-Published author or Major Publishing Housed author, all are welcome.

If for some reason I cannot finish your novel, I have the right to mark it as a DNF and not to finish the novel if it is not for me.

All reviews will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. It will look like this:

"This novel was received for review via ______. This review is entirely my own, no bribery or any deals have been made to sway this review or change my personal opinion of the novel."

This applies to all novels and will not change my review or impact on my review, whether you like it or not. Sorry, I'm blunt like that and I've been told it is a good quality to have for reviews. If I don't like something in your novel, I will point it out. I do not blame the actual author for anything, I refer to everything within the story.

If I cannot offer you a review because I feel the novel is not for me, I also can provide you with a Guest Post, Interview, Excerpt, Giveaway post all with Bookmarks on the blog.
With Guest Posts, I allow the author to choose their own topic (my policy is that they're in the spotlight so they get to talk about whatever they like), you can include pictures, videos etc if you like as well. A preview of the post is also sent to the author to confirm the post is to their liking and if they would like for me to change anything they can do so at that time.
With Interviews, as you most probably would have noticed from reading the blog, I have a set of interview questions that I created that are used for every interview, basically 'generic questions'.

With Bookmarks, these are not optional and can be included as an extra in any kind of post (above) that you choose. If you would like to get bookmarks made as part of your post, please let me know via email along with the details of your post. Included with this information, I will need the following things to be able to make your book's bookmark: a high res image of the cover of your book/series, and a quote from that book (a short quote please, to view the maximum size of a quote you can use view the Awaken by Kristen Day bookmark's back). If you would like to have a bookmark without doing any kind of promo post, you can sign up on the form on the "Bookmarks" tab at the bottom of the page. To see samples of bookmarks that I have made, you can view them all in the "Bookmarks" tab at the top of this blog. All bookmarks made on this blog are made for FREE and are provided FREE on this blog. Under no circumstances are these bookmarks to be sold. They may be printed and shared, just not to be sold.
Everything that happens on the blog will automatically post to the blog's Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin' page.
By all means, you can suggest a different kind of post than what is stated above. Just be sure to explain what you are thinking of, and I will try and do my best to accommodate.

All queries, questions, suggestions and requests should be emailed to: 

           CURRENT REVIEW STATUS: Sorry, I am NOT accepting any more review requests :(        

As of 8.August.2012, I have decided to prioritise my review request list. The novels that I receive as a PAPERBACK/HARDBACK will be moved to the top of the list. I am prioritising as this because I am in Australia, the authors that send me soft copies of their novel have willingly sent to Australia, as that effort has been made to send their novel all the way here I am giving their novel first priority to be read. This is solely my decision as I know the time and effort it takes to go to the post office and to send (oh the joyous que). Thank you to all the authors that have sent me paperback/hardback/soft copys of their novels so far. To the authors still on the list, I will try my best to get through each and every novel as quickly as possible. 

Thank you all!

Love Gina xo

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