Be in Control and Experience an Improved Shooting Experience by Fitting a Muzzle Brake to Your Rifle


Nothing quite beats the feeling of knowing you are in control when practicing your target shooting outdoors. You too can make it happen by equipping your rifle with a state-of-the-art muzzle brake by the likes of top quality manufacturers such as MadHouse Design. Doing so will drastically reduce muzzle rise as well as improve your accuracy levels.

In most cases, the accuracy levels are less than desirable as the exit hole is often too small in that it is only 0.25-inches deep.

Something else that requires your careful consideration will be if there are way too much heat and excessive pressure in the muzzle. Either the metal is too thin, or the hole is too small. The thing is that the air is doing its best to pass the round, which causes interference and slows the bullet down.

You can overcome the issue we described over here and achieve improved levels of accuracy once you go for a diameter consisting of about 0.02-inches as it would bring about a much better recoil reduction. In any way, it is not desirable to go over a bullet diameter of more than 0.040-inches as it will decrease the effectiveness of your muzzle brake.

How to Gain Control of the Recoil on Your Firearm

There are numerous ways one can take control of the recoil of your rifle. One way is to increase the velocity of your load and make it lighter. Another procedure that works very well is to make use of reduced recoil ammo for shotguns, handguns, and rifles. What comes to mind is brands like Hornady and Winchester.

If you want super light impact on your shoulder when taking a shot at your target, you may want to get yourself the incredible TMB (Triple-port Muzzle Brake) by MadHouse Design. It is way less noisy than other brands and makes target shooting so much easier to do.

Some guys prefer the heavier rifles as they do not want to be saddled with a lightweight firearm that jumps all over the place. They would much rather settle for something heavier that reduces recoil in the process.

Another very useful option is the Remington 100 rifle which is gas operated. Some shotgun enthusiasts reckon that the gas operated models far better than the recoil operated one as you will only detect a slight jam on your shoulder and not experience a sharp jab.

Smaller cartridges when you are involved in big game hunting is another great alternative worth pursuing. This way you will have less worries about recoil issues. The best part is that you still get the job done. Deer hunters can relate to this as they often opt for a .243 Winchester rifle.

One can also ease the pain you experience from recoil problems by wearing gloves as it serves to support your muscles while it reduced the shock that normally runs through your arms when taking a shot. It is best to select padded gloves as they tend to absorb recoil better.

What if you add a bit of extra weight to your rifle’s buttstock. Won’t that do the trick? Unfortunately, it will result in your rifle being off balance. You may be better off making use of a couple of stick-on lead weights that you can easily inlet into the channel of your barrel so it can hold in position properly.

An even greater idea would be to add some recoil pads as it serves to increase the length of your pull. However, it is not the recommended course of action with riflemen or women who are blessed with shorter arms.

It is all fair and well to take a look at various options for effectively dealing with recoil issues. But, in spite of everything, muzzle brakes still seem to be the best solution irrespective of the noise levels that some target shooters complain about. They love the fact that brakes lessen recoil and eliminate muzzle climb.

Amazingly, a variety of muzzle brake designs is making its way to different online stores these days. What most guys and girls are chuffed about is the TMB range by MadHouse Design.

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